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For everyone out there starting on SEO for your website, or getting into a career in SEO,

here's three powerful tips, three beginners tips and a tutorial on

getting your SEO journey started.


Hey guys, my name is Jared VanderMeer and I make digital marketing tip and SEO videos

right here on YouTube. I'm gonna get right into it today.

I'm gonna tell you three tips when you're starting your SEO journey to get you started

that you may not have heard of before.

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Alright, tip number one. Website load speed is the most important factor you

should focus on right now.

Actually, and that the websites responsive but that'll be tip number two.

Load speed is integral. We've seen it over the last couple years.

We now estimate load speed being about fifteen to twenty percent of an internal

SEO build for any site and it's making a huge difference. Google and search

engines want your page to be smaller and load faster to help with those data

rates, help people load those mobile responsive websites right onto their

phone quickly and get information quickly. Website load speed is firing people up in

organic rankings. Getting the more website traffic and getting

them those valuable conversions that they're looking for- for their clients.

So it doesn't matter what you're doing an SEO whether you're in marketing or

building your own business locally with a website, having your website load

really really quickly is something that you should focus on when getting that

website developed. If you already have a website, go take a look at the images,

make them a little bit smaller, make sure you're running less queries on that site

and speed up that load speed.

Tip number two, make sure you have a location or a maps location built.

maps location built. We've been testing creating and correcting with SEO for a

couple years now and there's a huge correlation between businesses that have

a physical location and a Google Maps location or Bing's location built and

ones that don't on how they appear in organic rankings. Search engines want to

see that you have a physical address that your business is built and that is

creating business for people in a locality so whenever you're working on a

website, whenever you're trying to get that organic reach, start by getting a

Google Maps location. Get that Google My Business profile started. Fill it out

completely and make sure as the last tip that everything in your Maps location,

everything in those directories, matches your website contact page spot for spot.

Make sure the address is the same, make sure that the phone number is the same,

everything is the exact same. It's going to help more authority.

Come to your website and move you up in both in organic rankings on search engines as

well as organic rankings on Google Maps, Bing Maps, etc. Lastly, tip number three-

you may have heard of this one before but it's still really important.

30 to 40% of websites online still don't have meta descriptions. Now it's more

than just meta descriptions in tip number three. It's all the internal parts,

all the technical parts of your internal SEO build on a website, your meta

descriptions, your page titles, your alt text behind the pictures, everything that

you can do to help your website grow. Now, there's a ton of analytic tools out there.

Find one where you can do a site audit on your website, it's going to tell

you the percentage of how well your website's responding to the current

algorithms that are out there. Try to get that internal part of your website, that

internal SEO build as close to a hundred percent as possible. That way, the

foundation, the pillar of your SEO is built that allows you to start working

on that external SEO, those citations those back links, everything else you need

to do to increase your domain's authority comes after you do that internal build.

Boom, guys!

That's a quick episode! A Beginners Tutorial to SEO episode.

I wanted to do this episode for a while. I think that there's one or two tips in there

that you have not heard of before, let me know in the comments below if you got any value from this.

I'm going to do more SEO related videos if you have any topics you want me to talk about.

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That's it for this episode. I'm Jared Vandermeer,

and I make digital marketing and SEO tip videos right here on YouTube.

See you guys in the next one!

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