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Wow! She's such a bitch! Life is a beach or life is a bitch? What is

the difference between these two very similar words: beach and bitch.

If you would like to know the difference in the way you say these two very similar sounding

words, I have created a video especially for you. Stay right till the end of this video

and I will share the link. So, life is a beach. This phrase is a very

positive phrase, it means life is good, life is rosy. But what is a beach on it's own.

Well, very simply it's the noun for the place where the land meets the sea. It's the place

where people go on holiday. You have the sea, you have the sand, and hopefully you have

some sun. Now, life is a bitch. This has the opposite

meaning. This means life is really difficult, life is really really tough. It has a negative

connotation. But what does bitch mean on it's own. It has a few different meanings, usually

negative, but not always. So we can use it, for instance, if there is a woman that you

don't like. Maybe she is very difficult to deal with. You can say: Wow! She is such a

bitch! But be careful how you use that, because it

can be very offensive. It can also be a verb. So if I'm standing

here saying "Oh I hate my life, I hate my job, I hate making YouTube videos" I'm bitching,

to bitch, to complain. But actually the original meaning for bitch

is quite an innocent meaning, it's not a rude meaning. It simply means a female dog,

woof! Woof!

Don't forget to click on the video for the way to say these two different words.

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