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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Sci-Fi Short Film "Doubles" presented by DUST

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Years I've been helping people get the compound next you say. No you say. No you say no because it's good

To commit to it. You [have] to believe that you're worth it channels including local channels. We're just $24.99 a month and again

I'm giddy with Sudden. We can be any busy

Order you're living well helped master actually

You would be surprised. How many people used to walk in here and ask to look exactly like

Celebrity singer or something now with twice as many celebrities as usual

we've actually seen a number drops is being the [thirty] closest looking breeze to your favorite movie star just

Feel me now, you'll see devils coming in

Make them look less like they're dope

Wonderful, I I spent the restaurant

$5,000 making my face look like my mother universe

Difficult. Yeah, okay

So someone is doing my exact

So as you can [see] in the pitch [deck]

We'll be pushing hard [gold] here our margins for silver and Bronze just don't maximize our opportunity Matrices

Really like the idea of a platinum tier [weren't] we going with the three tier theory we read on mash Borden yesterday

I thought we were in agreement on that there was a meeting offline actually diana where we talk further about that

[I] mean, we're not we're not presenting until the historic conference in june so we can just move back on this next [paper]

What we can do though is walk through our chair board meeting an afternoon. We don't have a ton of information

We just know that all of our sea level and now

back [to] parallel [universes] each

universes akins to each layer of this turkey sandwich and think of the sandwich as

kilometers high and each

layer is

directly on top

[resin] separated only by a layer of

Ma'am now that we've explained the universe I'd like to move over to on person cat

All right is everyone here who's taking notes?

So first of all good work on the tears yesterday everyone those turned out great today

I want to talk about social media strategies as you know the client has a very large Twitter following

however their Facebook activity is

Subpar that's that so

Looking for suggestions in that arena


So what's going to happen? What do you mean? I mean the company can't keep two VP's of business development

[that's] a hell of a redundancy

Not to mention the fridge situation. [I'ma] think about that all day. What about it sandy, [dude]

Autumn 'la Spit Sandy yeah

Play I would like to have a coke every once in a while. If there's two sandy so I can forget about it dude

Why don't they buy more coke though two on the budget?

And I just saw a program about this

about two VP's

know about

parallel universe is collapsing on [each] other [I]

Had two toothbrushes this morning

So he's getting weird. Yeah

What my other self is like?

Probably just like smash an ass man. What a skit all of it so much of it. I don't think so

Another self is Sad


An endless number all of them are set now all of them of [course]

But I think a lot of them would be majority a majority of it would be sad [sacks]

[I] can't just be an astronaut or something dude. [I] do not have it in me to go to space. [do] you know that?

What is it?

Take it


Speaking yeah hate me

[yeah], no, I'd say. It's pretty weird because we're talking to us

[like] this kind of new [territory] for [me], too

like little tiny cup of grapes and honestly though

There's only [breeze] like toys. Just hanging out

Car pilot Los Angeles has become commonplace

to the

Entire Universe aguila can be careful out there

We were at Extreme crisis levels for drinking water before the devil started appearing

This is ana, California or American problem. This is [a] worldwide crisis can it be to be dealt with children?

Oh, God

hopeless everything the birthday and give away, the

fundamentalist oh no no, no I

Can't I can't well?

We have just seen reports of rioting in many parts of countries a very large crowd has Gathered outside

[capital] [buildings], they are demanding answers, and they are not going anywhere until they get done suggest

Rain in Detroit has doubled in the past week

But I think we can all agree this should reflect anything outside of a spacetime anomaly

Next question Jemima majesties of now


of this will not in any way mean

[Applicant] one company for Antonia in Place, [Tina] trace

[more] [to] handle this video on our lTS alright. Yes, I'll hold oh

Sir yeah, hi. I'm here hello. Hello

One [Twitter] follower asked with all these doubles popping up when can I expect to meet myself?

This is a spicy pickle. Let's ask our new resident doubles expert Paul

[I] like to watch [you] talk Paul

While the crashing together of our universes is happening the timing of our doubles and the doubles of all the world's items is

Extremely hard to predict my own double Paul. Woke up next to me this morning completely confused

By the way Paul. I know that there are some out there. They're still waiting for their own to arrive

That's right by the way. I am woken up next to worse after a long Friday night. I

Have I totally have we have we really have


Local Man Brian Dinkelman was arrested early this morning on homicide charges

The accused brutally attacked a man in bed with his girlfriend not realizing

It was his own doubles another case of mistaken

Identity and the third doubles related deaths since they've started to arrive we now go to Tom at the scene of the incident Tom

Hi, Linda. It was vera Santiago at the center of this doubles murder charge as you said another sad case of mistaken

Identity police on the scene do not know how to proceed Mr.

Finkelman is in custody and we are hoping to speak to Miss Santiago soon

Thank you, Paul in other news today and looks like Lebron James who will be coming to your Los angeles [lights]

He's crazy, right?

morally or ethically or whatever like

Too much man

She comes home from [work]. We find his girlfriend in bed with another man

Did I hear brian literally shit his own pants when you realize [that] he killed himself?

There's other self whatever the fuck our brian shit is yeah, not other Brian other. I'm dead. Yeah

I'll be hard to shit the other guys. I don't know man like maybe they're connected by minds or something about Vera

Here's the thing man the court doesn't even know how to charge him, right?

Because with this it's like the guy that he killed it is technically him but from another dimensions

They don't know hologram or what the flock [man's] he's going to get off Scot-free. It's like a loophole in the system

if you go after seeing stuff again

We've all been seen stuff

We've seen my other self having sex with random people my kitchen told you man. Yeah

What's weirder still as I saw [my] other self having sex with another other self or myself of yourself?

Yeah, they not lead off with that. That's huge

embarrassed I have

but then Horizon

Did I've been thinking about it like

If I were religious, I don't even know how I'd be handling this right now [like] [that's] just more shit to think about

You know cuz there's got to be multiple. Hell's right. What if there's dead means down there in hell like a total cluster

Fuck you know

It's like what the fuck is it even like and it's like state lake you don't even start on Satan's like oh, hi Satan

I'm satan how nice to meet you. What's your name? I'm satan. Cool. Yeah, where'd you come from other hell, you think they'd hang out?

gasps well

They probably bro at or whatever they all seem pretty cool. Yeah, they seem pretty clicky

Number you have called for Mara Hagman disconnected

Number you have called for zero

[have] you [seen] [beer] today? No here? She's taking some time?

No, wolf I'm Gonna. Go take a shit

Where's the updated deck for the pitch on Thursday? You're not my boss other gary. I'm not other gary. I'm gary, okay

Let's switch your ties know we have different ties for that reason okay, whichever one

You and Dr.. [oh] this [window]? Yeah?

Linda Linda a and Linda one yeah, I think you'll really like it here. It's not much different than the other no

It isn't look like you know

And everything same right in here

But here just as much as you loved it there really you're gonna be doing the same stuff. You know crunching data dollars laughs

Got some fun co-workers here

Computer all your stuff. So you are good to go. [just] let me know if you have any questions, okay?

I'll be in that executive suite - don't go [over] to the wrong gary, okay?

Hey booker new beer

just got here first day meeting university how it goes she's

Taking the news about her brian pretty bad to keep herself together as much as you can I was thinking you could help her settle

In maybe take her out for lunch cocktails and thing like that. Yeah sure sure [new] zero cool

[found] it

also, good pass

véra yeah, hey

Are you your booker? My booker? My booker? I don't think your booker's arrived justice yet

[gary] asked me said I should take you out to lunch, okay?



We've only been on like two dates, but I think I'm completely in love with her and yeah

good for [you], men

Play I'm like I'm happy

This is like to date this

[1/2] it's super fan, but you know I feel like when you know you know, right?

I feel like I've known her longer than the two dates

Yeah, I guess that's true that does factor in

I don't know what the math is, but what - cheers to me, not blowing it

Yeah, let's cheers to me not being a dick and being happy for you. Yeah

How about a nanobot yeah awesome? Thanks Pal

We think Sandy's doing later?

Okay, I got one I'm Gonna

Say something and then you [say] whatever pops into your head as fast as you can like a hoarder so she yeah

Are you ready? Yeah, okay?


Good job hand job. [ahh], [ahh]?




five people you want to have dinner with my

era yeah Michael vick jesus, okay Hitler to find out why I was such an asshole and

God bakula but not him and realized he is here different penalties

But not the actor no the character. What about that other guy that he was always with them

Okay back back. Let's go like I feel like we already know [enough] about the other guy, but you need to find out

What's wrong about the character? That's true. I'm a dominating. That's cool

[all] right, and

Norma Donald and you see Norman doesn't really

Know you like nor [McDonough] know you're like [the] [movies] dirty work. Which is really?

Not [that] great, but he's good, and then I'll be like you

Okay, then you laugh it up a little bit. Yeah, just you know all right. Let's go back [in] that

They could talk about all the stuff. They've done at the same time. Yeah, okay? Yeah

the three stooges


Okay, anything with the favorite month malted [anytime]

On the Corners Louisville is very very far away

[watched] [us]

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