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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: WAGO L-BOXX 102 SORTIMO 887-913 zestaw złączek dla elektryka - WALIZKA

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such a suitcase came to me


worth about PLN 860 (about USD 200)

inside there is a set of installation fittings for the electrician

it's not cheap, it's definitely a system solution for modern electricians

installers who want to have a set of installation fittings with them for various needs

and not looking for one such piece, one such piece in boxes

just make it look professional

This box connects to other SORTIMO boxes

WAGO brand

here we can see from the side

such connectors

that match the next boxes

because as you can see, here elements stick out and we can apply several

such boxes one on top of the other

we can carry it this way

very convenient solution

or like a normal suitcase

in this way

interesting solution


let's see how it looks inside

here we have catches

here we have safeguards that we can use, for example on

some padlocks or other forms of security so that nobody looks inside

from both sides

let's open, let's see what's inside

in the cover here it is

like styrofoam

which prevents these boxes from sliding out

and in boxes

there are various installation fittings

divided in boxes

and additionally we have mounting adapters here

for fittings from the WAGO 221 series

which can be installed on a DIN TS-35 rail

and here we can mount several WAGO connectors

4 adapters are located here

you can use them. Example way

as you can see

can be attached to DIN TS-35 rail

so it can streamline different kinds

connectors when needed

one by one we have series 221 here

412, 413, 415, i.e.

for two wires, three wires and five wires

here we have the very popular 2273 series

it is a series of compact connectors for installation boxes

and here we also have 203, 205 and even 208

so as many as 8 wires

with a cross section of 0.5 to 2.5 mm2 we can connect

here we have connectors for slightly larger cross-sections

series 773

up to 6 mm2 wire and stranded wire

let's open such a set

it's a new art, that's why I have to tear the sides of the box here

we have full markings on the boxes, to which cables

are what connectors

inside we have information on how to insert cables, how to eject them

how these wires are connected by means of spring plates

how much insulation do we have to remove from the cable, where are the test locations for electric probes

the probes can be inserted, or for example a multimeter (electric meter)

research probes

to verify if there is voltage

most of the enclosures are transparent

so we can verify very accurately

whether the cable has come to an end

of course the connectors are original

therefore they withstand nominal currents without any problem

here I have a card about various 221 series connectors

so you can look

what cables can we install

here is the mounting adapter that I showed

so we can install several connectors into it

and fasten to the DIN rail in the electrical switchboard

we also have other connectors in the set, I will show you in a moment

this set can be taken with you to any job, to the car

and we have all connectors included with us

there are also connectors here


and service, a very useful solution

when we want to connect with each other for example

stranded and wire cables, very fast and convenient

this set will be useful to me

assembly is very easy

when we want to connect a lamp quickly

there are also service holes to verify

how much insulation we have to take off, so we have all the hints needed here

on the spot and see

just squeeze here

and insert the cable

cord type, and on the other hand, insert wire type wires

so a nice set, costs around 860 zlotys (around 200 dollars), so it's not cheap

but if someone is an electrician by profession, an installer and wants to look professional in the eyes of the customer who pays

Well, I think it is an interesting solution, here we still have connectors

micro, for installation boxes

here we have 8 holes, 8 wires and 4 wires

from 0.6 to 0.8 mm2

we have descriptions everywhere on the packaging

so I think there is no problem here with the selection depending on the needs

cool thing!

I think you might be interested if you wonder

maybe some practical gifts for someone

in my opinion it is not the cheapest, but it is professional and original

supply, assortment for electricians, installers

We're closing

and as I said, we can secure

either with a triptych or a padlock

and maybe to the company, if someone is driving, you can buy several SORTIMO suitcases

put one on top of the other

and carry them all at one go

something like that came to me

from WAGO, I present it to you

on my part, that's it, let me know what you think about this set


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