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- [Voiceover] Previously on of Atlanta Reunion...

- How are you and Frick doing tonight?

- We are lovely. - Yes, we good.

- Yeah?

We've got a lot of questions about how genuine

your friendship really is.

- She try to control everything everybody say around her,

she even try to control what damn Porsha say.

- A real friend wouldn't let their friend

take the fall for something that they've said and done.

- You just want to cause more drama for me.

- Why do you think I'm hating on you so much?

- We saw it!

- You want to have two different lives.

- Well, I'm doing it on national TV,

so the public will see both.

- It's not like I'm making something up.

You're repeating what someone told you.

That does not make it true.

- Why do you believe that Kandi and Todd would try

to drug you to take advantage of you?

- I was served a cease and desist by Kandi,

so what I want to do is to have Phaedra speak,

because she's the one who told me that Kandi said that.

- You said that?

- [Voiceover] The epic conclusion of

the Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion starts now.

- That I wanted to drug her.

- So now we know. - I did not say that.

- Oh my God. - I told you.

- You said that? - She just said you said it.

- I did not say it. - That is some bullsh--.

- Kandi-- - Get the f--- out of here.

- Hold on, I said I was told-- I did not accuse you of that,

Kandi, I asked you and at that point,

you told me it wasn't true and I let it go.

But what I'm telling you. - That is not true.

- Yes, I did let it go.

- That is not true, we kept talking in that--

- Oh, I absolutely let it go.

But I'm telling you, I was told that by Phaedra,

and she can explain to you where she got that.

- I repeated it because I heard it.

- No, she said it--she said it to you, Phaedra.

- No, something was brought up to me, I repeated it.

- No, you told me she said it to you.

- What! - See, there you go.

- See, that's what I'm talking about! The lies!

- There you go. - The lies! The lies!

- There you go, this bitch, I'm telling you, trifling.

- Oh my God.

- That's what I'm talking about, Porsha.

You keep saying why I think she pull your strings?

Why would she tell you sh-- like that, so that you can

run it back to me like that.

- Yep, and then she let you take the fall.

- You and I never had a f---ing problem.

We never had a problem, Porsha! - She let you take the fall.

- You are such a disloyal friend, I'm telling you.


- Ever! Ever!

- I'm not letting you take the fall.

- And you just gonna believe her when she called you

right before you and I were gonna have an argument!

- Don't cry now, we don't want to hear that sh--.

- Oh, please. Don't cry now.

- I would never do that!

- And now she let you take the damn fall.

- I swear to God Kandi,

I would never, ever say something like that to you--

- Let's be clear.

- If it wasn't told to me in truth--

- There's no tears even coming out your eyes.

- You told me, and you told me she told me that.

We just talked.

Phaedra, tell me what's going on!

- Friends don't do that to friends.

- But you just told me on the phone two nights ago

that she told you. - It's the Pinocchio complex.

- What are you saying!

- What, I'm a liar now?

- No, I'm not saying you are a liar.

- So you told her that Kandi told you that?

- No, I said--can't take this. - Hold on, shh, shh.

Hold on, you told her that Kandi told you that?

- No, don't leave, don't leave--let's clear this up

come on, come on! - I need to--

- Let's clear it up, Porsha, let's clear it up.

- I just need-- - Oh no, we're bullying her now.

- Let's clear it up. - So you told her that, Phaedra.

- Just let her--

- She kept repeating, whoever told her this said that

I told them that I was going to try to drug her.

Now she's saying you told her that I told you that.

- I did not say that, Kandi.

- We was sitting at that table in Hawaii,

and I kept asking you, why would she think that?

Let's be clear, Phaedra, you know,

you know I have fun, but the one thing I would not do,

I would not do no stuff about no drugs or nothing!

This chick tried to turn it around

and say that we tried to drug her?

- We tried to take her and--

- You knew that you told her that!

You told her that!

- Don't cry, Kandi.

- Phaedra, I re-asked you.

And you said that Kandi told you, you said yes she did.

Do you understand how you have me looking in these streets,

and what, and what, and how she look?

- Drag her Porsha, you can drag her now.

- This ain't right, I don't give a damn what nobody ever did.

This is not right. - F---ing liar,

- She's a fraud, dawg. Always. - I would never lie on somebody

and say something like that. I trust you as a friend.

There's nothing that I think that you would tell me

that could hurt me or damage someone else.

- Let me just say this.

Even if somebody told you that, you know I don't do drugs--

- No, hold on, let me tell you--

- So why would you think it was cool to say--

- This was way be--that was three years ago.

Phaedra told me this two days before you and I sat down,

and she did not relate it to back then three years ago.

- No, but you did.

- You said that she said that after,

so why--why--why you--why?

You said she told you-- you said first person,

you said Kandi told me this.

You said that she told you.

- That's all she does is lie. Every time, yeah.

- Oh, yeah, I'm just a liar.

- Well, explain, explain what happened.

- Why did you tell her that Kandi told you?

- I don't remember saying that.

- But you told her that Kandi told you

that she wanted to drug her.

- That sh-- ain't right.

- I--I--.

- This is crazy.

- I mean, we have all said a lot of reckless stuff.

But I felt like at that point, when it was even implied

that Kandi was trying to drug Porsha and rape her,

that's when I thought the sh-- went--

- Way left. - Way too far.

- I want to hear from Phaedra, because Phaedra,

why repeat it or why say it, I mean--

- Right, and why tell it to someone else.

- I repeated it because I heard it.

- You repeated it? You gonna have to stop saying that,

or I'ma--like-- I need to move.

You gonna have to stop saying that Phaedra,

now you know damn well the day you told me that, two days

before I sat with Kandi, you said she told you first-hand.

Then two days ago, we talked on the phone,

and you told me that she said that firsthand.

Now what I'm not gonna do is go back and text messages

and reveal no sh--,

because I don't need no motherf---ing receipts.

But now we gonna tell the truth now, 'cause you got me out here

looking like a Goddamn liar and that I'm not.

I'm not gonna let you defend yourself by saying

that you repeated something

because you told me for a fact that you said it.

- Oh, I--I-- - Now come on with the real now.

- No, I'm not saying I didn't say it.

I'm saying I repeated it. - Phaedra--

- No, what I'm saying to you, I didn't say that.

- I asked you, I said, 'cause the first thing, of course,

it sound so f---ing farfetched,

Kandi and Todd want to drug me, I've been around them.

I called you and I said child thinks she mad at me,

I don't know, she said, well let me give you the tea.

And that's the mother f---ing tea

that I was served from my friend.

- Oh my God.

- So the second thing I said I said was,

"Well, damn, how did she say it?"

I said, "Was she serious?"

You were like, "Girl, let me tell you something,

you never know what people are gonna do."

We can't play with stuff like this.

- But how could you believe it if you know

that we were around each other several times?

- It's not about whether I believe what she said.

Phaedra is an attorney by degree, she say it all the time.

- She lies all the time!

- And the reason I asked it was because it was concerning me.

There is nothing wrong with asking a question.

I did not accuse Kandi, I asked her a question.

And she told me no.

I did not say for a fact, "Kandi, you tried to drug me."

I asked her, I said I was told this.

- Ever tried to come--

- Let me tell you what I heard about you.

- But I know--I'll tell you what I know.

- That you and your husband had planned on drugging me

and taking me back to your house.

- You a damn liar!

- I just told you just last night,

she sent me a cease and desist.

- Phaedra.

- You had all these opportunities

to tell me the truth. - So Phaedra.

- I-- - Like, I don't--

- Phaedra-- - She don't know what to say.

- Speak.

- 'Cause she don't have nothing to say.

- I repeated what someone told me.

- But y'all always repeating what somebody said.

- Everybody repeating some sh--. - But you say it as a fact.

This ain't the first lie, and it won't be the last.

- Phaedra, you knew she was bringing it out

on television, I mean, why?

- I repeat-- - Are you that mad at her?

- No, I'm not that mad at her. I mean I--

- Do you think she was capable of it?

- I was repeating something. - She's vengeful.

- I shouldn't have repeated it.

- But you set her up to say it.

- Right, you used me--she used me to hurt you.

- Why tell Porsha you heard it directly from Kandi?

- I mean, at the time, when we--I was giving her

all the information-- - She's a liar.

- I mean, I screwed up.

- Just say a lie. Just say f--- it, I lied.

- Yeah, she's a f---ing liar. - We would respect that more.

I f---ing lied.

- So basically, you gave her

a whole bunch of stuff to say to me--

- No, I gave--

- And then when you saw us blow up on each other at the Hawaii--

- She smiled. - You didn't say anything.

- She smiled, nothing.

- To take it off the fact that Kandi was talking about you,

like, I just got to know a motive behind this.

- I just can't believe she would do that.

Like, she and I, it has escalated over the years,

but to say--repeat and say I would drug somebody.

It's just like a multiple levels to that.

- Both of them.

- It's like for one, she as a person who knows me,

knows that I don't do drugs

and deal with anything with any drugs.

But then on top of that, as an attorney,

why would you repeat to say somebody would drug somebody?

- You know it's slanderous.

- Do y'all know people was under my comments,

talking about #Kandi, AKA Bill Cosby.

- That's f---ed up.

- Do you think that sh-- ain't f---ing cool?

Y'all know how much I care about my business and my brand.

- Yeah.

- And y'all gonna sit up there and say some sh-- like that?

It's like, to me, it's one thing to say,

oh, she messing with this person, she did that.

It's like, whatever, whatever, we throw shade,

whatever, but drugs?

You would believe and go back and repeat

that I would try to drug somebody?

You should understand that drugging somebody

while they're drinking-- - Is rape.

- And taking them home is rape.

Y'all accused me of being a f---ing rapist!

That is crazy! - That's f---ed up!

- Why would you even repeat that?

You as an attorney, why would you do that?

- Not even as an attorney!

- Oh, I-- - Oh my God!

- I got to get away from y'all. - Wait.

- 'Cause really, I just, oh! I got to get away from y'all.

See that's the type of sh-- I be talking about!

This is what I be talking about!

See, oh! - I know, I know it.


- It was sick, I can't.

- I told you she was a fraud, I been telling you that.

- Stay, stay, stay. - I need a break for a second.

- I think we should take a break.

[Voiceover] Coming up...

- There's no such thing as too far

when it comes down to Phaedra.

- I'm just so sick of the lies.

- You have to understand how f---ed up this is.

for y'all to go that far, it's just like.

- Babe, babe, they're exposed. They're exposed.

- Of all people to believe that sh-- about me.

- Babe, babe, babe, people know, people know.

And you just-- - Stop--

Like, oh, I got to go, I got to go.

- Is my sister still here?

- Cynthia, are you just as lost as I am?

- I'm so confused.

- That is f---ing crazy.

- This of all the years I been in the show,

this is crazy sh-- right here.

- I need my sister, I need my sister.

- I know we haven't talked and I'm probably the last person

you want to talk to at this very moment.

I'm not here to tell you I told you so.

I'm here because I am genuinely concerned.

You cannot continue to let people use you as bait.

- Just be in--

- I'm trying to talk to you right now as a friend, Porsha.

- Just be here, just be here. - I am!

- Just be here, just be here,

just be present, just be present.

- What's wrong? What happened?

- I need to talk to you.

- I'll go ahead. - Can you give us just a second?

- What's wrong, Poopah?

Don't cry.

- I feel stupid.

- I know. Wait, so what happened?

- I can't...

- Do you have tissues, what's wrong?

What's hard, what-- who did what?

- The situation with Kandi-- - Yeah.

- They started talking about it and I got the cease and desist

and I'm like, okay, I definitely don't need to talk about this.

- Of course.

- And so, I was like,

let me just bring Phaedra and let her talk.

- What did she say?

- She was like, "I didn't say it.

I was just repeating what I was told."

And I was like, "No, you told me for a fact that she said this."

So you're going to sit here and let these people think

that I'm stupid enough to go off what a third party said?

Why the f--- would I present a third party?

No, I asked you and you told me for a fact

that she said this to you.

- That sh--'s crazy. - You all right?

- I just can't believe she would do that!

- But I told you.

There's no such thing as too far

when it comes down to Phaedra, she's a liar.

- It isn't.

Look, as long as I been knowing these girls,

I've never seen anything like that happen

where someone just blatantly lies.

- Just lied. - About something so serious.

- I would never think that Phaedra would do that.

- Porsha's like, well--

- I would have never thought she would do that either.

- But this whole time, she must have lied

and used me to hurt Kandi.

- So she lied to you from the beginning.

- So I'm a pawn, I'm a pawn, like it, you--

like, were you my friend ever?

And I done got a cease and desist,

this is some serious criminal sh--.

- Exactly. - I'm just feel--I--

- Porsha seems to think you told her directly

that she got it from you.

- But she told Porsha that she heard it--

- She got it from her-- - From Kandi--

- The source.

- So that's why Porsha believed it.

- So Phaedra now is saying something different,

which is crazy.

- But that's what's so f---ed up

because her story keeps changing.

- 'Cause she's a liar, y'all.

- And at the end of the day,

they all know I do not do drugs, I do not drink.

- Yeah, right. - So why would you repeat that?

- I'm so upset with her.

- I know.

- I really trusted her.

- I'm surprised Porsha threw her under the bus

because they're so cool.

- They usually protect each other.

- I think she finally--

She's finally realizing that

Phaedra don't really have her back.

- No, no.

- Hey. What do you think?

- I'm just honestly hurt because I love Phaedra

and I love Kandi and it just got ugly.

I'm being used to hurt somebody to like that extent.

- Do you feel set up?

- Of course.

I would never lie like that.

I would never say something like that if I did not believe

and trust my friend who told me in confidence

that this was actually said.

And I just feel really bad for Kandi.

- It would be interesting to hear why Phaedra told you that,

and also be able to sincerely apologize

to Kandi if that's how you feel.


All right.

- It's okay.

- Could never have told me that sh--

would have gone down like that, never.

- They're both are just disgusting foul people.

And it's no excuse to repeat a rumor like that.

I'm just so sick of the lies.

They need to be held accountable for what they do.

They're the only two that lie constantly on people.

I'm not taking it no more. Not today.

- Not next Tuesday, not next Wednesday at three,

not even Friday at one.

Not today.

- Yep.

- I need to take a break to cool down

because they had me to another level.

What do you think about what just happened?

- What do you mean?

- What do I mean, what did you think

when she sat there and Phaedra admitted that she said it?

- I'm shocked.

- You're shocked too, right? - Yes, of course.

- I'm like, I just couldn't believe that.

- I don't understand her.

- Why she would even put herself in that position.

- Right.

- All right, I'm going to go get my makeup.

- Touch it up.

- I'm still pissed.

- I know, well, you should be pissed,

but you have been completely vindicated.

And you--

- Yeah, you are, so you got to--

- However, you know, you reacted to all this nonsense,

it was justified because they lied.

- So what are you going to do?

You going to go back on stage and say what?

- I'ma--I'ma ask her some questions, but you know, Lauren,

I can't--I can't--I can't--I can't--

I can't talk--talk to her too much.

- Well, at least I don't have

to keep wondering where it came from.

I'm sorry, I need a break, please.

- Sheree, can you believe this?

- Were you back there with Kandi?

What is she saying? - This is an all-time low.

I'm so disappointed.

- No, but see, it's not just Phaedra, it's both of them.

- Right.

- They constantly lie and they need to be held accountable.

They sit up and lie on people, that's what they do.

So they both need to go down.

Stop trying to play,

they trying to throw each other under the bus.

Sick of this.

- I'm sorry.

I shouldn't have repeated it.

Porsha, I'm sorry.

- Phaedra, did you honestly believe that she would do that?

- I didn't know, but it--

- Enough to repeat it to me as it was truth?

- It--If something would have happened to you,

I would have been a bad friend.

- So you really felt like Todd and Kandi want to drug me.

- I do.

- Enough to lie and say that she told you herself.

- What I'm saying is-- what I'm saying is--

- You have to understand how f---ed up this is.

How f---ed up I been looking staying by your side

and holding you down,

'cause that's the type of friend that I am.

You got to give me some answers, because what I feel

is that you used me as a pawn against Kandi.

And that's why my heart is sunken right now.

They ain't never said nothing to deserve no sh--

like that and you know that.

- I mean, I'm sorry.

Hell, I didn't know if it was true or not.

- But I f---ing asked you was it true!

Don't tell me like it's the truth!

Why else would I sit up on national f---ing television,

I was told that you tried to do that.

I would never do that, you know that!

Or maybe you think I'm f---ed up.

- No, I don't.

- But I'm not that kind of f---ed up.

- I know you not.

Porsha, I know you.

I screwed up, Porsha.

- Just, can you give me a minute?

I can't take the bullsh--.

- If you had told me that this was gonna happen today,

I'd have been like, it's not possible.

- I don't even know if I'ma sit next to her.

Kandi must feel like sh--.

- Oh, Kandi.

- Calm down, you cool?

- I'm kind of numb now.

- Finally get what she deserves, evil bitch.

- You got to go up there and you got to get your answers.

- My whole mood is just f---ed up.

- Oh, oh, oh, oh.

- I'll grab your shoes. - Okay.

- In three, two, one.

- [Voiceover] Coming up...

- So what about the sex dungeon?

The Marvin?

- Phaedra, did you tell me the Marvin thing?

- Back with the Real Housewives of AWe let Shamea go.reak.

And I guess, where we should start is with you, Phaedra.

Porsha's upset with you.

You've got Kandi upset with you.

I'm surprised just as an attorney

that you felt comfortable saying this.

Did you think about it?

- You know, I made a rash decision.

- You had to have a consciousness of

how this was going to play out.

- Clearly not. - Clearly not.

- Because had she not said anything to her

about it today, then she would have never owned it.

- I just want to know at what point

were you going to stop the madness?

That's all I want to know.

Come on. - I'm sorry.

- Come on. - I'm sorry.

- You never were going to save her.

You were just gonna let her go up under that bus.

- I can't imagine that you, as somebody with common sense,

would take something back that damaging.

- And then say that I told it to you directly.

- But she says things like that all the time.

She lies all the time. - Mm-hmm.

- So.

- She can't keep her lies straight.

- Oh, shut up, Kenya, shut up.

- Mm-hmm, you shut up.

- Knowing that you're the person that told her this,

didn't you start to think in Hawaii,

when Kandi was looking to you to back her up,

knowing that she doesn't drink or do drugs, did you think,

"I shouldn't have said this, or I should come clean?"

- Well, at that point, I was like, "What do I say?"

- But you've told her that she told you this.

So-- - I mean--

- And you didn't even tell her then in Hawaii.

- Nope. - That nobody told you that.

- She told me it was first-hand information.

In Hawaii, because you kept saying,

Phaedra, tell her, tell her.

- And she never said anything. - Right.

So I said, Phaedra, why would she be asking you

to vouch for her if she the one who said it to you?

That's my thing.

Why did you tell me that Kandi said it to you personally?

- I--I believe you obviously--

I don't--okay, this is the thing.

For some reason, I don't know if you heard me wrong,

maybe I said--I-- - Here comes the spin.

- Come on, I don't want to pull out text messages,

don't do that. - Okay, no, no, no.

- Don't do that. - What I'm saying is--

- You know what you said. - Yeah.

- You said it three times.

You said it the day before I met with her.

You said it a couple weeks ago,

and you said it two days ago.

If Kandi said that to you, I asked you two days ago!

I said, if Kandi said that to you,

why was she asking you to vouch for her?

And she said, no, she said it.

You continuously, throughout this whole situation,

made sure I understood

that she actually said that out of her mouth.

And that's why I'm sitting her pissed with you,

and that's why I can't really hear your apology right now.

- Phaedra, do you remember telling Porsha

that this was first-hand information?

- If Porsha says that then yes, I have to--

if she's vehemently say-- I--I have to say yes.

- No, it ain't if I said it.

- Well, then I'm saying yes, Porsha.

- Okay, just say-- they just say yes.

- That was saying yes.

- Don't cover--you need to just come as clean as you can.

- I'm sorry, I can apologize.

I'm sorry, Kandi, I shouldn't have repeated it.

I'm sorry, it was bad judgment on my part.

I'm sorry, I shouldn't have repeated it,

it was bad judgment on my part.

I'm sorry. I can't change it.

I'm sorry.

- If you heard this from someone else,

did you believe it, and why did you believe it?

- Yeah, why?

- After knowing her and being close friends

with her for years, why did you believe it?

- I don't know if it sounded believable, or I was like--

- No, Phaedra. - Yes.

- That doesn't sound like Kandi.

I don't believe you think this woman

would be capable of that in your heart,

I just don't believe that.

- So what about the sex dungeon,

the Marvin situation, the seven year relationship,

what about all those lies?

- Did Phaedra tell you the Marvin thing?

- Phaedra, did you tell me the Marvin thing?

- Yes.

- She told me that a girl called her

and told her that you were in New York,

and that you were telling people

that your name was Marvin.

- So everything said to you, she made it seem

like all this stuff was straight information--

- Oh, straight, straight from her.

- No, no, no, now, some of it did not come from me.

- The part about the girlfriend that I was talking about,

I got that from the streets, I heard that, you know,

from blogs and stuff like that.

But as far as that particular situation with Marvin,

Phaedra told me that.

- The funny part about that is Todd wasn't even

in New York last year, ever, without me.

Todd doesn't even feel right

going to New York since his mother died by hisself.

- Just FYI, but go ahead.

- So Phaedra, were you that mad at Kandi?

- I--no, I wasn't.

- Well, you must have been.

- I was not. I repeated it.

I mean, you can't retract something

that's already in the air.

- It seems like you're not telling the truth.

- I am telling the truth.

- It wouldn't stand up in a court of law.

- It would not.

- I mean, can you just own it and say, you know what,

I was, I was furious at her

and that's why I told her this.

I mean, maybe you wanted to see her hurt.

Maybe you were hurt. Maybe you felt maligned by her.

- Of course I have.

I mean, but I was not intentionally just,

I mean, maybe--

- I never made up nothing about you.

- But why would you use your friend though?

- But no, but what I-- I wasn't trying to use you--

- Why would you do to somebody who already been--

of course I sat there and knew what you said already about her.

- I just repeated something. - And Shamea and all that.

And I sat there and just took--

just took it, you know, being loyal.

Why would you use me? Why?

- I wasn't trying to use you, Porsha, I was not.

- Well, what do you call it?

- I shouldn't have repeated it, I shouldn't.

- What do you call it then? - Okay, bad judgment.

- Okay.

- That--that make me feel better.

- I think this is really low,

but I think there's been a lot of different situations

where people just put information out there.

There's always a moment where you can take it back

and say, "Hey, you know what? I went too far.

Matter of fact, I just lied about the whole sh--.

And I am sorry."

- That would have been the thing to do

at the restoration, I mean.

- Who are you telling?

Talk about a restoration service.

I'm like, I mean, I can't believe you was

holding all that in and you wanted to restore us.

If, you know, the whole situation had not happened

between her and I about the text messages,

and you know, me saying,

"Well, you need to prove who told you that,"

still to this day, they would allow people

to keep believing that I was going to try to drug her.

- I'm here to be direct and I'm here to say that

I'm very, very upset for being used as a pawn,

is what I feel.

I feel betrayed and I'm definitely hurt.

- I'm sorry.

- But to Kandi, I want to say that I apologize

for this entire situation. I feel horrible.

From me, I'm apologizing to you.

- Okay.

- Do you accept Porsha's apology?

- I mean, I'm still angry with Porsha,

because for her to even believe the drug part,

to repeat it, is the part that's just like,

did you believe that,

or did you just want to cut me deep?

- Definitely wasn't about me wanting to cut you.

- Phaedra, do you have anything to say to Kandi?

- I feel horrible as well, I hate that this happened.

I'm sorry.

- Todd, do you have anything that you want

to say to Phaedra, or Porsha?

- I just think, and it's tough being the only husband,

'cause I came in with a group of fellas.

Now I stand by myself.

So what, y'all not gonna be cool till you tear

the last dude out of-- out of the situation?

Like, come on, man.

I just say for all the women, speak the truth.

Deal with the truth.

The truth hurts enough, so imagine what lies do.

- That's right, it really does.

- There's one good thing that came out of this.

- Okay, what's that?

- Got an email from Marvin from Chicago.

He said, "Todd, thank you for making the name Marvin

sexy again, out in the streets.

Ever since that episode aired, I've been getting so much play.

Thank you, brother." - That's great.

- So I mean, I guess we can thank Phaedra for that.

- Oh my God.

- Um, but that's a dual thank you.

- All right, Marvin.

- All right, we're going to take a break.

We'll be back in a minute.

[Voiceover] Coming up...

- Every time I turn around,

you're insinuating chocolate's melting in her mouth.

- First of all-- - I wasn't dating anyone.

- I don't want to run you all the way down on this TV show.

Kandi and Phaedra, even withough your friendship.

was declared dead last season,

there were clearly some resentments

left simmering on the back burner.

And this season with the help of a few others stirring the pot,

everything finally came to a full boil.

Watch this.

- Hello. - Hey.

- Phaedra and I are cordial,

we can be at the same places

at the same time and be just fine.


- She need to be sharing that cell with Apollo.

- Mama! - Word on the street is--

- Mama, what'd I told you about

listening to the people in the street?

- Phaedra, I wouldn't piss in your mouth

if your guts was on fire.

- I said everything that I've not said before.

You was dating somebody else before he even went to jail.

- Ooh!

- And she was talking about marrying somebody

as soon as he was gone.

- My tea cup runneth the hell over.

- I was not talking to other guys.

- You was talking to another guy.

- It wasn't like I was talking to him, like, oh.

It was--I was talking to-- but okay.

- She just said I wasn't talking to him.

She didn't say I wasn't talking to anyone.

Did I just catch that tea?

- Ooh!

- I've known that Apollo has a girlfriend for a long time.

- Sherien, Apollo's girlfriend.

Soon to be Miss Nida.

- I didn't know this girl was coming up in here.

- If they seek to try to hurt me.

- Who is they? - Todd and Kandi.

- I want to talk to you about the lawsuit.

- I hired Johnnie three years ago.

Let this be your last paycheck you got to get from me.

- What's the average hours a week you were working?

- 80 plus.

- They running a plantation over there.

I will help him find justice.

- Phaedra's given me a little background on your case.

- I sort of did a sketchy calculation

and he was making $2.30 an hour.

Do you think he has a case?

- He may have something.

- Were you the one who gave him the advice about suing me?

- As an attorney, I can't speak on it.

Because that's just unethical.

- You be faking.

- Okay, well, let's start with the Johnnie conversation.

What was your reaction when you saw the time

that Phaedra had spent with him?

- I was like, really?

I just felt like she definitely was purposefully trying

to get me back in a way that it was going to hit my pocket.

So I felt like she was just trying to be vindictive.

- Was that your motive? - It wasn't.

He came to me, we weren't friends.

I referred him to an attorney and I accompanied him

to the attorney's office.

- It's not like it was just something

that happened on the show.

Like, this is an ongoing lawsuit.

Yeah, you know what they sued me for?

Unpaid overtime.

- How much could it be, $5,000? Literally.

- No, no, $168,000. - Wow.

- A ridiculous amount that you know

good and well I didn't owe him.

It's not like I never paid, I paid him everything

that he was agreed to be paid. So come on.

- Did Johnnie work all those extra hours

on your wedding without compensation?

- No, and how did you come up with this $2.30?

That's what I want to know.

- He gave me all these hours and I divided it.

I mean, simple mathematics.

- He clearly would have had to have been hired

24/7 to get that dollar.

- Phaedra, do you think Kandi treats her employees this way?

- I don't know how she treats her employees,

'cause I'm not there.

- Johnnie took off whatever days he wanted

for his event planning company.

- I mean--

- And, I gave everybody, even if they were

independent contractors, bonuses every year.

- Let me ask you this.

- He refuted all of that, what she's saying.

So I don't know.

I mean, the documents said something different.

- Because he made them up.

Anybody can sue anybody in Atlanta,

even if they don't have a case.

But what happens is, he's not paying that attorney.

They're trying to sue me for the--

to pay the attorney's fees.

So they can run that all day long.

You understand what I'm saying?

- But, you have to get those approved by the court.

Just 'cause they run up a bill

doesn't mean it's gonna get paid.

- It's running up right now.

- Okay.

- He says that he came up with the concept

for the OLG restaurant, and you guys took it from him.

- That is some BS, too.

How you gonna come up with the concept

for my aunts as a restaurant?

I was just outdone when I saw that.

- Phaedra, why did you avoid telling Kandi

that you had helped Johnnie, saying only that

you had heard that he was suing--

- Because he--because came in as a client.

There's some confidentiality.

- But you knew she was going to see it on TV.

- She is crazy.

- You knew that she was going to see it on TV.

- But what I'm saying is-- - She wanted to get you back.

- He came in and spoke to me as an attorney.

- Do you wish you hadn't gone to those meetings,

or, is it just par for the course?

I guess, were you trying to hurt her?

- No.

- I feel like she wanted to tear me down as a business person--

- Oh my gosh, I'm--

- Because they know that's something

that's--that I really care about.

- I have no stakes in that.

- But Phaedra, you took him to the meeting

and went back to the meeting with him.

- Yes, because he asked me to.

- So I guess you want to come at me with all this bullsh--.

I would have never did that.

I wouldn't have brought that lady who wrote that book

about her on here to have a sit-down

full blown conversation.

I wouldn't have did that!

She tried to give me that book,

I told her, girl, no, take that book away from me.

- She called me, too.

- But that would be just like me bringing Angela Stanton

on this show, to sit down with her to talk about a book,

and talk about how I can help her promote it.

- So if the roles were reversed,

would you be irritated if she did that?

- I wouldn't be if that's what she done.

- Oh, you so-- - Oh, God.

- You're so full of sh-- right now.

So if I would have had Angela Stanton standing in my office--

- First of all, I sued her. I sued her and won the case.

- Yeah, you sued her, but, what--what did you win because

the book's still out there, honey.

- Well, it shouldn't be out there.

- You can buy that book right now and--

- Well, it shouldn't be out there.

- And it's sitting up there talking all about

you being a fraud. - So.

- We call Barnes and Noble, 'cause it's out there.

- Okay, well then I will call Barnes and Noble.

- It is out there. - So let me ask you this.

If she engaged her on camera, this person who wrote

the book about you, you would be irritated about it.

- I'm irritated about a lot of stuff she's done on camera.

- Like?

- Like, continuously talking, your mama doing all that stuff.

- No, no, no, no, talk about what I did on camera.

- Every time I turn around you insinuating,

oh, she, chocolate's melting in her mouth.

- First of all, first of all--

- At that point, I wasn't dating anyone.

- Oh my God, okay, look.

I don't want to run you all the way down on this TV show.

- [Voiceover] Coming up...

- You were talking to somebody else.

- Was there a Mr. Chocolate that you were talking to?

- Oh my God. - I wasOkay, look.anyone.

I don't want to run you all the way down on this TV show,

I really don't want to.

- All right, I'm going to bring this back a little back.

Ellen from Brooklyn, New York said,

"Kandi, you claim you never said Phaedra cheated.

But isn't accusing you of melting Mr. Chocolate

in her mouth basically accusing her of cheating?"

- The reason why I said I never used the words cheating

is because people have different terms

of what they consider cheating to be.

I said she was talking to somebody.

The reason why the conversation went there between she and I,

was because I felt like she was telling people like,

I wasn't there for her and that stuff.

And I'm like, but girl, the reason I wasn't calling you

because you was already talking to people,

so I'm thinking you cool.

If you have interest in somebody else and you're moving on,

you say yeah, this is the one, me and this dude,

we gonna be married by the top of the year,

you're not feeling like she's woe is me

and falling apart over there.

- What was your reaction to that?

- Well, my thing was is Kandi knew

I wasn't having sex with no other man.

- I never said you had sex.

- But the implication is

I'm doing something inappropriate.

Why would you mention it if I'm not having sex

and I'm not having an affair?

- I was saying to you, I did not like the fact

that you was trying to like make it seem like

I wasn't doing this, and I was so bad,

when there was never a reason for me

to just be calling every day like that,

because you were talking to somebody else.

You were happy that you were able to move on

with your life at that time.

- Porsha, did you know Phaedra was talking

to another man before Apollo went away?

- No, I wasn't aware of that.

- Was there a Mr. Chocolate? - No.

- That you were talking to?

- There was a man I was speaking to that was encouraging me.

I was going through a very rough time.

We would talk on the phone, send a text.

Never seen him, never held his hand.

- Is this the guy that Apollo said was Mr. Chocolate?

- No. - No.

- Mm-mm.

- Is that person--does that person exist?

- The chocolate he is talking about

is my girlfriend which is White Chocolate.

- Oh please. - Oh my God.

This some bullsh--. - Delante--

- How do you know, Kandi?

- What do you mean, how I know?

- The stuff Apollo was talking about was not from that person.

- He was talking about the text messages.

That was why he was so upset.

- The text messages with this person that you were talking to?

- Let's just not, I don't even want to go there with you.

- Well, Delante from Hampton, Virginia said,

"Kandi, you once told Nene that she was a bad friend,

because after she and Cynthia fell out,

she exposed all of Cynthia's business on that day."

- And I agree.

- "Now that you and Phaedra's friendship is no longer,

you did the same thing you accused Nene of."

- Every person that she got mad with,

that we have known her to be cool with,

she want to tear them down on mad day.

- I get it, I get it.

Hopefully mad day doesn't come.

- Do you consider that hypocritical?

- Do I regret saying that on television?

Yes I do.

Was I doing mad day?

'Cause even my own daughter said to me,

"Ma, you said you don't believe in mad day."

It was mad day and it was dead wrong.

But I was hoping that at some point

it was going to turn around,

and we would get back on the same track.

But we never did, it was like every time we would get cool,

then it would go left, and then--

- So, right--

- You know, more and more things kept happening

and it just got worse and worse.

- Phaedra, how long have you known about Apollo's girlfriend,

and how did you find out about it?

- Um, somebody had called for him from the prison

and basically mentioned that he had a girl

that was visiting.

- Kandi, what was going through your mind

at the OLG preview when Apollo's fiancée walked in?

- I was like, Lord, another situation where

I'm just about to get blamed for.

- When you saw the tape and saw her reaction,

what was your feeling?

- Well, from the tape, it definitely appeared

that she did not know.

Everybody thinks that you know everything your husband does.

I know that's not true.

I mean, I know Todd and Apollo are good friends.

So I mean, I can believe that, you know,

that he could have pulled that off.

- Um, I thought last season, Mama Joyce was trying

to get you guys to be friends.

- She was.

- I want you two to get back on track

'cause Kandi have always really have been there for you

and she really have always thought a lot of you.

- I mean, Mama Joyce saying she wouldn't

piss on Phaedra if she was on fire.

- Yeah, that was horrible.

You know, my mom is down for me,

just like anybody else's mom is gonna be down for them.

- Right.

- So at this point she ain't messing with her

because I ain't messing with her.

- How did you feel when Phaedra said that

maybe she loved you more than she loved her husband?

- Maybe I loved you more than I loved my husband.

- Really? - Have you ever considered that?

- Did you mean it? - I did.

I mean were you-- - I mean--

- You did not mean that. - Yes I did,

I mean, I did. I did. - Did you?

- We had a very close friendship.

And I did--I liked her company, we were super cool.

- I normally would have wrapped this out asking

if you two thinks there's any hope for your friendship.

- Oh!

- But doesn't seem like there is.

Okay, we're going to be right back from Atlanta.

[Voiceover] Coming up...

- Phaedra, you got caught in a megawatt lie.

I don't know that you've completely copped to it.

of the Real Housewives momenof Atlanta.n nine

This night hasn't gone, I think,

the way that any of us thought it would.

Phaedra, I kind of feel like you're on

a little bit of an island right now.

You got caught in a megawatt lie.

I don't know that you've completely copped to it.

I'm trying to figure out what's going on in your mind,

because you're a very, uh--

- Calculated?

- Well, I wasn't going to say that,

I was going to say,

you don't let people see you sweat.

- Never.

- And so I don't know what's going on inside you.

What are you feeling?

- I mean, obviously, I didn't think

this was gonna happen like this.

- Which means she would have just let it keep going.

- No, I wouldn't have.

I mean, the thing is-- - You were up until tonight.

- Yeah. I mean, what more can I do?

I apologized already.

And the person I'm most concerned about is Porsha.

You know.

- But I'm the one who gets the drug allegations against me.

- I mean, well, can I continue, Kandi?

- Okay.

- And I'm sorry that it hurt Kandi as well.

But, you know, all I can do is apologize.

I can't obviously change what happened.

- I'm just glad the truth came out.

You know, I didn't know it was gonna come out like this,

but glad it's over.

- Is there anything else you all need to hear from her?

- No. - No.


- I definitely didn't hear what I feel like

I needed to hear from her.

I feel completely taken advantage of.

You used that love and me caring and me connecting with you

and until I can see that this was not a complete set-up,

that means that whole thing was a lie

and I was the pawn used to hurt Kandi.

And that's what I'm hurt about.

I don't know if I will be able to move past this.

Sitting here today, hearing Sheree, hearing Cynthia,

hearing everybody's story,

we have connection here.

And the connection is pain

and we just reflect that on other people.

And I don't want to do that anymore, and that's what

I was saying at the--what was it called, the revival?

- Restoration. - Restoration.

- That's what I was doing at the revival, is saying,

I want to acknowledge my part in any situation in the past.

Kenya, I apologized for our situation,

Cynthia, again, I apo--

I don't want to take part in that anymore.

- Kandi, I have to think that after a season

where you felt unhappy with what was being put out there,

that you leave today feeling vindicated.

- Oh, definitely.

I'm glad that that's clear, but overall,

I'm just kind of disappointed.

- Sheree, it was an emotional yet triumphant season for you.

How do you feel?

- I feel empowered.

You know, Hawaii was therapeutic for me.

I feel like I really needed to deal with that

and I still need to deal with that.

- Kenya, you had your most drama-free reunion yet.

It's unusual.

- Well, I guess that um, thank you?

- Yeah, no, I think it's good. - Yeah.

- Well, 50 Cynt.

I mean, if this is what 50 looks like,

I think that none of us-- - I know, right.

- Can wait to turn 50.

We have a little something to send you out.

We have got a-- - Yay!

- Beautiful cake for you.

- Oh, my glasses.

- They got your frames on here.

- We got some Cynthia Bailey eyewear here.

- Let's all kind of come around, and Cynthia,

blow out the candles and we can all give you a lot of love--

- Thank you.

- For 50 more great years.

- Yes. - Okay?

- Thank you guys.

- All right. - Yay!

- Woo! - Happy birthday!

- It relighted. - Oh, whoopsie--

- Wait, are these trick candles?

- No, it's trick candles. - Oh!

- Oh, they're trick candles. Too many tricks this season!

- Busted. - Thanks, ladies.

- Thank you. - Thank you.

Happy birthday.


- Listen--I'm gonna eat some of this cake.

- [Voiceover] For more on the Real Housewives,

go to

The Description of Reunion, Pt. 4