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We are at the cemetery of village Telmanovo.

Vanya, a five years old child

have just been buried.

It is the result of yesterday bomb attack.

June 4, 2015

EvidentlyUkropswere going to shell

a vast territory of Donetsk and probably wanted to prove

that they are able to bomb out the whole territory of Donetsk.

They shelled the airport,


and the place where we are now. It is about 4050 kilometers from Donetsk.

We are half way between Mariupol and Donetsk.

Russia is behind me, on this side are Ukrops, 15-16 kilometers away from here.

Vanya, a five years old child, was killed.

Telmanovo. Yesterday. June 4, 2015.

May 26. Horlivka. An eleven years old girl.

Her father was killed too.

Her mother was crippled.

Its what they are doing

Its what NATO is doing and Nazis of Poroshenko.

Kiev Nazis, supported by NATO

Nulands cookies

The results ofNulands cookiesyou can see here

The results ofNulands cookiesare right here.

The people didnt let

the Nazis come from Kiev and dictate their rules.

And civilians pay for that

And civilians just rose in revolt against punishers

And civilians pay for that

Children, just like this five years old Vanya.

They call for revenge

Their call wont be forgotten.

Today people from this village were crying

But soon well see what they are going to do.

All this calls for justice

льон. KHAN. Information battalion.

For Spanish-speaking world

For antifascist world

From Donbass

From free Novorussia

Few minutes ago

we took farewell of little boy Vanya at the cemetery

He was bidden farewell according to the Orthodox rite.

Yesterday Vanya was playing right here in this pile of sand

when missiles began to burst all over the place, as neighbours say.

He tried to get to his home.

When he was here

perhaps frighten by the bursting shells.

One of the missiles hit the ground over there.

We are on the Shchors street.

Shchors is the surname of a Red Army commander during the October Revolution.

The neighbours and the mother have already washed the blood.

Its what has left.

The ground is hit by the missile over there. The neighbours have already filled up the hole.

The punishers havent stopped for long. They began their work again.

Shrapnel damaged gas pipe line and hit the tree

smashed the windows of several houses around.

The most significant hit is here.

We can estimate

what shell splinter has done with this wall

made of full brick

All windows are smashed

There is one more destroyed house over there

Vanya, a five years old boy

One more victim

As well as in Horlivka.

As well as, at least, 6 thousand died.

civilians of Donbass.

Because this people didnt yield themselves to Nazis

the plans of Soros

NATOs plans

This people have a right

for their Independence, Freedom and Self-determination.

These are human rights

And they wont go back from them.

They lead a rightful fight.

And theyll win!

Novorossiya will certainly win!

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