Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Introduction of Floating Rotterdam - Wikkelboats @ Rijnhaven

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Welcome to Floating Rotterdam in the Rijnhaven! On these Wikkelboats you can stay. You

can spend the night, you can lounge, you can have a meeting, you can do water sports,

just think of it. On a Wikkelboat you can relax and enjoy the unique

environment around you. You can also have a meeting there. They are equipped with every

comfort including a beamer and screen, air conditioning, a kitchenette with Nespresso, combi microwave, etc.

They are luxuriously and multifunctionally furnished so that you can easily

spend the night with 6 to 8 people and some even have a neatly concealed luxury jacuzzi. When can

we welcome you here in the Rijnhaven or in the Wijnhaven or in Den Bosch or in one of the other

cities where we are going to expand? Check and book!

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