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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: HELLO NEIGHBOR GHOST MODE Mod! Alpha 1 & 2 Tips & Tricks (FGTEEV Alpha 3 Next!)

Difficulty: 0

Daddy: Oh no.... Chase: Pee pee pee pee!


Not again!! Not again!! Oh gosh!

*Fun intro*

*Daddy snoring*

*Confused Daddy*

*Daddy snoring again*

What? Hm? Who?!

Were strait up ghosts.... He doesn't see us... the other person who wrote this can't spell straight

available neighbor our upstairs neighbor

he doesn't see us

i'm in need of a bell should I try to

run to that door

yeah i'm just going around a sprint I'm

just gonna go straight to the door you


i am mark pick up

yah yah yah oh well huh to develop what

rubber face down there we are such


dude we're such unbelievably incredible

ghost that is unbelievably incredible i

were going into the room because if you

remember this creepy creepy instruction

it was dark last time how we did it this


you know what close the door just in

case he comes down

Oh done i forgot the shovel I'm taking a

big boom coffee throw that we don't need


wait how we get in the coffin oh ok

we don't want that we want her this

right here ladies and gentlemen is a

creepy teacher

we want the creepy teacher because ok

he's still upstairs watched it all know

after parkour with the teacher

ok ready and ya doing I can't breathe

we may be here yes I should have just

not been lazy and I should have shut off

done the heat can't park or with

teachers she was the window heavy more

fans if you're watching mrs. Hannigan

had missing his name is mrs. Hannigan

you calling me a junkie come o ocean

what you go by back okay

he won't step foot in here what's up

what the perfect boy 1.1 403 get it

see an attentive quickly quickly find



move move move

chat chat method way go inside

haha we don't know really where am I

going to be on that God shot under these

coming he's coming he's not coming he's

coming week what these governing that

they added the air

dude the neighbors trapped inside of the

floor he can't get me

okay we gotta get the bell i'll be right

back don't you move neighbor I think

it's really cold up here

the Sharks should be frozen we're gonna

get this Bell we're gonna go back down

here come on come on come on come on

Isabelle right there Big D open up

yes yes i think are finally getting this

okay well I'm bringing the lady bring

her in here

ok boom ok were in the classroom and I

could put that and put the teacher right


oh don't fall down this is and again one

plus four equals x boom can say twice it

what boom

Oh what over my five fell down my 50

good rose from the ceiling Watson open

up this you put the right there

ok now yes we're in the rifle range you

look we get 100 is an apple 200 we get

the remote 300 we get the key

ok Rico okay quickly ya down

hello oh yeah i got two down 03 404


I'll 4.3 300 whoa whoa back the key 304

a key i got for the things broken i

don't care

alright so watch this time I don't Oh

what is he was here that thing is here

with his back to him not that body no

dead bodies

ok that is good thing ok what did

nothing ok ok ok ok ok open

oh it's a new room we've never seen this

room we have never been inside this room

we've got a flashlight always get bear


what does that respect my spots

yeah and you want to get my dick

yourself a jackhammer

that's what the jackhammers for ok we

are going straight up go and get dropped

this is Emma or they thought thank you

guys for telling us about these got the

most awesome people but i didn't have

all the information but I knew it needed

a jackhammer on the teacher

alright so this is a there's a wall was

impressive in the jack it's not really

making jack hammering noises but it's

breaking the wall-e

well we really have to break okay that's

enough now watch what I don't but what

do I need a clutch floor so what's this


Oh what is this room

what these days room to this is the

other room that was locked or what we've

never seen this room to there's the

Train that's creepy man

oh that's a teddy bear from the basement

oh yeah what is the point of this room

oh that's heavy doesn't like to sit sit

down teddy bear

sit down to be a teddy bear + fire

equals key and where would we get fire

from we cool the furnace

yeah let's go try let's go try it you

find is open up or find it now how about

me about me try what you came in dude

wow there's a fire let's go back to his

room go under the bed get sick robot get

out of the bed

hey I'm gonna get out specifically do

this looking back it now we go

no fair blown up what I forgot about

that I get anyway

costa no he just broke the windows yes


what up uh-huh no they're judging maybe

he won't see here that will crash down

to crunch time I was staying at Bayside

way we meeting here camera is right

there is noticeably knows that I'm plan

that will go foul over water just about

sick and tired of playing this game much

forget this let's go to output room

check this out doors locked right you

think that oh no can't get in there

watch this I can go into this mode cold

ghosts and you see here i can go

wherever I'd like to go into the

basement go

that is a look-see creepy Teddy me

that's the door that I went through that

ended the game you don't want to we

don't we don't want to go through don't

want to go around or watch this and then

i just take this and took a walk

she and now i'm in the basement but I


nothing works down can't click anything

slide wall is that the crows cage

what-what are nothing is getting old

what's behind this door that you don't

want to see game wall the basement as a

big things here but nothing works in the

basement you can pick anything up even

has a bed down here

look I try to get out of the basement

it's for all all his house yeah why the

basements really down low

well that's his house that's my house

wait we can finally see what was in our

door here remember the episode that we

played room reveal what it was locked

there's nothing even in here we get this

weekend just go all around the


you can check out other people's Oh like

this guy

what's in here but something's in here

they didn't come creatures grass grass


there's nothing any of these people's

houses see see see everything

see-through check was inside of this


no hard there's a naked villager sorry

I'm getting tired of getting all right

he takes a shower with his clothes on

he doesn't see me but he kind of could

wait I think he could see he locked the

door locked

hey you can you see me oh whoa get a

link walk walk right now he'll see me


yes look he's crazy he i'd only does he

could see me

oh my goodness we could see ghosts

what what Hsu here full with with who I

can get your therefore no way dude i'm

still goes all what he can barely see

you only see me half of the time Michael

in front whoa i'm here

what-what-what awaiting your house

that's scary

there's two ways i'm gonna show you this

one says I can go up into boom this room

we know we've been in this room right i

can go up into boom in some way we've

been ever but that room see that all

no spoilers though I'm actually had to

do it the real way without ghosting it

ok ready so let's just let's just walk

okay we're gonna walk and if you notice

that window is open already in there

he's not in this what I'm gonna do is

I'm gonna go in there really quick i'm

gonna open up that door top part but no

doctors will remember that secret door

watch this I'm gonna go over to here

let's turn on the generator ready

is aunt

it's on and they quickly you want to go

over to this little open this little

thing right here and watch this open it

and then quickly run inside

ah not fast enough oh okay okay go go go

who we made it in his secrets or wait

what what I thought we did

now who eat go okay go back

Crouch Crashdown Crouch yes yes taking

his teddy bear to get his teddy bear as

a souvenir

teddy bear whoa has a cool teddy bear so

look at this

I'll up here with the crow but it looks

like we can't release the crow

what is he

Shh get down here have a teddy bear ever

stick a teddy bear smells like beef and

cheese anyway dude this crow bit

Thank he talks when we turn around and

get boy grow good boy

god yes but the main reason why you want

to come up here is because of that I

just not good under for wait where to go

no no where is it over there to get out

of his thinking crow frame get out of

here this thing right there

it's like a stapler staple gun all

I just little fireworks in this out and

see what this thing is

there he is

we've got a button presser a Duracell

battery it's a battery with a magnet so

it just must be some sort of magnetic

dude how do you use the magnets gun it

past that I boo boo what o.o it pulls

metal to you all this thing actually

does work

be yourself walk be myself like why like

this want me to beat him up

no beach by six of 10 like the big pads

that you cook things in the Chinese yes

that's what I said one wow never listen

I got some pills we're gonna put them

inside of his milk and then we wait like

just watching

nothing is happening we just watching oh

I see you set how does he walk past know

Oh career

cover your eyes that's got oh he's my

grandpa too sick releases watching his

hands let's see if he drinks milk

because he like kill

running man on that beat my man on FB

stop stretching you little freak panels

and I can't believe this guy Pete in

front of kids go back to pee again

now when what I got the job or

how much page of one really had formerly

got to wait wait

oh he's that's why he's being so much

okay he's drinking his milk ease he's

drinking his milk that we put sleeping

pills in ok

oh he's getting tired no it's good no

don't know

oh what a shower okay

what's he doing we don't support growth

through why did you take a shower with

his clothes on

oh my goodness Oh far are you kidding me

watch doing is so possessed finally

sound like shaggy punch I look I would

more legit just grab the many teleported

acidity that strong drinking milk again

he treats with a cap on your weirdo

let's see oh ok the milk did make him

sleepy key

oh you step on my head Oh No committed

but you can't get me down here

yes sighing just think you're my people

are all know PPO that again

not yet of all God

registered back today

oh i can't meet because your a game go


why don't I do that I'm taking a shower

want to go to the bathroom

samee began skies solely let's see Jimmy

let's see oh my teacher LOL is a lift

into the valve inside here it's a dairy

and always watching TV in here war dogs

creepy all we need to we need to make

this happen

go check the bathroom sir but when you

check in the bathroom

ah got a hookup I'm trying to see what

it would be like when he catches someone

my neighbor is like a free

nice house because he stole from me no

one likes this low-lying in this house

and the kids i was great

so is like him

give them swirly where he peace dude

what happened to the house completely


there's no furniture look at the

basement is gone

we're doing that's him to look at the

shadowy the ghost there's a ghost is

running on the be as a ghost host and

stretching the ghosts exercises can use

all my gosh look at the shadow now he's

a ghost everybody's it goes

worldpost look outside our house is gone

the whole streets God he's like they

must be adding the first person on earth

oh it's ghost paint now the ghost thing

i didn't know ghosts get me to throw

something at him eat milk ghost boy like

now you're gonna be that's where all the

ghosts fun that we had today you have

any more gross ideas that's ghost the

ghost that is really fun family held

cast we going to be free and we walk we

could be a person and we left over there

huh whole way that we went through


thank you so much for watching we'll

check you guys later peace up a loop


what's up next

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