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Welcome to our continuing coverage of

SHOT show 2017. That's right. The Shooting

Hunting Outdoor Trade show in Las Vegas

Nevada with almost 65,000 people in

attendance and thousands upon thousands

of brand-new products.

We're going to cover it throughout the

week with regular updates so stay tuned.

Hi. This is Joel Persinger. I'm the GunGuy.

Thank you very much for watching my

videos. I'm still here at SHOT Show and

I'm having a great time. This is quite an

experience. You can hear all the noise in the

background. There's 65,000 people here at

least and it is a joy being here.

I've actually run into a bunch of other

youtubers, which hopefully we'll get some

time with as well. Right now I'm over

here at Franklin Armory. I have some

history with Franklin Armory in that I

bought a number of things from them that

they produce. They're a great company. They

make some great stuff. Sun was kind

enough to meet with me and show me some

of the things that they have planned for

2017. So what is that you have in your hand.

So this is our latest model for F17.

It's actually the world's first piston

driven rimfire. OK wait a minute. That's a

piston-driven rimfire. Yep. That's pretty


It's the only one in the world

that has a piston. It does shoot a 17

Winchester super mag. Which rocks at what?

3,000 feet per second, so thing flies straight!

So wait a minute...

because it's a rimfire, would that be California

legal? It is California legal so you can

have a detachable magazine.

You know I do come from the people's

socialist republic of California, right?

Yeah. I just came out here so I could be in

the United States and Nevada for a

little while... Arizona for little awhile and move

around. So you can have a detachable

magazine. You can have a real mag release.

You can have the collapsible buttstock.

You can have the flash hider. That's very


How does this compare

ballistically to a 556? This actually compares

very, very close to a 556. It is a

20 grain bullet shooting at 3,000 feet

per second. A little lighter bullet.

a little lighter bullet. But really

screaming fast. But really screaming.

Really flat shooting to about 200

yards. How accurate would you

say this rifle is. I'd say it's accurate

sub-MOA. OK, for boneheaded guys

like me, sub-MOA would mean

you're going to have a group of less

than an inch at a hundred years. Yes, that's


Cause I'm just a GunGuy. What do I

know. I don't know any of this stuff. So that's going to be a

sub-MOA gun at a hundred yards. That rocks.

Are you the only guys that make one. We are

the only ones that make an AR platform in

the 17 Winchester super mag.

I'm going to build you up a little bit

because I've got to tell you, one of the

things I love about your company is you

guys just think out of the box. you make

some really cool stuff.

What else have you got planned for 2017?

You got something else?

Well, we have two other platforms. We

actually are sending binary triggers in

different platforms. Which

unfortunately, I don't get to take one

home with me.

Yeah. But that's ok. that's ok.

You've got stuff that I can't

touch in California, but if we worked

hard and got those laws change maybe we

could get. Binary

triggers would be among them.

Do you have any other rifles that you

want to talk about? Yeah, we do have the

new binary trigger for the HK. So it

will fit into an HK 91 or an

MP5 style platform. That

would be very, very neet. So we're hoping to

get that out in a few months here.

So, do I get to take this home with me?

Um... No way! He's not letting go.

I've got it. He's not letting go. I wish,

but this one actually has a binary

firing system in it and we are actually

selling this model with a binary firing

system. Rats! Not in California. That's right,

not in California. Do you have these

available in California now? We do have

these available in California now.

You can get 'em.

We have a list of the distributors that

carry them. Is it a special-order deal or

are their gun shops

actually stocking these. Gun shop are actually

stocking these. Very, very cool.

Now you make another.... I said it to you

yesterday... but I love this thing.... you make

another gun that doesn't have a stock

that's an AR and it's on a bipod or

tripod or something don't you?

Yep. What do they call it? It's called the

CSW. In California they call it a rifle.

It doesn't have a stock. I know. I

can't get that in California? You can get

that in California. I can!

Yeah! Okay! So, it's a weird thing. It doesn't have

a stock and you can have all the

weird features that California doesn't

on your gun. Yeah, because it doesn't have a stock.

The only problem is I've gotta carry tripod around with

everywhere I go, it really, really is cool.

How does the trigger work on that one. The

trigger it has linked in, you've got two

triggers up here. You link it to your

standard AR trigger and any AR platform

can actually drop into this thing. And you

just pull the triggers and away you

go and it rocks.

I don't have one of those, but

you saw the pictures of it as we were

talking about it and one of these days

I'm gonna get a hold of one of those and I'm

gonna do a video on it. Even if I have to go

all the way out to visit these guys to shoot it

where they. Because that thing is

really cool. Thank you so very much Sun.

I really appreciate all your support.

Absolutely. You guys are awesome.

Please check out Franklin Armory. You'll

find a link in the description and I'm

going to put a link for this specific

rifle in there too on their website, so you

can find it. Because this may be a

solution for those of us that would like

to have a fully functional AR platform

in a state like California where


are not affected by the law as long as

we're talking about rifles. My

understanding is that rimfire pistols...

then they're going to start regulating

those. If you've got an AR pistol or

rimfire chambering. This thing

rocks. Very similar ballistics to a 556 or 223

and yet totally California legal. You

know the other thing I like about it is

the ammo... 223 ammo is pretty light, but

this is really light. Oh yeah. That brings up

a question: on the price of the ammo, is it

roughly similar? It is roughly

similarly. You can get it a little bit

cheaper than a 556, but a little

bit. How available are the mags?

The mags are very available. We have them on

our website. You can always get them

through our website. This is

going to sound like a stupid questions because I

don't know. I'd have to check. I think

that California, even with the rimfire's,

are limited to a 10 round mag, aren't they? Yes, they are.

You're still going to be down to a 10

round mag but, nevertheless you can you

can change your mag fast (snap, shap) and

you don't have to fiddle with it and you can keep all

your features. I like the solution a lot.

Again thank you very much for watching.

We're here at SHOT show all week. You're

going to see a lot more updates from

from SHOTshows as I cruise around and see

if I can get people to actually talk to

me, which they do and I'm grateful.

In the meantime, have a great week. Check

out Franklin Armory. Terrific company

with some great innovative ideas even

for people that live in the people

socialist republic of California. Have a

great day. Look for more videos and in

the meantime whatever you do be safe

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