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hello everyone this is Ayana from Capitol Estate welcome back to our

youtube channel where we showing you the finest properties for sale

in turkey and of course how to buy them capitol estate is a real estate

investment company established in 2006 and headquartered in

the beautiful town of Alanya on the southern mediterranean coast of

turkey as capital estate we're happy to help you buy the property of your dreams

in several different locations in turkey including Alanya, Antalya

Fethiye, Bodrum and Istanbul. We are now on the west side of town enjoying some

incredible views and i will take you today to a stunning three-bedroom

penthouse in the popular neighborhood of Mahmutlar

enjoy some views and i'll see you in the moment in Mahmutlar

Welcome to Mahmutlar, the largest and most popular neighborhood in Alanya

we're just about 15 minutes drive from Alanya Downtown

and 15 minutes away from Gazi Pasha International Airport

right in the center of this beautiful neighborhood. Mahmutlar has a population

of 45 000, with residents from all the corners

of the world living and appreciating friendly

character of this neighborhood. Last but not least this neighborhood is

lively all year round, no matter if it's winter or summer

there's still a lot to talk about this neighborhood but it's time now to visit

our offer of the day! welcome to our special offer for today i

will introduce to you a stunning three-bedroom penthouse in this

beautiful complex right behind me but before we move to the penthouse let's

quickly check the complex location. This complex has an ideal location, right

in the center of Mahmutlar less than 500m from the beach and

just few steps from the popular saturday market where to find all the

fresh fruits and vegetables you need. Time to go inside the complex. This

lovely complex have been completed in the end of 2019

and the property owners have been living here from the beginning of 2020.

the complex comes with satisfying range of on-site facilities such as an

outdoor swimming pool with separated children's swimming pool

a gym with direct views to the swimming pool and a large sauna for exclusive use

of residents in the complex welcome to our special offer for today

brought to you exclusively by Capitol Estate this amazing three-bedroom

penthouse is on the market for sale for only 109

000 euro an incredible bargain for an apartment in the new complex

let me give you a tour of this lovely penthouse and it's wisely designed

178 square meters of living space let's start our tour from the first

floor of this penthouse you have a guest bathroom

here then you have a standing cupboard with lots of storage space

and something that is really rare for the market

is separated bright kitchen you can see already your family having a lovely

meal here together what can be better and now i'm gonna

show you the living room lots of space lots of sunlight and of

course direct access to the balcony with view

of the sea and the mountains and now we're stepping

to the second floor of our penthouse where three bedrooms

are waiting for us we're going to start the master bedroom

with ends with bathroom and direct access to your own private


here we have a family bathroom and of course

two other bedrooms also filled with sunlight and

perfect for large family

i hope you enjoyed our special property offer of the day and i hope to see you

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