Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 【東方劇情向 MMD】未成年禁止喝酒(日配)(English Sub)

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Do not drink if you are a minor


I finally found you.

Why did you drink here?

I reported missing children to Reimu.

But I have never heard anything.

I smelt you around here, and I came in.

Are you dog?

Your sister destroyed Scarlet Devil Mansion again.

I said "again".

You can stop time, and rebuild it.

I'm afraid I will be crazy if I stop time for 500 years again.

Forget it. Drink with me.

I got up, and I found that my pudding I especially hid was gone.

Who care Scarlet Devil Mansion?

1.Reason 2.Threaten 3.Understanding 4.Persist


Did you drink here just for it?

Drinking is not good for children.

My age can be your grand-grand-grandmother.

1.Drink with Remilia 2.Show weakness 3."I don't want to be human!" 4.Drag Remilia away

I know I'm annoying you.

But I

This is watermelon juice.

I wanted to retain my majesty, didn't I?

1.Laugh 2.Pour out the juice 3.Soothe 4.Swallow the knife

Good girl.

I knew you're my dear girl.

I take back what I just said.


I'm getting one, please.


Look, Mystia.

She kept me on a short leash.

1.Think"Mis is cute!" 2.Think"Mis is Kawaii!" 3.Think"I'm crazy about Mis!" 4.Think" Mis is the treasure of my life!"

It's time to go home, and enjoy your blood. Sakuya.

1.Shy 2.Reason 3.Hug Remilia 4.Cut the wrist now


Our home has disappeared.

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