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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: [IELTS Listening] Map Labelling - Lesson 1

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now listen

questions 15 to 20 the sheep market is

one of the main centers for art and

history in the whole of the country if

you look at our map you'll see some of

the main attractions there most visitors

start from Crawley Road at the bottom of

the map the Reynolds house is one of the

oldest houses in the city and is open to

the public it's on the north side of

Crawley road next to the footpath that

leads to the public gardens the area is

particularly interesting for its unusual

sculptures the thumb is just what its

name suggests but it's about 10 meters

high you'll see it on Hill Road across

the road from the bank the museums got a

particularly fine collection of New

Zealand landscapes it's on the east side

of the Sheep market on city road it's on

the other side of the road from the

public gardens immediately facing the

junction with Hill Road the Contemporary

Art Gallery is on a little road that

leads off Station Square not far from

the public gardens the road ends at the

gallery that doesn't go anywhere else

that's open every day except Mondays the

Warner gallery specializes in 19th

century art it's on City Road near the

junction with Crawley Road on the same

side of the road as the public gardens

it's open on weekdays from 9 to 5 and

entry is free finally if you're

interested in purchasing high-quality

artwork the place to go is nucleus you

need to go from Crawley Road up through

Station Square and east along Hill Road

until you get to a small winding road

turning off go up there and it's on your

right if you get to City Road you've

gone too far

that is the end of section 2

half a minute to check your answers

now turn to section three


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