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Atos & Siemens, two global companies, both leaders in their field,

joined forces through a worldwide strategic alliance.

At Atos, we have 30 years' experience in delivering customer-focused IT services

and Siemens has been pioneering technological innovations

in electrification, automation, and digitalization

for over 165 years.

By combining our strengths,

we've launched one of the most extensive alliances

between a global engineering company and a global IT provider.

Our joint approach combines engineering and software from Siemens

with the IT-services expertise of Atos business technologists,

which means together, we add value across your whole business process,

end to end.

Our business alliance delivers value for our customers in oil and gas

where our cloud-based data analytics

will allow customers to master their enormous volumes of data,

and extract value from this ever-growing flow of information.

Our universal tolling solution combines satellite and microwave technologies

with customer services for an integrated end-to-end solution.

And our data center infrastructure management solution

provides you with a holistic view of real-time transparent intelligence

that enables optimization of resources and energy for data centers,

adding value right across the globe.

We can be trusted, not just to bring the technology that fits

but to get it up and running.

You can also be sure that the innovation will never stop.

You'll find us easy to work with,

and our cutting-edge expertise guarantees a continuous flow of ideas,

focused on solving the challenges you face now and in the future,

creating a win-win situation for our joint customers.

Already, our collaboration is making a difference in many areas.

Our manufacturing solutions are boosting productivity.

We're also encouraging sustainable energy use

through smart grid solutions for energy trading and risk management.

And our tailored healthcare IT solutions

enable and support efficient delivery of care.

Together, we bring you the value of our combined strength.

Synergy happens for a reason.

So talk to us.

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