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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: “Ms. Shirleen” Went From IG Comedy Skits To Starring In Tyler Perry Films! | I Went Viral

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(upbeat music)

- This is how I stay out of the system.


I stretch on my haters.


My name is Christianee Porter and a lot of people know me

as Ms. Shirleen.

Understand these waist trainers

is killing y'all.

My niece just fell out down here at the Red Lobster,

The waist trainer video was inspired by

just being hot in Atlanta.

Y'all want to make it out here through the summer

stop killing ya selves.

So you have women wearing these waist trainers in the heat,

that's dangerous, that's a recipe for falling out.

We calling up the main line with that kind of foolishness.

It's gettin' reckless out here.

I realized the video went viral

when I had different people calling me,

congratulating me that my video

had been shared on Shadekinge and Balleralert

and then I went on there and I started seeing these comments

and then I was on my own page and I started seeing this,

this blue, that's what I call it,

just seeing blue

and it was the followers, people coming and coming

and I'm like, something's happening.

Some opportunities that I've been afforded to have,

interviews in the AJC,


Rolling Out,


Tyler Perry posted me.

I never thought that, you know,

he would even recognize me in that sense,

but I thought it was pretty major.

Some people from Tyler Perry's studio contacted me

and were like, we want you to come in and audition.

And I was like, oh wow this is really happening,

this is dope, that's exciting.

My part in the movie is just Shirleen being herself

showing up at the church.

Hopefully that's enough.

People are saying how like being popular on Instagram

is equivalent to being rich in Monopoly money.

It's real money and it's real opportunities.

I'm about my business, I'm about my money.

Be about your money, be about the father's business.

My other characters I have, Karen Dontcare,

she's a newscaster.

Honesty and Prosperity, Dr. Jennastacia.

My favorite character is actually Yung Velvetta,

that's my rapper character.

He actually represents that starving artist in all of us.

With that ornament booty

Ornament booty

Ornament booty

Ornament booty

It was easy to develop Shirleen

because I just took her from real life characters

in my life.

She's actually my interpretation of my stepfather,

a couple of my aunts, and my step uncle.

These waist trainers, you don't realize take 30%

of your oxygen to your brain.

This is the actual infamous two piece set

from the waist trainer video.

I would've showed you guys the actual shoes

that I wore with this outfit,

but my original Shirleen costume was stolen.

That ain't the work of the lord.

We are actually outside

at the location where I shot the waist trainer video

and it's funny because I haven't even been here

since I shot the video, so it's really weird.

I like being in the hood when I film.

You get some really, really, awesome stuff.

It could just be a bystander, it could be a wig rolling by,

it could be a dog running, some pit bull puppies.

Just gems that I always get in my videos

when I shoot in places like this.


This place will always be special.

This is where people are falling out wearing waist trainers

so I always have a place in my heart.

Being viral has given me the opportunity to be

an entertainer full time.

That's my dream come true.


That's my dream, that was a dream but you don't,

oh god, I didn't mean to cry like that.

That was, that's what I wanted.

I always wanted to be an entertainer full time.

It's as simple as it gets.

To the people that (exhales)

are doing what it is that I do

and you still want to chase your dreams and all this stuff

and you're working a job that you hate,

it's don't stop.

'Cause anything that you can think of

that you want to do is possible to do it.

I'm no different from anybody else, you know what I mean.

We have the same opportunities as far as

you can get a free Instagram account just like me.

It's just being consistent.

And I think that when somebody sees that it's possible

for somebody else,

that's motivating and that should be inspiring

to you to say, you know what,

I can get behind a camera and do some characters as well

and you can, just like me.

And your audience will find you.

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