Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Teacher Toolkit: Fill in the Blank (Elementary)

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SUBJECT: I use the fill-in-the-blanks reward

system as a way to reward my whole class for good behavior.

I choose a word, which for me is kind of a theme of my class.

I use the word, beehive, with an exclamation point on the end.

And whenever my students as a class

are super cooperative or super quiet

or really on the ball with focusing,

I give them a class compliment.

You all, when you follow the rules

and you behave-- get it, behave beautifully--

then I will give you a class compliment.

And we will kind of fill in the blanks of this word,

or I will actually cross out one letter at a time

when I see you guys doing fantastic work.

I fill in the blank by crossing a letter out.

I give them a compliment when they stay quiet and respectful,

or if the art teacher says, your class

had a great day, or the lunch monitor.

Then they come back in and they get a class compliment.

When all the letters and the exclamation point

are crossed off, then the class gets a reward.

We could have a party with all glow-in-the-dark things.

That's cool.

Elisy, do you have another idea?

STUDENT: A Super Fudge party?

SUBJET A Super Fudge Party.

So we'll brainstorm together, and then we'll do a vote,

and we'll choose the one that got the most votes.

I like using the fill-in-the-blank reward

system, because it's a way for me to honor the group

as a whole.

Certain children get affirmations all the time

for good behavior and for good listening,

but I have a few kids who struggle a little bit.

And it's a way to give them all a reward,

a positive reinforcement for their behavior.

Well, they love the rewards.

They love to brainstorm their award,

to think about what they're going to do.

And then we celebrate together their good behavior.

And I write a note home to their parents

and tell them they've won this reward.

And it's really just a great way to build community in our class

and to keep us moving forward in a positive direction.


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