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hey everybody welcome back to get indie

gaming and many thanks for joining us

here today where we look at the top 5

best looking indie games due out in

February 2017 so before we dive into the

top five let's just take a little moment

to have a look at some titles that

didn't quite make it firstly this month

and out on the second of februari we

have diluvian which is a 3d deep sea

adventure that's inspired by the

writings of Jules Verne you captain your

craft and must grow and manage your crew

while searching for secrets of the past

in a beautifully looking submerged world

with induction we have an abstract

looking puzzler that offers more than 50

levels in which the game designer aims

to rewire how you think about cause and

effect coming to PC and consoles and

drawing inspiration from speedball 2 and

monday night combat war all offers a

twist on the usual soccer simulation out

februari 9th revolt has been called

rather interestingly a trigger active

platformer you play as revo a drone on

wheels who is trying to escape a

dystopian world stop now we have buck

where we have a post Armageddon action

adventure with player-driven dialogue

weapon customization and fast-paced

combat landing on the PC and consoles

febri 25th unearned bounty is a

multiplayer pirate ship free-for-all

adventure game where you strive to

become the most infamous pirate on the

high seas this one's coming to the PC

and consoles and finally in the last of

this month's honorable mentions vivre

Laroy is a puzzle platformer set within

the French Revolution where you are the

last hope to prevent the execution of

Louis the sixteenth and alter the

country's destiny and with that let's

jump straight into the top 5 best

looking indie games out in February 2017

and at number 5 this month we have

splasher a 2d platformer from former

Ubisoft Montpellier

a developer Roman Claude while on the

face of things the game appears somewhat

conventional for the genre aside from

the vibrancy of the colors and obviously

fast-paced gameplay splasher aims higher

than yet another generic 2d

side-scroller with unique gameplay

offering that uses different paint

colors that players utilize to navigate

around the world looking at how the game

plays out it's not too hard to see

elements here of Super Meat Boy and if

splasher is as half as addictive then we

might very well be looking at a new

blueprint for the future of the

platforming genre splasher coming to the

PC and PlayStation 4 februari 14th with

an Xbox one variant to follow in the

spring at this month's number 4 semih

spheres is an interesting-looking puzzle

game with stealth influences it's

primarily a single-player experience

with a soothing color palette wavy

backgrounds and an ambient soundtrack

from syd barn horn the composer for the

stanley parable and antechamber the

game's unique hook is a split-screen

mechanic where players control two

characters at the same time the left and

the right side must work together to

unfold the game's mystery by way of

solving clever looking puzzles using

portals and figuring out other abilities

of the character to ultimately reunite

the game's parallel worlds launching on

februari the 14th on the pc and

playstation 4 with the Xbox port some

time out in the spring I on we are

experiencing an irresistible

gravitational pull

this is not a simulation I repeat not a

simulation at this month's number three

we have phoning home now this game is an

exploration survival title with a

storyline and character set that somehow

feels a little bit familiar you play as

iron a small but versatile robot that

has crash-landed on an unknown planet

the game features a first or third

person view point set and is all up and

running in an open world with realistic

time of day lighting and varied terrain

from forests two canyons to deserts to

volcanoes along the way I undiscovered a

companion in the form of Annie who joins

you on the journey to find a way back

home out on februari seventh and as I

alluded to earlier the themes here are

somewhat reminiscent of the likes of ET

and Wally which will please and annoy

people no doubt in equal measure in any

case I hope we can all agree this game

looks kind of cute and here's hoping it

has the gameplay to match very careful

eye on if you fail we are both in

in a very close second place runoff

deformers from the ready at dawn studio

launches on the PC and consoles februari

14th the game features fast and frantic

gameplay with a focus on multiplayer and

online connectivity deformers looks all

set to deliver a unique proposition

where players control forms as they

battle each other with an acute but

brutal looking melee combat environment

where the goal is simple to consume

compete and to conquer simply put this

looks utterly magnificent

and this brings us to number one for the

month of februari where we have night in

the woods this comes from the

three-person development team at

infinite for another kickstart a success

story this exquisite looking

coming-of-age 2d story focused adventure

platformer features may now she's a

twenty-something recent college dropout

whose return home to the crumbling

former mining town of possum Springs the

jobs have gone and those who stay face a

bleak future home once more and now

living in her parents attic may

discovers she possesses certain

paranormal abilities and uncovers a dark

mystery that leads her into the nearby

woods while the game touches upon

uncomfortable themes such as mental

illness depression and the inevitable

consequences of the passing of time the

game's playful looking and cartoony

visuals help make it my number one best

looking game for februari coming to the

PC and PlayStation 4 februari 21st and

with that we're almost out of time here

on get indie gaming for the top 5 best

looking indie games to launch this

februari so over to you guys did I miss

anything here that you think should have

been featured if so please let me know

your thoughts and opinions in the

comments section below it's always great

to hear from you guys and I really

appreciated so get indie gaming we'll be

back here soon with a febri roundup of

indie games on kickstarter and indie

game news overview piece and a handful

of live streams featuring games from

this month's top 5 hope to see you here

again soon and until next time all the


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