Practice English Speaking&Listening with: (ENG) 내가 짝사랑하는 사람이 날 좋아하는지 아는 방법 | [단짠단짠 요정사] EP.04 시작은 두렵지만

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Hey Haru!

Take a picture of me

Oh really, Im cleaning right now

Make my legs look long


You do it,

checking the stock

OhI dont want to

So were you guys originally brothers?


not quite

Shall we say we met through fate?

We were meant to be

Thats absurd

I forgave and took in this thief

Who was trying to steal my magic pearl

Calling me athiefmakes me sad

Back when I was innocent as a child

The sweet energy that filled up the pearl

Just momentarily tempted me

But youre not bored since Im here


I miss the days of boredom

You dont mean that at all

Just do your work


If I were human, Id be an actor

Is your dream being an actor?

Rather than a dream

With this face and talent

If I werent a celebrity, what else would I be?

Thats why I chose the nameBin

Like Wonbin,


and Woobin Kim,

Being a handsome actor

Is my desire

Then why dont you try?

I want to, of course


when he becomes famous

And people realize that he doesnt grow old

There will be problems

These days you can do anything on the internet

You cant hide or disappear

Anywhere at all

You were a famous clown during the Joseon Era

And thats enough!

Ah the present is completely different from then



fairy Bin

Was a famous clown

Throughout the land of Joseon

You used to like writing

Do you still write?

I thought you were so cool when you wrote

So, you just gave up on your dream


I guess so

Sweet and Salty Fairies

ep.4 Even Though the Beginning Is Scary


What are you going to make today?

What do you mean?

My thoughts are so complicated

It was my dream to become a screenwriter

I dont know if I should just prepare for a job

After hearing what Iru said,

I want to try screenwriting again

Should I go for my dream

Or not

Im just not sure

So please make something delicious


are you making up problems now?


Im serious!


rather than something delicious

Wishing for gold on the spot is better



Please make something good


Why do you make coffee the hard way?


When starting

or challenging something is scary

Taking time to sipcafé’ helps

How long are you going to call it that?


Follow me



Not “-hee”, “-fee


So, do you want to be a screenwriter?



realistically its so difficult to become a screenwriter

Instead of preparing for a drama writing contest

Maybe I should just

Study for TOEIC or for some certificate

Like everyone else

Look at this

This is a new boardgame that just came out

Doesnt it look really fun?


I thought you finally quit the board game club

Its boardgames and more boardgames

Youre really into it

Of course!

My dad said when I graduate, he would really open a boardgame café for me

When I become the owner of a boardgame café

You have to come over a lot

Hey do you think anyone can become a business owner?

There are lots of things you have to prepare

And when business operations start,

The amount of difficulties

N a g g i n g

Im preparing really hard


I see

Jeongyoons dream is

Operating a boardgame café

That is really thick

Teacher Education is really difficult

And Deojun

Is preparing for Teacher Education course

Dont pretend its hard

Youre even preparing for a competition you book worm,

model student

What did I do with my semester off

I should have at least studied for a certificate

Hey if you say that

What do I become?

You at least wrote something for a contest

And did a lot of things

I literally only played around

So what?

I didnt win anything

You got a prize for an online novel contest

That was just a small prize

Hey still, thats really cool

Arent you going to try for a drama writing contest again?


Im not sure

I dont feel confident


You should just try

Haru felt jealous of Jeongyoons dream

Which seemed to be easily achievable

And Deojun who had good grades and was studying for Teacher Education and other things

If it was up to me

Id prepare for another contest

But like Bin Fairy who gave up his acting dream

Im thinking

Maybe I need to face reality


have a drink

Its good

It was good without the butter

And when butter was added

you can taste a new flavor

Its okay either way

So what if you fail and it doesnt taste good

You need to try different things

To find a delicious combination

Hearing that its okay to fail

Comforted Harus heart

When Haru becomes a famous writer

She might not meet us anymore

Oh I hope not

Whether you become a writer or not,

Haru Lee, youre going to do well

The problem is you

Knowing that it was okay

Even if she didnt achieve her dreams

Gave her more courage


Do what your heart tells you

Thats what is important

What are you doing?

You said to do what my heart tells me to

Ive always wanted to this once

I feel I have taken it too easy on you

And you

Besides your dream

Do other things that your heart tells you to

What other things?

Im talking about Iru

Haru recounted her failed one-sided crush

She couldnt comprehend Irus mind

Oh Iru

Getting some fresh air?


Does he like her?

She feels optimistic but then


She gets dejected thinking its not happening

Youll feel better after this

Thank you

Harus emotions

Were sometimes lifted with Irus small actions


Drink and come back in

Did he buy that for someone else?

And plummeted to the ground repeatedly

Finally Haru

Decided to take courage

And find out how Iru was feeling


Only try hard and care for those I like


I dont even give small snacks to anyone

And even a meal or

A simple beer

I dont have it with just anyone

Of course

Its not necessary to be nice to just anyone


What kind of girl do you like?

Someone fun

who makes me laugh

And is bright and cute?


Haru started thinking

Does he like the clubs leader who is cute and bright?


Then who is it?

Anyway its not me

Ive decided!

Theres no difference failing once or twice

I shall do what my heart tells me


Youre so cool






Are you buying anything?


I dont have anything to buy


You go first


You go first

Haru decided to take courage


do what your heart tells you to

Thats what is important

What are you doing in the weekend?

The beginning may be scary

But everything needs a beginning

Ill be going


Youre going to meet up in the weekend?


Thats great

Go and say everything you want to say

Okay I will

Itll work out I guess

And another thing

Im going to prepare for the drama writing contest

Starting tomorrow

Thats good

Im not sure if itll work out or not

But Im still going to try

Cant I tag along tomorrow?

Ill sit really quietly

And pretend to be another customer


Of course not!

Haru Lee

Please Please


Arent we friends?

Ill sit really quietly and watch only

Youre like an old lady

Ill get going

Being called an old lady

This is the first time in 500 years

This place filled with delicious food and comfort

And love and courage

This is where your little guardians are living

Next story


isnt Haru kinda cute?


I didnt think so at first

But these days I think shes cute

Did you know I used to like you?

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