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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Learn 15 idioms in 5 minutes (with word "under")

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I'm going to teach you 15 useful English

idiomatic expressions in five minutes


all of these expressions are common and

native speakers use them all the time

they all contain the words under that

let's pronounce the word under correctly

that letter U is pronounced like this uh

don't say under it's not under it's

under up same as in the words but fun

jump must under under that the first one

is under the weather when you feel a

little bit sick

you're not very sick but you don't quite

feel well you are under the weather

I went home early yesterday because I

was a bit under the weather number two

under the microscope when someone

watches you very carefully and they're

watching everything you do and

especially if they're trying to see if

you're doing something wrong you are

under the microscope after his recent

mistakes at work

he's currently under the microscope the

famous movie star finds it difficult to

live under the microscope number three

to get under one skin you can say it

gets under my skin or your skin or his

skin if something upsets you or bothers

you or irritates you it gets under your

skin the sound of his voice is beginning

to get under my skin the next one is

under the table and this is related to

how you receive money for work sometimes

a company doesn't tell the government

that they hired an employee but they pay

them cash and that way nobody has to pay

any taxes that employee gets paid under

the table it's a secret way of paying

and it's illegal the company got into

trouble because it was paying some

employees under the table under the

radar when you are doing something that

you don't want anyone to know you are

doing it under the radar the criminal

stayed under the radar for many years

without being caught the next one is to

come under fire to be criticized

severely to be attacked you will

definitely come under fire if the boss

finds out about your mistake the next

one is to throw somebody under the bus

you can say she threw me under the bus

he threw him under the bus if your

friend or your colleague at work does

something to hurt you

but they get some kind of benefit from

it they throw you under the bus

they betray you he was shocked to find

out that his colleague threw him under

the bus under once breath you can say

under his breath under her breath to

speak very softly so that nobody hears

you you're kind of speaking to yourself

and usually you're complaining about

something you're not happy it's usually

when you have something negative to say

I wish I could go home now he said under

his breath the next one is right under

my nose directly in front of me clearly

visible obvious the boss can't believe

that the employee was stealing money

right under his nose the next one is

under the gun when you feel pressure to

finish a job on time there is a deadline

and you have to do something at a

specific time you are under the gun I'm

under the gun to make sure this project

is done on time

the next one is water under the bridge

when something happened a long time ago

maybe it was something bad but you want

to forget about it

you want to forgive that person and not

think about it anymore

it's water under the bridge it's not

important anymore

it's often used for when there was some

kind of argument in the past but you

want to forget about it

we had a big argument a few years ago

but it's all water under the bridge now

to sweep it under the rug you want to

avoid it and you want to hide it from

other people you want to forget about it

but maybe it's important and you

shouldn't forget about it I know it's

difficult to talk about it but we can't

just sweep it under the rug and pretend

it doesn't exist to go under the knife

to have surgery to have an operation

many women go under the knife these days

because they want to improve their

appearance to be under

the influence to drink alcohol and this

one is usually related to drinking and

driving a car

he is under the influence maybe he's

very drunk but maybe not so drunk but he

should not be driving he got arrested

for driving under the influence and the

next one is to be under pressure to feel

stress to be in a stressful situation

he's under a lot of pressure at work

right now and I'm under pressure to

finish this video on time I did it

thanks for watching keep practicing your

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