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Hi everyone! This is K-pop Shock

The first brand of BTS character apparel has been lauched in US

On Feb. 8, "HOT TOPIC" announced that it launched BTS character T-shirts

"HOT TOPIC" is a fashion brand specialized in show business-related clothes and accessories

HOT TOPIC has been an exclusive distributor for "BT21" T-shirts in US since 2018

According to HOT TOPIC, the company receives preorders for BTS character T-shirts from Feb. 8

HOT TOPIC becomes the first brand to launch BTS character apparel

The company launched three types of long sleeve and short sleeve T-shirts

The cartoonish characters of BTS members are drawn on the T-shirts

HOT TOPIC is scheduled to launch various BTS character apparel in March

It seems that BTS fans around the world can meet much more BTS character items this year

It has been K-pop Shock

The Description of [BTS] 방탄소년단 최초 "브랜드 캐릭터의류 미국출시" (Turn on caption for Eng sub)