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(Distant voices) Ah what do you have?

Ah my customer... How much are your carrots?

My wife and I have been here about three months now. Neither of us - I can't fully speak for

my wife, but neither of us really in our growing up ever envisioned ourselves being missionaries.

Personally I like ambassador for Christ.

I started to think I wanted to be a mission doctor after I spent six months in Tanzania,

doing mission work there, and decided it was enjoyable - I could do it

We are in Buea Cameroon. Buea is located about 90 kilometers from Douala, the economic center

of Cameroon on the foot of Mount Cameroon.

Buea is home to more than 225 thousand people, but only two small hospitals.

We are currently a day clinic, and we've been a day clinic since 1971. About 12 years ago,

discussion was made to create a maternal child hospital - and it's the right thing for Buea,

because we have two other hospitals in town, and additional health centers - to find a

way to find a niche - to specialize - maternal child is the right way.

In 2005 your Thirteenth Sabbath offerings provided the funding for the expansion of

the small clinic in Buea. We visited Bill and Trixy three months after they had arrived

at the newly constructed hospital building. Because of the heavy rainfall Cameroon receives

in the wet season, the missionaries had some final weather proofing to do before they could

open the hospital.

Our Windows are a little over a meter tall. But the awning will come out one meter, and

as it comes out it will curve down. And as it comes out and curves down, even when the

wind blows, even at a 45 degree angle - and we get some pretty strong winds during the

rain. That should at least cause the wind to blow below even this windowsill.

Today, the Hospital is up and running, and Bill and Trixy have started sending in photos

of the work. Christ came, and as we all know spent a great

deal of his time mingling with people - and in the mingling he won their confidence. And

it was in that sort of mingling he was able to do so many, many good things for people.

Not only did he heal, of course he did preach. And the message that he preached was empowered

by the fact that he was such a kindly caring physician.

My mission, as a missionary coming here to Buea, would be to show the people of Buea

the love of God, through a physician. With the help of their small staff, they are

ministering to the people of Buea, Cameroon, thanks to your support of the

Thirteenth Sabbath offering.

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