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Greetings my beautiful lovelies! It's Emmy. Welcome back! Today's video is

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this video. Now today I'm going to be tackling a recipe that hails from

Cameroon, and it is for spaghetti omelette sandwich. Doesn't that sound

amazing!? We've got spaghetti; we've got omelette;

we've got sandwich... like why haven't I thought of this before? It sounds

absolutely lovely. I first learned about this from Gastro.... I think it's Gastro --

yeah, I'm not sure it was Gastro Obscura or Atlas Obscura, but, at any rate, I will

put the correct link down in the description in case you want to read

more about Cameroonian spaghetti omelette sandwich. I also watched a

couple of YouTube videos and I will put their links in the description as well.

Alright, let's go ahead and make this! So this recipe would be perfect for college

students because it's really simple you probably have most of these ingredients

and you can probably tailor this to whatever you have in your refrigerator

in terms of ingredients but it starts off with a beautiful egg I love eggs

they are so useful and they keep quite a while in your frigerator they're just

brilliant individually sized great great beautiful things

thank you chickens alrighty the first thing we're gonna do crack in a couple

eggs into our Bowl I've got some bell pepper here by just a couple tablespoons

equal amount of chopped onion and chopped tomato so probably about two

tablespoons of each now we're just gonna beat this up whoa come back in here now

this recipe is also great because you're going to be using spaghetti now this

spaghetti is precooked so this is great for using up leftover pasta if you've

got leftover spaghetti from the night before

you can have yourself a spaghetti omelette sandwich for lunch and

breakfast incidentally that's when it's eaten in Cameroon as well usually for

breakfast or for lunch so you can find spaghetti omelette sandwiches or

spaghetti omelette all over Cameroon there sold by street

vendors but you can also find them in tea shops which are called cafeterias

alrighty so my pan is nice and hot and add a little bit of oil here now I'm

gonna add my cooked spaghetti

okay so spread it out in one layer now we're gonna add our egg mixture oh crap

I forgot I totally forgot to add this to my egg mixture but I'm gonna add it now

and this is just some Maggi which is just some soup bullion this is all gonna

get mixed up anyway so it's better to mix it with your egg though alrighty so

spaghetti omelette can be eaten like this just as an omelet or as I'm gonna

serve it today I'm gonna have it inside bread as a sandwich okay so that and

we'll put a lid on this so while we're waiting for our omelet to fry up let me

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big things to hello fresh for sponsoring this video now let's check out our

omelet okay so after a couple minutes we're ready to flip I'm gonna use a lid

here come on then I'm gonna flip it oh my gosh then slide it back in it's only

gonna need a couple of seconds on this side and our omelet is looking B Oh

lovely now the reason for putting the noodles in first is that it gets nice

and crispy so they'll be a little bit more texture already we are done they

look how beautiful it is I got myself a big piece of bread and

I'm gonna use a little bit of mayonnaise put this on the inside of my sandwich

and I'm gonna break up my omelet a bit

that'll help incorporate all of that Maggi that I didn't put in correctly.

Now I'm going to take my spaghetti omelette, put it inside of my bread....

This is more than enough for one person. I would say this is enough for two people.


Oh my gosh!

All righty, will you look at this thing? Isn't it amazing!? it is SO beautiful --

so much food.

Alrighty let's give this a taste! Here we go! Itadakimasu!


Absolutely delicious! You have that classic combination of onions

and peppers in there; the tomatoes add a little bit of acidity; you've got the

great crispy texture of the fried noodles in there; it kind of combines

everything together; adds a little bit of protein; you've got the bread as the

delivery mechanism.... Mmm, absolutely delicious! In the sandwich form, I think

the mayo is really important: it kind of ties everything together; it moistens the bread....

Very, very carb heavy, of course.

Now let's just give it a taste like this.


I actually prefer it like this: you can really taste the egg in there -- it's not

kind of masked by the bread at all. Mmm. Really great crispy texture. I love it!

Super easy; convenient; fast; inexpensive. You probably have most of the

ingredients in your refrigerator already. So there you have it: the spaghetti

omelet sandwich from Cameroon. Thank you guys so much for watching;

big thanks to Hellofresh for sponsoring this video: get eight free meals, that's

$80 off your first month, by heading over to and using the code

Emmy-80. Thanks again for watching. I hope you guys enjoyed that one! I hope you guys

learned something. Please share this video with your friends; follow me on social

media; like this video; subscribe; and I shall see you in the next one!

Toodaloo! Take care! Byeee!!!

Fire, fire, fire, fire!

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