Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Rachel Brosnahan's Fake Internet Birthday Fooled Benedict Cumberbatch

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-It's always great to see you, buddy.

-Thank you. Nice to see you.

-And happy belated birthday. -Thank you very much.

-I did not -- Your birthday is...

-July 12th. -July 12th.

-Yeah. -There's some confusion about --

-There's been a little bit of confusion about this.

I'm about to start turning bright red

because I just feel so terrible about it.

It's -- Okay. It was not initially my fault.

Now it is my fault. -Okay.

-Here's why. -Okay.

-So, when -- [ Laughs ]

A couple years ago,

I started getting random birthday messages, tweets.

Just a few on Twitter and things

on April 2nd, saying, "Happy birthday."


-And I was like, "Oh, that's strange.

It's not my birthday." -Birthday, no, it's not.

-"But thank you so much."

And it started happening a little bit more,

and I finally just got on Twitter and said,

"You know, it's not my birthday but thank you so much."

My -- And then -- Okay. So, a friend of mine and I,

we're sort of laughing about this.

We were like, "It's so strange that my birthday

is April 2nd on the Internet." I told someone.

I said, "Go online and, like, see if you can change this.

It says it on Google. Like, go on the Internet.

Change my birthday." -Yeah.

-Someone went on and put my real birthday in.

-Yes. -And it was rejected.

[ Laughter ]

It was -- They just said, "That's not it."

-No, that's not -- -"April 2nd is her birthday.

This is not it." I was like, "Okay."

That's the original fake news.

Like, it became truer than the truth.

My friend and I found this very amusing,

so I got on Twitter, like an idiot, and said,

"Who wants to change my Internet birthday?

December 15th?" [ Light laughter ]

-You just said that as a joke? You just made that up?

-We just thought it would be stupid and amusing.

There were like couple thousand people who followed me.

I never thought anyone would care,

and then it became so, so, so real.

-It's real. -It's so real.

-This is a screenshot from today.

-This is how you know. Wikipedia says it's real.

-December 15th. [ Laughter and applause ]

[ Sad trombone ]

-But it became so real that I was shooting a movie abroad

this past winter, and, you know, like, it was December,

and I walked on set one day,

walked into my trailer and there were flowers everywhere.

Benedict Cumberbatch bought me a book.

And I was like -- Just felt like so mortified.

And then I told everyone that it wasn't my birthday.

They were embarrassed,

then I nearly died of secondhand embarrassment.

Anyways, this is a very silly story.

I really need to come clean. My birthday is July 12th.

Somebody please change it on Wikipedia!

-July 12th! [ Cheers and applause ]

She's not this type of person! -I'm not a liar!

-We don't like these tricks! -I tried to change it back.

-July 12th. Oh, yeah.

No -- July 12th, please, Internet, if you're watching...

[ Laughter ]

-Wikipedia. -Yeah.

Wikipedia, change that thing.

-If you hear this, please change my birthday.

-Yeah. Please, you're too nice for this.

-I'm so sorry. -I know.

No, no. We know it's coming from a good place.

Please, we love you.

Tell me about your work with Covenant House.

-Yes. So, I've been working with this amazing organization

called Covenant House for the last seven years.

It's an organization that provides vital support

and services to young people overcoming homelessness.

And they have a presence in 31 cities across the U.S.,

Canada, and Latin America. -Wow.

-And this upcoming August 19th, myself -- me -- and a bunch

of other members of the Broadway

and film and television community will be spending

a night outside as an act of solidarity

and to raise money and awareness for Covenant House

and the young people that they provide services for.

-Good for you. [ Cheers and applause ]

Amazing. -Yeah. I'm really excited.

-How do people get involved? How do they --

How do they know how to get involved?

-There are a lot of different ways to get involved.

The easiest and fastest way is to make a donation.

-Okay. -Any donation helps,

no matter how small and no matter how large, they all help.

[ Laughter ]

The link is -- I've posted all over the place.

It's in my Instagram bio, on Twitter,

on the Facebook somewhere.

And you can also join a sleep out near you.

The Covenant House has a presence all over the U.S.

You can find one.

They do sleep outs all year long.

There's also a Sleep Out America,

which is in November, and you can sleep out anywhere

with your friends, with your family, your co-workers from --

in your own front or back yard. -Wow.

-Yeah. -Good for you for doing that.

-Thank you. It's been an amazing experience.

-Every time you come on, I feel like -- I don't know.

Maybe I'm good luck or something like that.

Or maybe you're just really talented.

You win another -- You win another award,

and I have to congratulate you on the award.

But you -- -Is that true?

-Yeah. -Every time?

-Every time you've come on, you've won --

You won a Golden Globe. You won an Emmy since last time.

-I think that means that you're my good luck charm.

Thank you! -Yeah, I am.

But, no, you're really good. You're really talented.

But I always say congrats on your Emmy nomination.

-Thank you very much. [ Cheers and applause ]

Thanks. -Well deserved.

-Thank you. -And it's such a tricky role.

I say this every time you're on, but it's such a tricky role

to play a comedian,

'cause usually when you see these shows,

they're not quite funny enough jokes,

and you're like, "Yeah, I love her, but it's not funny."

You're funny, and it's great.

And so you're just knocking it out of the park.

So congrats on that. -Thank you.

-I know you're filming season three,

or are you finished filming?

-We are in the middle of filming season three.

We're about 3/4 of the way through.

-Really? All right. [ Cheers and applause ]

I'm happy about this.

Can you say anything about the plot or we'll just find out?

-I can't say a whole lot. I don't want to spoil anything.

-I don't want to get you in trouble.

-We know from the end of last season that Midge is

on the road this year with Shy Baldwin,

and so there will be some -- some shenanigans.

We shot a couple weeks in Miami, which was crazy.

-Oh, fun.

-But, yeah, she's on the road this year.

That's about all I can say.

-I saw that you were in JFK. -I was at JFK.

We were shooting some promo shoots -- shots, shoots at JFK.

-Yeah. -Just for an afternoon.

But it was -- it was fun because

we got to go through security in costume.

We got, like, these tickets to nowhere

and got to go through the TSA in full costume

to take some photos.

And so Alex Borstein and Amy and Dan

and a bunch of our crew -- -Did people freak out?

I mean, here's -- -You know --

-Someone took a photo of you in costume.

-Yeah, that's me at security in JFK.

[ Laughter ]

Getting very patted down... -Yeah.

-...and metal-detected because within this costume

there's a lot of underthings.

I wear a wig on the show.

There's a lot of clips that are involved.

So the metal detector was like --

[ Both impersonating beeping ]

-Yeah, yeah. -You know, everywhere.

They're like, "Can you take that off?"

I was like, "Not really."

-But did fans just come up and go, like, "What is going on?"

-Honestly, we went relatively unnoticed.

We just kind of marched through JFK and --

You know, New Yorkers don't care.

They're just trying to get out of here in the summer.

They just went about their day. -New Yorkers don't care.

-They've seen crazier things on the streets of New York.

-Yeah, they have. -They were like, "Eh."

-"Yeah, we're good." Yeah.

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