Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Voice-O-Matic and maya's plugin manager

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After completing the installation of Voice-O-Matic Maya Edition,

the first time you will open Maya, the plugin will not automatically appear in the software.

In order to access the plug-in, simply go to the Window top menu

and choose Settings/Preferences, then open up the Plugin Manager,

to load Voice-O-Matic.

So by going down the list here, you will come across Voice-O-Matic.

If you then click in the Autoload check box,

every time you open maya your copy of Voice-O-Matic will automatically

be loaded in the interface and you can close this window.

Once this is done you will notice that a new Voice-O-Matic menu appeared at the top,

from there, we can immediately access Voice-O-Matics interface and documentation.

So, be sure to go in Settings/Preferences then open the Plugin Manager,

correctly load Voice-O-Matic inside of any version of Maya

that you wish to use Voice-O-Matic with.

Thank you for watching this quick video on how to load your plugins inside of Maya.

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The Description of Voice-O-Matic and maya's plugin manager