Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Spectronics Corporation Company Overview, UV Equipment and Fluorescent Materials Manufacturer

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Spectronics has always prided ourselves on producing top quality

products that offer the highest performance

regardless of the market that were involved in

Spectronics serves multiple industries





Nondestructive Testing


Quality has always been a huge driving force in Spectronics,

it's been the ultimate goal here,

it's something we do not skimp on,

Quality is defined by the customers,

having reliability in the product

a product that they can trust

that they know will work for their applications

what makes Spectronics different

mainly is our history

we've been around since 1955

majority of our products into the NDT market

has to do with UV lights

they're utilized in fluorescent inspection

so basically we pretty much

carry all the knowledge

all the experience

and all the product development

that goes behind it

Spectronics goes above and beyond

in customer service

it's the root of our success

We're here to manufacture products

for the customer base

so we speak to them

about their applications

because we provide solutions

Spectronics is now the largest manufacturer

in the world of ultraviolet lighting equipment

and fluorescent dyes

...we offer a much larger selection of products

than any of our competitors

At this point we manufacture more than a thousand products

most of our competitors are involved with

one market niche or another

Spectronics on the other hand

is involved in literally dozens,

actually at this point over a hundred markets

unlike many of our competitors who outsource

their manufacturing

Spectronics is all about

manufacturing right here on Long Island

...and to do so we've made tremendous investments

in our equipment and our facilities

and infrastructure

so it's all about bringing

manufacturing within our facility

and keeping jobs right here in New York

I'm very proud of

how far this family-owned business has come...

..the future is very bright for Spectronics.

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