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Ok friends this is the 46th edition of the review of the week we hurry generic

I want to come on an event that marked me a lot this week is the acquittal of a man

who was on trial for

had sex with

a 11 year old and

this acknowledgment is absolutely amazing

Obviously fortunately the prosecutor in this appeal call you know the prosecutor it depends instructions

it receives from the Ministry of Justice I personally have never been to that prosecutors are

self that is to say alone draws what they will continue or not

good they must act within the framework of general education which is today

and no particular instructions but the prosecutor for me it is the company's lawyer

and therefore the company

is expressed only through political power then we are happy or you are not satisfied therefore also say in his ballot


gives justice

bring it to the disposal of the citizens in this way I make this digression at every opportunity

we must remember the principles that are at stake in a republic if it's what we are talking and the first emotion any matter

good in this case the prosecutor


Fortunately the decision but it is the discussion that took after that seemed incredible

is that we began to discuss

the age at which

A person can consent to sex with an adult then

It's curious why such discussions because there is a sexual majority in our country it exists it is fixed at the age of 15 years


what does it mean to think that before that there may be an age when a

child expresses consent to a sexual relationship can discuss the age of 15 years but what does that mean

imagine that there is an age

of consent is the age when we can still

consent to sexual relationship with a major

site this absurd and it brings us

not just good disgust we feel for this type of situation but on reflection we are assured that it is that a child

And at what point it is no longer a child but an adult while there is no one knows there are steps the human being

is a is a process built

it is built through experiences in infancy an accumulation of knowledge that is simultaneously a process

individuation that is to say, capacity to decide by itself

what we want what we do not want is the process of building mental probed the human being is a process of emancipation

over all that fall simply instinct

or the drive then it starts from tiny tiny tiny when will build

gradually individual existence to an age where we start saying no is about three years to improve not say at any

because it is a way of them to prove himself to check that we have either

like other experiences that will do the construction of the human being so there are steps so if it seems obvious you

for babies and small children must understand that we do not become adult

like that on a snap it is a process and is able

to evaluate the steps that everyone knows that child all know that in adolescence

everyone knows it's not the same

construction condition a human being before and after puberty everyone knows this but puberty is a skill

generating not something one is a skill one can also say for example

a boy of 8 years or 9 years has the ability to use

a gun that not mean we told him bin c'mon do as you feel good

for all there are rules and it is learning the rules that makes us free

are not apply where they are applied in such a way or another as our freedom is the price rules

otherwise there can be no social or individual building

then there I was amazed that evoked widest possible consent to 13 years

I do not understand if there is a majority

Sexual 15 years why there should be an age of consent at 13 years to 13 years

then after someone means what progress the weight of the ashes 11 years

when this child is raped eleven is cm2

agree an adult who has sex with her student cm2 a group here talking to you

eleven years but it was nevertheless acquitted

this man so it's up to the draw that's because he found in the circumstances in the law and in its own evaluation

it was possible

we are unwilling


that's the first thing I wanted to say is why

a group of France submitted to the National Assembly questioned

the government asking a question because it surprised me I do not hide it because

I had respect for his person

Mrs. b Loubet said it was not a debate for us by this debate

every country in the world that progress Awareness

Delays regrowth of equal age of consent if married

the kids at 8 or 9 years or 10 years ago the country where that's how it's impossible to Padova

we not see things like that it's been a long progress

to get to understand that a child was not a little adult

until the eighteenth century in bins exposed when

Jean-Jacques Rousseau

lot 1000 are free good that is much discussed at the time because

education background is a dressage

there is no idea that the young people themselves are building through the education process

therefore must not believe that it was given like that to realize immediately

I added when they sent children to work in mines is like eh

it is because we had a vision or a child that is not the definition

we have today the struggles it took to be arrested

to send children in mines age 5 as sings Brel 1

agreed it was necessary to fight it took the labor code it took the terrible Courrières accident early this century

and creating from there the Labor Code so

friends did not believe that there is things that are obvious in society everything is discussed

we we discuss the rules

discuss the rights of wealth is discussed but other funds pai those otherwise good to us


the group of rebellious France to question the government

and it is clémentine autain he did to the national assembly we are upset but today is the right that must be

upset you must create a presumption of non-consent threshold and bring it to the age of consent

15 years there is an age below which the discernment and consent shall not be invoked and

you know we were pleased to see that all good applauded the end of his speech, which show that there is a

very broad consensus in this assembly

on this subject that's good news it wanted to hear them agree and propose a law

protecting children and young people under 15 years against sexual violence thank you

Thank you madam

other we must build consensus

positive of course we will agree the controversy we will not be afraid of controversy that we know what it is sobering

it's everybody agrees to a poor people as we know but we must at every opportunity trying to build or express

positive consensus is important for us to show that on the benches of the assembly

everyone agree that this said clémentine autain namely that we will not distinguish why sexual consent


the age of consent

Here then I finish on the subject by saying you noticed when we proposed

that civic majority is 16 years ie a young person who is 16 years old may already have

parental authority can already since 16 years and the end of compulsory education

go to work and vote for the professional elections

then that we were told no no it's too early is not possible they did not head to the place and it's the same

for some of them will go ah said yes, but the age of consent having sex with an adult 13 years his 1 So

Let that even at this moment

I emphasize the aberration

replicas that we are made of the time people do not care too much for consistency

but we are so rightly cares and that's why

we can not agree with the idea of ​​a

tooth h of consent is different from that of consent here

I wanted to tell you all this because it's going to be a battle for us is that this issue will come back and we

do not let go we will not give decision taken on the subject

one has the right to be a child and has the right to be protected and have the right to be

sometimes educated protected even against his own instincts because he is not saying

a young person who has passed the age of puberty knows no impulses

sex is a part of its own conclusion

is the mastery of it that is the issue of education and it is our


to set rules is terrible because you have to set rules is not another that every time that we fixed

but we have to fix because our world is necessarily a world in which we evolve

between rules we will continue to remember that absolute freedom is the freedom of the fittest

is when there is a rule

that the freedom of everyone

can evolve within the rule if I can stop for not remind you not sure is an opportunity where we miss

the time to make political philosophy

the great news is that

in the last week we had a rather negative alert

The UN's committee addressing climate issues

And he said

the battle is lost

There are almost lost because otherwise we could have after the people got lost there continue as before


it incorporated the idea that we had gone to a change in temperature at 3 degrees of it I told you last week

and this week the news is worth fifteen thousand scientists

which is published by the newspaper the world and that thanks to this initiative

Which they launch their call saying it's almost cooked good

you know that's what I said here Thursday from the presidential campaign this time


we have no time

to believe that the process will be I was already 10 to 100 times linear ie

gradually warmer increments is not and when it reaches certain levels there will be lightning effects

of Climate Change

it is the physical property of a particular climate system type climate that but the more parameters

to parameters within a reality that surrounds the planet well

Then there were those experts who say good to continue like this and it's over you're going to the disaster will happen

and extreme weather events then we can always think that even with extreme weather events

Humanity can continue that but humanity can believe whatever you want but extreme weather events that would destroy the bases

of human civilization to the point where they are now ie for example

involving like it will take a very simple example

electricity supply

supposes you imagine a country that has no electricity or

whole areas where there is no electricity for weeks for months and at the end

there is never as it happened

in some places after extreme weather events had to wait a month for three months to establish that

electricity is still not over because there are still people who are in the dark in some

around the world because there is no electricity although we saw it has consequences for all of the organization

food supply

the regular operation of the most basic daily life

if you look a little around me wonder what would work

is no electricity can be the same for you so it's a good

This is a view of the mind to say good bah even in a world with

extreme weather events human civilization

continue to continue perhaps my start regressing it has seen in its history

finals will not regret a little reluctantly will be very deeply very very very deeply there are examples

such partial regression in history that happened before the end of the Roman worsened

good it was an empire that was there saw a signaling and collapsed

caught behind in any case the entire Mediterranean basin

Milan obscurantism and blocking well religions helped to complete the lockdown like this

so take all this very seriously not panic is useless

but take very seriously and see if there are solutions

where it has not stopped saying

we proposed solutions ecological planning rule to this are political principles you can decide

but why must vote on the safe side

that's if every time

the system produces a macro kind of fungus or other good is the general hallucination

Obviously we will have great difficulty in stopping the catastrophe ahead and once again I repeat

Yet the French have intellectual means

physical mechanics of our solution I looked out of curiosity

thirteen solution proposed experiments speech issue is the program's future in common

you see that we were not we were not delirious com com they said yes to that time the main subject

it was not all that threw us in the legs was the one to

that of the ecological transition that of ecological planning of the transition to regular

I look look

I could take hazard preserve the services provided by nature through ecosystems

by stopping the conversion of grasslands and other habitats original forests an idea that very interesting is that

Nature provides services to humanity to make the free I'll give you an example a bee

what free services it makes beille they pollinate plants

through pollination you fruit you have seeds and therefore all human activities that go with free service

tomorrow if more bees will pollinate it would go for a paid service

So why I tell you this to show you that destruction

of nature

is a source

accumulation and profits for capitalism so do not count on capitalism to stop the destruction

nature or assume

environmental costs of production because the basis of its operation is that not take into account

ok another example

Reduce food waste through education and improved infrastructure

we will agree on the idea of ​​reducing food waste then obviously there to take the British coast

we learn that when you start your plate is empty 1 small and large also

or when you start something first we make sure as we really need

good club and

improve sentence his nerve to carry and stop wasting food value in road transport

there is also the mode there is the mode of production

if the agriculture industry

decides that it offers

such as apples caliber not shine what they put their wax over

and you after you make a habit of believing they axel there are good apples and watch you through this is a funny

head are a little different like for tomatoes

standardization is short production wastage because all that does not conform to the standard is thrown

if it necessarily the apple not hair cell fate in good shape well then

Roman life they would not even need you to sort

So you see that it is also related to consumption patterns and cultural habits

we took because it's culture

eating this rather than that, and it is also a cultural fact than accept eating such crap

right after I take other examples

develop and promote new green technologies and massively turn to green energy sources while reducing gradually

the power generation using fossil fuels aids good sentence is a bit long we go to a site agrees 1

they offer no radical options

like the one we were asked was ten out of carbon energy

for the euro of the goal where you tell me more and people are not even account

there is the nuclear is a problem it is expected the beginning of the sentence is far more complicated to get out

carbonaceous fuels that phase out nuclear power

nuclear is easy


built the

equivalent production capacity and after if you remove bars

the plant is stopped and to disassemble at the end of year, but it is to say not very complicated to do that

there are 59 reactors that is the make it can be set

can time out against by carbonaceous fuels

and for all for chemistry to

for transportation is a considerable task extremely challenging need to make our machine is called good

So you see there is no difference between the contempt agent but three examples you can find by reading

there's that offer these fifteen miles

scientists for climate protection

this is what I say with my friends in the program's future in common that you see it's worth it

is the is the idea of ​​the future

this is the way to approach the future

and we can all agree on that there is no need to be left or right to agree

on this point then obviously we will all agree except those who profit from the current system then they will not listen

they want nothing that's why it will take

eyes required by law that's still returns to the role of the law as the rule protecting the good of all

Here is the law that will protect us and free us

guarantee our freedom to be alive and that our children can have their world

that is as beautiful or even more beautiful if possible

that we are, in my opinion, well sand per share to

to make it as beautiful and then he does not recommend beauty can also change over time

this is good there I chose subjects that I explained at some length now I want to tell you just like that reactions

good to think you know we passed the Finance Bill gift was made 10 billion

the most fortunate people were deleted so they have removed the tax on wealth

they introduced a tax that allows those two

investment income of life really more comfortable to total 10 billion agreement and reasoning is like they have 10 billion

once with their ten billion they will issue you remember that the economy in the right place because FESCI know

they said our hello time or you are so stupid that you would not do it with our deputies else my brief

they know what to do


all that we know one who offered me this policy is known since he was elected

we know in any case it clearly announced

of July while we were aware agree that's what I read in the financial press

French employers I speak of those big bosses of cac40 not the guy who's side as his small business

Well what is it they decided that they know there is plenty of money coming

he decided that they will not invest this year so they have decreased their investment forecast

2017 and it is silent in 2018 yes and therefore beyond all economic discussions

we may have here is evidence of pooling as Lenin said it is in the eating

is proof that these people are parasites

you have before then obviously they will say as usual but nothing we are not parasites

is that the sluggish market but if not working assets of the fault is Paducah and his small business in the corner

who like nothing more than to go

paint houses the baker like nothing more than to sell bread and cakes

legato is a luxury some and so it's still the most important that puts the machine on

how to put the machine on explained without faith it is necessary that there is a

driving forehand a place where one starts draws the whole economy is low and the conversion of the production system

ecological transition ecological planning as you do the sea

as you made the investment agreement a place well it drives everything else that is in motion

like for example the first beneficiaries of the economic recovery is lé hairdresser you know it yeah

because the first thing when you delete

you have trouble finishing the month past the hairdresser

you can even horses turning off by a girlfriend or a good friend

I show you how the great causes and great economic choice

may have consequences that seem retail as details of another

Regarding the taste of your life

so good that it was an example of news that gives us another example because again there was a nuclear incident

you remember in people are warned in every key

that thing was dangerous that the plants were aging he had to take the decision on time and what I heard

by Mr. water I guarantee it disappoints me that much good it would not happen to keep on schedule

the percentage


the energy that is produced by nuclear power

listen up because this is twisted

that was a blow to olemps in'd diab we will limit which I have not as a year to 50%

of the total energy used is produced by the good bah nuclear listen we are not nerds anyway we can understand

if you increase power consumption because there is always more need to produce for

transport and especially if for example you want to go electric kind of motor

which remains combustion engines what happens to friends

energy consumption increases the Repub increase and therefore you change anything to the production apparatus

you leave it as it is because it thus increases to 50%

the amount that remains nuclear needs that remain as before is what is what is doing

nicolas hulot I think it is wrong it is wrong it is wrong we can say friendly things go wrong turn

well that was a second shock of the third game there mention in case you missed it

you saw that there was a raid on the headquarters of Lafarge therefore 1

financial of the shows being the legal process is moving forward

you remember that we were denied in the National Assembly

amendments where we said we wanted to confiscate requisitioned lafarge because he collaborated with the enemy

who murdered our people including 13 November to nine yards which was

the birthday a few days ago and where it has made us the other group

Parliamentary France the most rebellious leaders and leaders of the movement

for to bloom

the entry of nine yards because we were not forgotten and we will not do another thing

here those who follow the review of the week you heard me say it happens when even had fancy stuff

a country removed the first mini in our country and no one says anything good repeatedly since my bench are

I stop doing that because it is not well

I questioned the minister's past us Mr. Hariri where's my sweat and when and what is the Prime Minister of Lebanon

then the other drian back to the other side to be sure he does not drink he not answer me but it's

being wrong people know that was right in this case it's still well we

saying it is an incredible thing that a prime minister beats another country advertise from the other countries who resigns and they disappear

Here and there over the president macron happening in Saudi Arabia

he did not meet

Mr. harry lapp could talk to him

what does it mean all this why the Prime Minister of Lebanon

and he kidnaps and Saudi Arabia is a big issue it means that he is preparing for war

that's all that's what it means

and as Saudi Arabia lost the tussle

in Syria and in Iraq since the purchase was destroyed

well now they must if they are rebuilding a balance of power

you get to keep what's complicated

When the war began in Syria and Iraq have been few to say that all had nothing to do with religion

it was a matter of regional powers

who fought the passage of pipelines and more gas

agreed to call on his part recalled that we did what we said us

and remember the ridiculous weeks when following the situation change camp commentators

the wicked and the nice change anything but we understood all along understood what was happening

all along said was a battle between the regional powers and must advocate for peace and we must not let

dax wins and now so if you not want dax wins in these conditions

what was the Russian was useful and they are partners and we need a general coalition against the ch

I am sorry to remind you all that but I want to remember all those who listen to me

for you see the coherence of a political construction of a political thought

because it is one that can help save our chances when there is the threat of war and violence

because if we are not able to think if we are wrong about the nature of the events that are unfolding

then do anything or

everyone or it gets into the hands of the most powerful that plays with you and there frankly

there really matter to wonder

we do not care there between qatar saudi arabia and so on

we have the French the French Republic fingers in all the cases that it can not go

can not get it going wrong

we can not be in such ambiguity must have clear principles in the region

and modes of action that are clear in any case I will not deny that I

the greatest fear for what will happen now in Lebanon because

it is at that point that some want to conflict and power relations is not new

but it is like that so I fear for our Lebanese friends I think it deserves better than what has just

French executive over there

I think it's not a good idea when President of the French Republic to call the King of Saudi Arabia where the ruling prince

my brother as did the president how low this is not a good idea when there like that will behave

Last thing

for the great fighters of secularism that I see arise from all sides

and make us the lesson to me that they have dealt for years laïcards 1 almost forget it all

I would just point out that

the president of the Republic

agreed to be canon of latran

Perhaps among them there are those who say why I mention this because it is the president of the republic

the French Republic is all of us

So then there is someone in this country the president of the republic is normal to be honorary canon canon secure is it a

Pope priest of Laz coast parish of Pope good bah not found it very

it's not a good idea at all with the respect you get for the Pope

is for Christians the president of the French republic has nothing to do in a similar function

and not come one after the other and we give lessons in secularism always showing the same finger right there

it's getting a bit long for this review of the week but I would still like to ask you if you're interested

This week there was still their thing in their defense europe Masquerade but they are moving forward

in their logic of war against Russian

so I refer you to the speech I made in the National Assembly will find in the description of the link to go there if it's you

interested and then also to the European Parliament never did that and then I also made a speech

a bit of a bang and then I have too much to say as a speech or know this not to know

we going to say that is to decide what is going to say that it all fits in the

plunged nose made a speech on debt

and the financialisation of the economy I would like if you have a few minutes are going to see in the description

and then listen to the speech because it takes part of our collective culture

only to see the wholesale essential matters of political things a bit in the same way each and

other and know our

our bearings in the proper sphere is the end of this week

merci à ceux qui ont envoyé des idées sur la façon de la faire évoluer alors c'est marrant parce que

il ya un côté qu'un peu rassurant c'est toute une série de gens qui ne dit surtout toucher à rien bon parfait donc

ça veut dire qu'on trompe pas trop avec

antoine a bien pensé son affaire avec cette revue de la semaine et puis

il ya d'autres propositions

honnêtement il y en a certains je peux pas quoi ça revient à faire une émission de télé en liberté dans la rue faire si

pierre labonté je peux pas

simplement je peux pas y a une idée on me dit me fait parler d'autres

d'autres députés du gros bon alors je vais réfléchir à ça pas pour le mettre dans la revue de la semaine mais parce que voilà

j'ai idée d'installer sur mon blog peut être que vous êtes déjà allé voir mon blog aller le voir

jcris toutes les semaines un long post

et donc il ya là dedans sans arrêt de lcrit parce que j'ai écrit beaucoup vous le savez et on va mettre là

on va créer une émission télé 1 une émission c'est à dire

quelque chose qui durera deux heures

mon maximum et puis qui tournera en boucle vous pourrez ou entrer dans un chapitre

de cette émission où tous regardés pendant deux heures mais on est en train de préparer ça

pour que ce soit pas trop douloureux pour nous parce que c'est beaucoup de travail 1

et puis pour affiner trouver des idées un peu nouvelle donc en effet

j'intègre l'idée qu'il faudra donner la parole aux autres députés je voulais vous dire que les autres députés de la france insoumis souvent

ils ont eux mêmes créé une chaîne vidéo et vous pouvez vous brancher sur eux en allant sur la plateforme

la france insoumise bonjour parlerait de tout ça merci de continuer à envoyer

des idées et si cette chaîne vous plaît vous la découvrirez la les petits pouces bleus qui nous font remonter

et puis aba abonnez-vous parce que c'est gratuit et puis nous bat ça donne du courage notamment

à ceux qui font la production matérielle de cette revue de la semaine voilà merci à tous à bientôt