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This is a day in the life of a Japanese mom and baby

This is Moe 27 year old new mother living in Tokyo and her day starts earlier than most salary men in Japan

While her husband and baby are still sleeping. She must quietly start the laundry making sure not to wake her, baby

In the morning

she silently prepares a bento lunch for her husband a

Traditional Japanese bento is made of several dishes which take some time and effort to prepare

In today's bento. She includes tamagoyaki grilled fish some side dishes and rice

while she cooks

She also prepares Rinyushoku which means baby food and Japanese

Handmade baby food is more common as store-bought baby food is expensive in Japan to save time though moms will prepare a lot at once

Freeze it into ice cubes and heat it when needed but also Japanese mothers tend to feel guilty for not making it at home. Oh

No, the baby's crying one thing about being a mom is at our house tasks are often distracted by our kids. Oh

Good her baby stopped crying

Nice I guess today's bento is an OD been food. There's a whole lot of love in that bento box

Than that

This is Sutan boy's nine month old daughter, and this is how she starts her day

So changing suit on sniper is the very first thing boy does when the baby wakes up. Oh

And our husband is finally up

When did she start eating Renu shoka

Suton is eating towards NATO mascot broccoli and bonito flakes. In fact not though, which is fermented

Soybean is one of the most popular foods to feed babies in Japan

So this is Motoki and he's gonna go for a morning run before he starts his workday

All right, so Moy should be up right now we'll sit done let's go see how they're doing

Good morning

Damn, I guess feeding babies in any country is an everyday challenge is it always like this

You don't feel like eating huh now she can finally have her morning coffee wait, you can drink caffeinated coffee

Juice to cut everybody out of court. Okay mom, no good tea sauce

In addition to baby food Moya must also make time to regularly breastfeed her baby

Now she's changing her diapers for the second time today how many times you usually change diapers in a day?

She also says she spends about $90 a month on diapers, what would be the average in your country

So this is pretty much at the start of the day

She prepares the food for Sudan and now she's repairing for herself and her husband. It's almost 8:30

So she's been already three hours getting the day ready?

I'm kind of excited to see how the rest of the day is gonna go before that

Let's ask her a few more questions when you give birth. How long did you stay in the hospital? It's five days Oh

In the US, it's usually about a day and a half. Yeah

So in Japan most births are given naturally without anesthesia or painkillers

In fact most hospitals in Japan don't give mothers the option

Do you do laundry every day

In Japan

Hanging laundry outside to dry instead of using a dryer machine is still very common so much so that most houses and apartments are designed

With a laundry hanging space. Oh

Wow, she has a little urban vegetable garden in her yard now

This is not so common, especially in Tokyo since most people in the city live in apartments with no yards

So Moya's husband runs several restaurants in Tokyo and is usually very busy on nights and weekends

But she says he does what he can to help take care of soutane. Oh

Wow Suton is watching TV, but in English boy also believes that it's important for her baby to learn English

So she has more opportunities in the future, but she exposes her to English as much as she can. Can you speak English?

Now boy finally gets to eat our breakfast since Sudan didn't eat much earlier more is feeding her again

Wow, it's already nap time for Sudan boy sets out light completely with a crib cover and uses a white noise device to help put

our baby to sleep

Again moy needs to be ultra quiet during this time in order not to wake Sudan

This is all part of the baby's daily routine as her mom trains her to eat and sleep at specific times during the day

So that her mom can manage her own schedule better. So boy has lunch plans with her friend

So she needs to quietly get ready while Sudan is taking a nap

this is a traditional Japanese door called Teton suit just crafted specifically to store kimonos a

traditional Japanese garment

In fact more used to be a geisha apprentice known as a Michael in Kyoto for six years until she turned twenty-one

kimonos are what initially drew Moy into becoming a Maiko and it's still a large part of her life as she even teaches how to

Wear kimonos to private customers. The reality is many Japanese these days, especially younger generations

Don't know how to put on a kimono many Japanese today hire

Professionals like MOA to help them wear a kimono for weddings tea ceremonies and other special formal occasions

Now that she's finished getting dressed. She has to pack a baby bag and prepare the baby stroller for travel

It's supposed to rain today so she needs to attach the rain cover

So it looks like a lot of preparation is required before leaving the house with the baby

Oh, it seems like boy is posting her kimono picture on her Instagram

Boy he's quite aware that infancy is a critical time for a baby's learning and development

So she actively talks to her baby as much as possible

How much did it cost you to give birth

The amount of government financial support depends on the city or ward where you live

But no matter what there's generally some form of financial support

The national average is about four hundred and twenty thousand yen about thirty eight hundred dollars

So in most case she would be paying about half is child birth in your country this expensive

So trains are the main form of transportation in Tokyo

So Maui walks to the closest translation from her house in order to meet a friend today

Many Japanese moms say it's stressful to travel on trains with small kids for example using strollers on escalators are prohibited

So moms must find elevators to use which are often in

Conveniently located or on the other side of the station which requires them to plan extra time for the travels

Also mom say it's nearly impossible to get on trains at during rush hour with the stroller

She's having lunch at casita in trendy Omotesando and rather conveniently

It's one of the several restaurants her husband runs mom's in Japan

Especially in large cities like Tokyo usually need to check in advance with restaurants to sleep its kids friendlies

So going to her husband's restaurant is one less thing she needs to worry about. Oh

Boy his friend and her three-year-old son have just arrived. I

Guess she brought packaged baby food for Sudan from home. It's apparently easier to pack than homemade food on housings like this

Although she wants to enjoy time with her friend. She still needs to feed Sudan in order to maintain our baby's routine

This is what it's like having lunch with friends and like you have kids around if you have to attend to the kids

Too while you're also having lunch since Malloy's husband runs this place. Let's explore a little bit and let's ask him to show us around

Wow, his restaurant has a secret VIP room hidden behind a bookshelf

And it also has a hidden private cut okay room what an amazing spot oh

No, her friend's kid is not listening he doesn't want to leave

It seems like he's having a yucky which in English is known as the terrible twos

I suppose in a few years Suton will be in the same phase. I hope boys ready for it

Now she's back at her home station she's gonna do some quick grocery shopping on the way back home

So, what are you doing now Lydia mess? Okay. No, he did. Yeah know what this a mess. Hey

What you doing?

They coming closer

So it looks like this is the fourth time she's breastfeeding suit on

Looks like she has to go back out and pick up the dry cleaning

So Moy says she didn't know how to cook at all when she was working

So she went to cooking classes for about a year and from what I see the classes have paid off

Do you have to watch her all the time?


No, Sudan is crying again, I guess she wanted her diaper to be changed

Susan is having porridge with spinach. She does a fish bonito flakes and seaweed. So healthy

On nights when her husband comes back home late

She eats dinner alone in Sudan and makes something she can quickly prepare for her husband when he returns

In Japan it's common to have an automatic bath that visit up to a preset level and desired temperature

So it's about six o'clock right now and Moe is giving a suit on a bath right now

And then after that, I think she's gonna go to sleep and then finally Moe is gonna have our own time to herself

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So before going to bed boy reads suit on a children's book

As part of students training and together to sleep at a specific time Moli starts a timer

She ignores her baby's cries for a set duration until the baby goes to sleep

MOA takes advantage of this time by completing house chores and taking a bath then any time after this becomes a free time

I was a bad Oh

Her husband's home early tonight, but he also needs to be quiet so it doesn't wake Sutan

Because I'm asleep right now and we don't want to wake her up. What did you guys think?

In a baby, how does it compare see our country

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