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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: How To Do A Leg Hold Turn I Flexibility Trick + Special Announcement

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- Hey guys, it's Miss Auti.

I am so excited to be teaching

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I can't wait to see all of you guys.

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Okay friends, now that our special announcement is over

I hope you enjoy this next video.

Get ready to leg hold turn babies.

Good morning or good afternoon.

Today I'm teaching you how to do a leg hold turn


It's another flexibility trick, my friends,

so we're gonna be starting out

with just some basic technique at how to do it.

How to hold your stinking leg

and how to execute that gorgeous leg hold turn.

Here we go.

But first,

whoa, that patron pirouette was sketchy.

Our patron of the week

is Melody Chen.

Thank you so much for your sweet, sweet kind message to me.

It made me smile and we're so stoked to have you on board.

Sending all my love.

(kissing noise)

All right friends,

so first things first before you do a leg hold turn

you have to stretch.

You want to make sure that your hammy and your hips

and your

I would say your IT band are nice and stretched

and that your cardio is up and your blood is pumping.

So pop over to my stretching and warm up videos

to make sure that you're good to go for this leg hold.

Second thing you wanna do after your body's warmed up

you also wanna get your spotting warmed up as well.

So pop over to my how to spot blog,

because your leg hold turn, people forget is still a turn,

so you still have to

spot exactly what you're looking at the whole time

to make sure that your body knows where it's going in space

and that everything can stay controlled and in one place.

There are two ways to do a leg hold turn.

Actually, there's probably like 10 million

but I'm gonna teach you the two ways that I was taught.

The first one is to start from a little grab like this.

You take a plié and you turn around.


made it.


The second one, you start in kind of an En Dedans prep.

Your arms are in the third position

and you pull that leg around.

So I'm gonna be teaching you those two different types.

Get some space and let's start out with

the little classic hold.

So the first method is to start with that

little bent in passe.

What you really have to think

about you guys is still keeping a lift in your chest

because everyone starts to do this.

This is impossible to grow from in a controlled way.

So start to the diagonal of where you're gonna turn.

I'm doing a right leg hold turn,

meaning my right leg is up,

so I'm starting left front diagonal.

If you're doing a left side one,

start right front diagonal.

Okay, my bottom leg is straight.

My other foot comes in, to kind of bent attitude.

I'm going from the inside of my foot

and holding my heel, other arm to a tee,

making sure it's not behind you,

but it's to the side if not slightly forward.

I'm now gonna keep my chest lifted,

bend this bottom knee

and I'm gonna shoot up into a leg hold.

Now I know what some of you are thinking,

"I don't have a leg hold Miss Auti,

"but I wanna do a leg hold turn".

That's fine, you can hold on to your leg,

you can hold on to your thigh.

You can hold on, maybe not to your booty,

but as high up as you need to, that's fine.

But I still recommend looping from the inside of that foot.

It just gives you more traction,

and it gives you more of a chance to pull that leg back,

to whip yourself around.

So, once you're in that position, plié,

you're gonna shoot up to a relevé

and you're gonna spot the front.

Whip everything around.

I'm gonna go slow motion, keep your shoulders down,

your chest high, and your chin lifted.






plié, spot, turn

and down.

Just like that, so go ahead and practice

that a couple of times.

What you do want to think about you guys,


after you land your legs will turn,

you're gonna land with one foot down and out.

Try not to crash down to the floor.

I know that's easier said than done,

but think of lifting in the plié.

So your leg is bending down but you're lifting up,

you're spotting all the way around,

and then you're controlling the load (giggling) controlling.

You're controlling the lower down

by squeezing your tummy,

squeezing your booty,

your butts and guts, people.


Dance wear corner?

Oh, you mean the shirt that I'm wearing?


They have all the dance wear needs

that you could possibly need?

And you can use code AUTI20 at checkout for 20% off.

Okay, hang up right now and go.

So this second technique starts in an En Dedans prep,

I do want you to try out both techniques

and see which one is easier for you

or more comfortable for your range of motion.

So this one, you're gonna bend your supporting knee.

So for me, since I'm doing a right turn,

I'm gonna be lifting my right leg,

but that means my left leg is bent.

Left leg bent, right leg straight.

Match that with your arms.

So left arm bent,

right arm is pretty elongated and straight.

Now, from here, the motion I want you to get used to is up.

That's all. (chuckling)

Just a quick up.

This guy is swinging through

to be stick straight.

A lot of the momentum for this turn comes from

how sharply you swing that leg in

and how quick you can grab onto your leg hold.

So again, practice bending into that supporting knee

and going swing, up.

Now this one, if you notice, lands to the side,

I guess, of course, depending on where you started,

but I'm spotting where I'm going to land.

Similar to how I spotted front for the other technique.

I'm spotting side for this guy, because I end to the side.

So from here, after you try that turn a couple times,

what I want you to do is swing hold.

And back to the position.

Seven, eight, swing, hold.

Get your balance and back to the position.

Seven, eight, swing, hold,

and back to the position.

So what that's doing is getting the muscle memory

of swinging that leg up.

Now, if you're still struggling with your leg hold by itself

without the turn,

go to my leg hold video with Matt.

So that you can learn

where to hold on to your leg to get the most stability.

After you have all of that going for you,

practice actually rotating over that back shoulder.

So for me, it's my left since I'm doing a right turn.

And if you're doing a left turn,

you need to go over your right shoulder,

it's the opposite of what you would think.


So I would swing up

and practice going over that left shoulder,

all the way around to where you're gonna be ending.

When you do your actual leg holding,

you're gonna be up on the relevé.

You could do a straight knee relevé or a forced arch,

meaning that supporting knee is bent

while you're forcing your arch over.


Let's try it.






You guys, leg hold turns are so stinking fun,

but they take a lot of practice

and you have to make sure to stretch.

You have to make sure to warm up.

You have to make sure to spot.

You have to make sure to lift your chin,

press your shoulder, squeeze your butts and guts,

this is not your butt,

squeeze your butts and guts.

Straighten your knees, point your toes.

I'm like a nagging mom, but I am your mom, okay?

Haven't I said that before?

I absolutely have.

And it's because I am, it's also because I love you.

You guys, all the socials, @missauti, @braydenbear.

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My birthday is coming up, it's on February 3rd,

Going to be 57 years old, no I'm kidding.

You guys, seriously, I'm really excited.

But I love you all so very much

and hope you have an incredible time

practicing these leg hold turns.

Try out both techniques, don't get discouraged.

Just practice, practice, practice.

I'm here for you, let me know how it goes.

So go ahead and put it on Instagram.

So I can put you in my stinking,

my baby's Instagram Story highlight.

Just saying, not mad about it.

But it came out like I was a little mad.

You guys, I'll see you later, bye.

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