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Bob and Brad

The two most famous physical therapists

On the internet. ♪

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- Well hi there folks,

I'm Bob Schrupp, Physical Therapist.

- Brad Heineck, Physical Therapist.

- Together we are the most famous

physical therapists on the internet.

- Well in our own opinion of course, Bob.

- Right, this is kind of a fun video today,

three words that will change your life.

I have found, Brad, that a personal model

or a personal mission statement

or personal motivational statements

tend to be very helpful in my life.

- Sure. - And I found one

that just really has worked with me, really resonated well

and we'll talk about that, but

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- Say no more Bob.

- I will not, I will say more Brad.

But the three words, by the way,

I'll give you a little spoiler alert.

They are not boo-yah, boo-yah, boo-yah.

They could be though,

'cause that could change your life, right?

- Say no more.

Say no more! Maybe we could throw that in there.

- There we go!

All right, So you know, to me,

the three words, in order

to be effective, it has to have these

three characteristics, in my opinion.

One, it has to be short.

If it's short it's more powerful.

You're gonna remember it.

You're gonna say it everyday.

Number two, you have to have one

that you can say daily.

That it's appropriate for you every day.

Do you know what I mean?

- It's not gonna embarrass other --

- No, let's say, let's say,

you were, like, "I wanna get a tan."

Whether I'm gonna get a tan during the summer or not,

it's a bad example, but you put me on the spot here,

so I can just do some things

that are good for right now,

maybe you're trying to save money for something.

- Sure.

- But it won't be good for you all year around.

- I see what you're saying right there.

- Number three, it has to be personal.

So the one that I use, obviously,

it's not gonna necessarily help you.

So what we're gonna do,

we're gonna ask all of you to participate here.

And to give yours and put them in the comments

we're also we're gonna go through,

we got a whole sheet here,

we're gonna list some of the ones

that we picked.

Brad and I did this separately,

we both got the same sheet with a list of,

we had ones that are three-words

and we have some with four words too.

- Oh we did go to four.

- Yeah. - Yeah.

And we went and circled them

so it's gonna be kinda interesting to see

if Brad and I actually hit some of the same ones

together or not,

but we'll talk about why you picked it and so --

- Sure.

- I'm just gonna give an example of,

can it, could be four words too.

I'm gonna give you Abraham Lincoln's.

Do you know what one of his favorite sayings was?

- No.

- "This too shall pass."

You know what the beauty is of that statement?

It works in good times and bad times,

so in bad times, or terrible times, like the Civil War,

it was gonna go away,

eventually, things are gonna get better.

- Sure.

- But it also helps as a reminder

not to get a big ego.

So like, if things are

going really well, - Yeah.

this too shall pass, I mean, it's, so --

- Yeah, keeps you modest.

- So I'm gonna give you mine right now, Brad.

- All right.

- So Dwayne Johnson, the rock,

Mike, you know who he is, right?

Yeah, he nods.

He's worth, like, 280 million, - Yeah.

big body builder, too.

He approaches every day like he has nothing.

I mean, like, he's just starting from the start.

And so he works really hard --

- Is he the bald guy?

- The bald guy, yeah. - Oh, yeah, yeah.

- Yep.

And what he liked to say, and I'm paraphrasing how he put it

but he goes, "I try to bring it every day."

So that became my saying, bring it every day.

- Sure. - And just really works.

I woke up this morning, like,

"Okay, I gotta bring it today.

"I gotta give the people what they want,

"I gotta do my best performance,

"and I gotta work hard."

- Kinda like bring it on.

- Bring it on.

Boy that's even pretty good too.

- Yeah, bring it on.

- Bring it on.

So Brad and I were gonna go,

we'll go through our list right now,

Brad, why don' you give one of your first ones

that you found that you circled, so --

- Well, I didn't circle this one,

but you know, I've been doing this for years

this strong like bull.

- Oh, strong like bull, yep, here we go.

- When you're feeling little down or a little weak

or you need a little pep, a strong like bull.

- There you go, and now, remember folks,

you start putting yours down below too,

so we wanna see yours --

- Below, oh below --

- In the comments.

- Oh, the comments, yes.

- So one of mines are, always add value.

I like to people to around me,

I'm trying to add value to their lives.

- It's two words.

- Always add value.

- Oh, always, oh good.


- Okay, count your blessings.

- Count your blessings.

- My mother said that a million times

while we were growing up.

- Did she really?

- Oh yeah.

- I think that's a great one,

especially in the mornings to do gratitude.

- Sure. - If you're doing

gratitude check.

All right, another one that kinda fits

right along with that, is, be a giver.

- Sure. - Yep.

So --

- Oh, there's one that's not on here,

but I maybe I overlooked it,

but I'll always remember it because it was

one of the last things my father said before he passed, --

- Aw.

- Follow your heart.

- Aw, did he really?

- Yep.

- Aw, that's cool.

- All of his children were there and the family there and --

- You make me wanna cry, Brad.

That's really cool. - Yeah, well it's true.

That's cool.

We'll I'll give you mine, I'll do one then,

I'll give you one that my wife likes to use on me,

she says, "shut up Bob."


So, I had to break it up a little bit,

break up the tension all in here, so,

all right, Brad, give another one here.

- Dream, believe, and achieve.

- Yep, that's, isn't that one of the

motivational speakers that came up with that?

- Well, I don't know, it just says it right here.

- (laughs) Yeah.

- But, you know, I'm sure it's,

it is one of those things that,

exactly what they said or similar.

- This is one of my wife and I have been saying a lot now

in between, I mean, well, we says, "Do not judge."

I mean we just try not to judge people.

Everybody's got crap in their life,

and you don't know what's going on, you know,

and usually there's a good explanation

for why they're doing what they're doing.

- It's like the one walking in someone else --

- Yeah. - Walking their moccasins.

- Yeah.

I have, it's funny that you've mentioned that, Brad,

we had a little plastic saying on my desk,

and that was it.

Don't judge us until you walked a mile,

don't judge someone until you walked a mile

in their moccasins.

- Yeah, or you could say, shoes.

- Shoes, right, so --

- It's longer than three words, though.

- Right, yep, that one is a little bit longer.

- Oh this is a classing, if you're from Wisconsin.

- What does it says?

- Enjoy your beer.

- Ah, it's funny, 'cause I just came to that,

when I go, "I know Brad's gonna say that one."

Enjoy your beer, that's right.

- Oh yes.

- All right, my next one is,

genius is patience.

Patience is such an overlooked value nowadays,

I mean, in work to get any success or anything like that,

it takes patience and persistence,

I mean, it takes a long time.

- Right.

- And people just don't have patience anymore, do they?

- My wife does.

- Does she?

- Yeah, it's absolutely incredible.

- Oh yeah, you've mentioned that before like

when one of the grandkids come over --

- Yeah, you know, the grandbaby be crying and crying

and it's like, "Oh my God, I gotta get out of here."

And she's just very calm, but in other things too,

with me, it's incredible.

- Wow.

- She's just gifted with it.

- Yeah (laughter).

- What? - Well, but you've probably

taught her patience (laughter)

'cause what has happened here, so --

- Well, she is really of gifted of patience.

- Socrates had a really supposedly really naggy wife --

- Oh, really?

- Yeah, and he said, he was glad for her

because it taught him patience and composure.

- Oh really? - Yep, he said,

he had to learn to accept this type of,

so I mean really, you can learn from anything.

- You know, you gotta,

is he gonna have her in your life

for the rest of your life --

- Right.

- You gotta adjust.

- Yeah, you gotta adjust, that's right, so.

Brad, you got another one?

- Oh, focus, and win.

- Oh, I didn't see that one,

I would've picked that one too.

- Well, yeah, 'cause I'm pretty good at focusing,

I could focus everything out

and focus on what I wanna get done that day --

- And that is so important.

I'll tell you that, that's a second thing that

we're with an ADD society,

I think people have trouble focusing on

what is important, you know, deep learning,

I just read that book, and that's all about

being able to focus for several hours at a time.

Mike's looking at the time, like,

"How long is this gonna go on?"

We're only got a couple more,

we're gonna take it up to about ten minutes.

- Get fresh air.

- Get fresh air.

- It's such a big difference in the morning,

you wake up, you look groggy,

you walk out, say, get a breath of fresh air,

all day's changed.

- All right, I agree, I got out this morning,

and it's like, I don't care if it's winter,

if I can get outside in the morning, and it's nice,

that's all I care about.

- Yeah.

- All right, learn from failures,

I really don't look at failures as a failure,

I mean, it's a learning opportunity.

You've learned something. - Sure.

You've learned something for every time

you do something wrong.

Life will teach you, by God,

it will teach you.

- Was it squeeze lemon juice until lemonade, or --

- No (laughter).

Turn lemons into lemonade.

- There you go.

- There we go.

- Oh, here's one.

Of course this has been popular,

this was really popular 10, 20 years ago.

Just do it.

- Just do it.


- You know, it's like, you're human you're hardwired

to do something 'cause you don't really wanna do it,

you just gotta slap yourself in the face and just do it.

Get it out with, - By God.

Get it behind. - I got it.

- And I'm gonna give my last one here, Brad,

it's, let it be.

Again, that's part of that old judgment I gave in to,

it's just like, well, so what, let it be.

- I thought that was from the song.

- Yeah, that too.

- Was it, the Beatles, right?

- The Beatles, yeah.

- That's a good song.

- Yeah, all right, you got one more, Brad?

- Well, settle your debts.

You know that I like.

It's just nice to get that stuff behind you.

- I agree, if you don't have debt in your life,

you can --

- Well, whether it's a financial debt,

or something you need to take --

- Oh, sure, you owe someone.

- Yeah and maybe you should go apologize,

something of that nature, you gotta get it out of the way

and get going.

- That was very good, 'cause I was thinking money right away

but now you're thinking of total with the total picture.

- The big picture of life. - Right.

- Yeah but finances are definitely always in there.

- So I hope this video was okay,

it was a little, we veered a little bit

from our typical video,

but I think --

- It's our show, Bob.

- Yes, that's right.

- Far and right.

- All right, thanks everybody.

(electronic tune)

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