Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Claire Danes Discovered an Adult Film Parody of Homeland

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-Your husband, Hugh, he's an actor.

-You guys met working together. -We did.

-And then, you have not worked together since.

And now, he's in this season of "Homeland."


-You guys are not doing scenes together.

-No. Which is a good thing.

-It is a good thing.

-I think my focus would have been broken, finally.

You know, that's what it would have taken.

But no. And he plays a pretty slime-buckety politician guy.

-Gotcha. -Which I enjoyed.

But no, but it was really sweet.

It was fun to visit him on his set

and share the show with him in that way,

from the inside out. -That's nice.

-Yeah, it was great. It felt very symbolically

kind of sweet and rich and nice.

-One of the nice things about this show as well is --

you know, I think in the past when we've seen

sort of female spies or females in the intelligence agency,

it's been a lot more acrobatic

and maybe a little bit more unrealistic...


-...than "Homeland" has chosen to be.

-No, I mean, I wasn't asked to do too many ninja moves.

-Yeah. -Which was good.

I mean, I slept with -- people.

But, um... -Yeah. [ Laughs ]

-But I did it in dowdy pantsuits, you know?

-Yeah, that's true. -You know, none of this, like,

cool heels and karate chops, no. -Yeah.

-But no, it's true. I think we made an effort

to reflect something like reality.

-Yeah. And then, you've been --

is it true that over the years, you've been approached by people

who have claimed at least to you that

this was the inspiration for them pursuing maybe

a career in the intelligence field?

-Yeah, a little bit. Well, when I first started

researching this world, and was taken to Langley

and was interviewing people who do this job,

they were incredibly forthright,

which I found a little confusing and confounding.

And I asked them, "Why are you telling me all this?"

And they said, "Well, you know,

this is a powerful recruitment tool.

And we are always recruiting."

And turns out, it was effective

because people do stop me on the street

and say, "Oh, my daughter is studying Arabic in college."

-Wow. -Yeah. Like, it works.

-That's a sign that a show has succeeded,

eight years is a sign it succeeded,

and also, congratulations.

I heard that you found out there was an adult film parody

of "Homeland." -Um, yeah.

-Wow, congratulations. -Well, yeah, thank you.

-Yeah. -Yeah, no.

I mean, I thought "Mad" magazine was cool.

"SNL" was cool. But like a porn?

-Yeah. You've made it.

-You know your work has resonance.

[ Laughter ] Yeah, yeah, so.

-What was it called? Do you remember?

-I don't know. I don't know.

And I don't think it was very impressive.

-Yeah, it wasn't like a good --

It wasn't like "Boneland"? -No!

-Yeah. -No!

[ Laughter ] -Right? I mean, that --

-We needed you! -We needed -- yeah.

I know -- I haven't watched it,

but I do hear in that one,

Cookie Monster does say "diaphragm."

[ Laughter ]

-I should hope so. -Yeah.

Hey, thank you so much for being here.

-Thank you so much for having me.

-Congrats on eight years. [ Cheers and applause ]

Really nice to see you. Claire Danes, everybody.

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