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Ah I was passing by and I ran into Sungsimdang

I've been going around different places and have tried different kinds of food

When I was living in Gunsan, I ate a lot of Leesungdang's bread

Sungsimdang is the rival of Leesungdang

So on my way here, I bought some

Fantalong chives bread

and a fried soboro bread

I think inside the fried soboro bread and fried soboro sweet potato bread, there's sweet potato inside probably?

I am going to try all 3 of them. They seem to be the most popular menu

Let's search Daejeon Sungsimdang on the search engine

I think this place is the top 3 bakery in Korea

If I type Sungsimdang's the head shop

Wow~ it's so popular!

If you consider this to be a "One Punch Man" it's in the God's level

If you consider the number of reviews, Sungsimdang's level is as high as that of Boros

It's so freakin popular!

I am going to be dead honest here. I hope I don't offend any Daejeon citizens. There aren't that many delicious restaurants in Daejeon

I am from ChungcheongNamdo, so I can be completely honest about this; There aren't that many good restaurants in ChungNam

Hey! I am from ChungNam!

Relatively, there aren't that many good restaurants in ChungNam

That's for a fact! Not many good restaurants in ChungNam!

I am from Seocheon, ChungNam!

There aren't that many!

But the one best restaurant there is Sungsimdang

In Gunsan, there are vegetable breads and red bean breads

Here, fried soboro bread and croquettes are super popular

Ah and fantalong chives bread!

So I think it's going to be a bread similar to dumplings?

The must potion when eating many breads

It will be a mistake to eat fantalong chives bread first among these!

I'm not saying it's not tasty

I am just saying I am gonna eat the light flavored one first

Since chives bread is the heaviest, I am going to eat it the last

First, I am gonna eat the fried soboro bread

Soboro on the crust is very hard

Sometimes, we use soboro bread to make fun of friends right?

Yeah~You look like a soboro bread

There are friends like that..but you shouldn't use those words

There are times when your skin could break out. Everyone undergoes that time

But for sure, the crust is very very hard

It's like that of King Rammus

I'm gonna break it into 2 pieces..A lot of red beans. I love it!

And because it has been fried, the bottom part feels like yakgwa

(Similar to Yakgwa)

Yumm crispy~

(Milk potion chance)

I am going to have just another bite

(A gulp of the soulmate milk)


For sure, it's different from a regular soboro bread because it was fried. It's very savory because of the hard crust

So, it's an upgrade version of the regular soboro bread!

So, to captivate the public's taste, the first taste of the bread inside the mouth is very important

The game changing factor is the batter on Yeondon and Gunsan's jeilwon sweet and sour pork

The batter on the Sungsimdang's fried soboro bread! Just as the first impression of a person is very important. As soon as I put this bread in my mouth

Yum~this is the first impression of the fried soboro


There must be sweet potato inside the fried soboro!It's obvious!

I will break it into pieces

The crust feels the same

I think it's crispier! Maybe it's hit and miss

This one is much more crispier

Just to penetrate through the manufacturer's intention, I think custard cream was supposed to be in here

But because custard cream is quite heavy

Sweet potato

It has that healthy and less fattening image

And sweet potato has its distinctive taste. The sweet taste!

Many people think that the fried soboro bread is a legend

There are some of you who think that this bread is so amazing, but I think it has been overestimated lol

Of course, it's been upgraded

Okay! Now I am gonna eat fantalong chives bread

It smells like chives! I can smell the chives pancake!

So I split it

Wow! there's chives and eggs and a whole bunch of other stuff

(Similar to bun stuffing)

I am going to eat it

I am going to repeat this one more time. I am not a mukbang BJ

I am just gonna tell you my thoughts after eating it

I am a Bordon Ramsay who is dead honest

Ah in my opinion, I had too many of these fried soboros so my mouth is kinda greasy

(Rinsing my mouth with milk...)

Ah it's not chives. It's my pimple. I'm sorry

You know, the bread doesn't look greasy. Especially because there's stuffing inside

This is like a croquette without oily

Inside a croquette, there's bun stuffing as well. Japchae and such

But! The stuffing inside is lighter

So, it's a lighter version of croquette?

Of course, this lightness could be delicious, but if you were expecting something similar to a croquette

Then you could be like Huh?What's this?

So are you saying it's not tasty?

No, that's not my standard. I think according to the general public's standard, it's tasty

But! It's not a wise choice to compare this to a croquette

You shouldn't compare it to a croquette. Consider this as a light bread

Ah! If you think of this as a vegetarian food it's okay

but if you consider a regular croquette it's kinda bland

Ah I'm gonna be honest! I think grown-ups will like this

Some people who are older than me? Okay? Are you satisfied?

People who are older than me will love it!

(Enjoying the strawberry milk more;;)

Okay! It's not for babies

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