Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Cast Equa from Hanayama - Review

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This is the Cast Equa from Hanayama.

It's a metal puzzle from designer Oskar Van Deventer

and it consists of three separate pieces.

There's this outer frame piece that runs all the way around the puzzle and then

two inner pieces that are interlocking and actually is, if you can see,

they have this little nub kind of on each end,

that side and that side,

which limits the amount of rotation that you can actually do on the puzzle

itself. It's a level nine on the Puzzle

Master difficulty rating scale, which runs from five to ten.

One interesting fact about the Cast Equa is that it's supposed to look like

a planet. So if you look at like a planet like Saturn, that has rings.

So the inside is the piece that represents the planet itself and outside the

frame is supposed to represent the rings of the


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