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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: A Weird Sketchbook Tour 3

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*cough, cough* Hi, my name is Echo. Okay, so today

I am going to be presenting to you the third installment of my

Sketchbook tours. If you haven't seen the first or second, you can click here to see those. They should open in a new tab

If you can, stay all the way to the end for cool announcements and stuff

I'm sorry this video came out so long, but this is one of my largest collections of artwork

So let's just get right into it. So here we have a collection of work from

2007, 2008, and 2009. There is a little bit of chronological order to this but for the most part

It's kind of just a big mixture of drawings that I had in a pile.

Also I have my to-do list written all over my wrist. So if you see that, that's what it is. What is this?

This is actually just a leftover piece of paper from

2010-2011 I am a loser

So let's actually move on to the drawings. Back when I was a teenager working at a grocery store, a co-worker had asked me to

draw a picture of a wolf howling at the moon

So I drew this, photocopied it, gave him the original, and then he complained about it.

This is one of the most annoying things that you can do to an artist

Especially if they're doing it as a favor. So with the second one I gave him the photocopy and I kept the original. As Bob

Ross intended.

With this one, I found these two characters online, and I just kind of wanted to put my own spin on the character designs.

I was kind of trying to draw like a little chibi toddler

And I think I tried to give her a little bit of a maid outfit

Or this hat was particularly inspired by the hats of maids

I just thought it was really freaking cute, so I drew it such as life

She's actually an older teenager who is babysitting this little girl and wearing the bunny ears just to kind of humor her. Next. page

In this one I was trying to draw an anime version of Wendy. You know from Wendy's? And then with this one

I was just trying to practice the facial proportions of a child. Next page

In this one I was still trying to figure out how I wanted to do the underline for eyes. So with this one

I just tried drawing nothing but the lashes without a solid underline. All of the time

I just draw things for the sake of drawing and they don't really have any kind of motivation or intention

But I do remember small decisions that I would make as I was drawing the figures. This one was inspired by a specific anime that

I do not remember, but in that persons style, they drew very sharp chins and cheekbones

So I decided to try and replicate that style. A lot of what I've learned about drawing

I've learned by trying to copy other styles just for the sake of improving hand-eye coordination. You really do learn a lot.

Here we have a wonderful picture of Walter White JK lol rowling.

I was just trying to draw an older man for a comic idea that I had, but didn't go through with. And this one was

also a male figure for a comic that I wanted to make but never actually finished. With this one

I was trying to do something a little bit more realistic, but also kind of

superhero like I believe this one was actually inspired by

X-Men the animated series. My original plan was to give her a completely organic looking skin

But after I drew the cheeks it just didn't look right so I kind of ended

it there.

This one was inspired by the artist Yuu Watase. I used to subscribe to a magazine called Shojo beat

which is like the teenage girl version of shounen jump and I had just about every magazine up until it was discontinued and

Now we start to get into the red and black. In this, I just kind of wanted to make [a] very

Intense combat type chick and then with this one, I was just practicing drawing facial features. This is

kind of early in the stages where my obsession with red and black began

I just had a really nice red pen and I wanted to incorporate it into so many drawings

This is honestly still one of my favorite early drawings

At this point. I was kind of branching out with hairstyles

I had bought a magazine full of haircuts

And I was using it as inspiration for drawing this woman was inspired by kind of like a scene girl haircut

I figured my hair would never look like that

But you know I could draw it. Power to the artists. And then this one is just kind of like a polar

opposite. It looked better in the magazine. The main focus of this one was to make it look kind of like childish and cat-like

Because I had seen pictures online where people would do this mouth where it's kind of like a w this is also me just practicing

with ink

I cannot remember what the original inspiration for this one is because when I look at it now

all I think is star trek for some reason?


At this point. I was still practicing drawing children

I want to point out that if you see this cross going across the face it usually means that I didn't finish the drawing or

That I didn't ink it or that. I just didn't go back through and erase it here

You can kind of see little small remnants of that section going across the face where I had gone through and erased it out

Because I was content with this drawing, but this one

I really didn't like the positioning of the right eye, so I just didn't really bother to finalize it.

And the anime continues with this one.

I was trying to learn how to draw a body so I drew a more full-bodied figure

And then this one was actually a local newscaster that I was trying to draw but I didn't really like it

So I put "freaky lady hahaha". Yeah, okay next and this one

I was kind of just trying to practice eyes. A lot of the eyes that I drew were very very round

but I wanted to try drawing them more like the

Pokemon style where the eyes are extremely elliptical this one was actually inspired by the song Major Tom. *sings* "calling major Tom

The space ship is waiting systems are a go. Are you sure?" Pretty straightforward. I also wanted to try and draw some pretty intense shadows and I failed miserably

Next page. With this one

I was just scribbling, but decided to take advantage of it and give her some specific personality traits to kind of develop her as a

Character. Her name is Silvia. She listens to the radio on weekends and hides a butcher's knife between her mattresses

She buys used books at thrift stores

so that she can tear out the pages one by one crinkle them into little balls and throw them on the floor she believes it's

the only thing keeping her from going crazy. In this one

I was kind of trying to break away from all of the anime and develop my own way to draw eyes

That's pretty much all I have to say about that

Both of these drawings are just me trying to develop a personal style partially inspired by anime and partially inspired by goth comics

I also really liked emo and goth youth subcultures. I don't know why they just fascinated me, and I thought they were beautiful

this was yet another drawing that I never inked in but I wanted to just give it that kind of

creepy goth Comic feel. "feel the love" at one point

I was planning to make a book and this was just one of the characters that I was going to have in that book.

I made this one during my silhouette phase, but I never finished it

So I [just] kind of shuffled it in with the rest of my drawings these were some scribbles that I believe I did in Spanish

class. I did so many of my drawings in my Spanish class. Here we have a drunken panda

Yet another anime scribble. I was constantly trying to get the eyes right

This is a drawing of kind of like an emo skunk

And I drew that because it was around spring break and every spring break

we would get these skunks living under our house and then every single year

we would have to call an exterminator, and he would have to come and pick them up.

So skunks kind of had a big part in my life. So I kind of drew them every now and then.

A game that I used to play all the time when I was younger was neopets, and I actually used to make screenies

which are comics that you put on your pet pages and the character persona that I had made for my screenies was a

character named Neko

So if you would like to see some of the earliest content that I ever put on the internet there will be a link in

the description. With this one

I was actually hanging laundry for my grandmother when the soul from my shoe fell out, but I thought it was kind of inspirational

so I actually drew a picture of my

soul falling out. I was a strange teenager

These are just some character scribbles for a comic that I wanted to make, but never did. And then here I have a bunch of

anime eyes. I found this beautiful image online that just had a bunch of

iconic eyes from Animes and so I picked out all the ones that I really thought were just beautiful and I tried to draw them

And here we have some proof that I was a teenage girl. Fancy fancy anime boys

mmmhmhmmm. Next with these two I believe they were partially inspired by the boondocks

but also by this

random image that I found online that I just thought was really pretty. And the way that this person drew their noses was just

fascinating to me.

Here we have a cute emo boy because that's what I thought about as a teenage girl. Loser, loser teenage girl.

And then this was just me practicing kind of drawing like a more sporty chick. sports. a lady. cool. next page.

This was yet another scribble that I did in one of my classes, and this was me trying to draw a young boy

I had a lot of trouble drawing children

Both of these are yet again just me practicing line precision and facial features. After drawing this, I realized that his eyes were slightly

too low compared to his ears

So I wanted to try and see what it would look [like] if I just moved his face slightly up with this one

I wasn't just practicing facial positioning, but I was also practicing a line precision for example if you look here where this line starts?

It's incredibly thin and then it gets thicker as it moves down towards the chin lines are the foundation of all things

This is just once again me being a teenage girl

And then I know a couple of you will recognize what this is from. This is from an anime called Ouran High School

Host Club and some of you are definitely going to recognize that I don't have that much fan art in here so much as original

Work, but Ouran high school host club was in anime that I really did love when I was like 16

Swipe in this when I was kind of trying to morph general body proportions to try and make my own style

it was okay. It wasn't as good as it could have been. This was something that I made for a class project

I was supposed to be making the wings with photoshop.

But it didn't work out as well as I would have liked it to.

Next. At one point one of my teachers actually asked me to make some drawings for her to decorate her classroom for Halloween

so these were the ones that I gave her

This one was just a scribble that I didn't want my classes. This was a robot drawing that I did

I love seeing concept art for robots, so this was just a little robot companion that I imagined

This one is a self-portrait scribble that I did based on the style that I used to use for my neopets

screenies. If you want to see those, there is a link in the description . As for the style of this one, if you look back

in the very first sketch book tour video I did, there's actually two drawings that are in a very similar style.

This was actually the third piece in that collection and

then I believe that this one was the last drawing that I did in that style, but this one

I had found a japanese cooking tutorial comic online

And I really liked the style that it was drawn in so I decided to go ahead and try and draw myself

In that style, the body proportions are a little bit strange and the hands came out kind of weird

But I really do like how this one came out as a whole

This one is an original character based on the show Samurai Jack. Samurai Jack was a beautiful show

And I've actually heard that they're bringing it back, and I'm so excited for that. Next.

This one is a monster original character that I made also inspired by Samurai Jack. So it's actually all just part of a set.

These ones were inspired by the animated movie chicken little this one was yet again. Just inspired by a picture that I found online

Next page, this was a personal study that I did with facial positioning

so in one of the previous Sketchbook Tours, there was one page that had a bunch of scribbles of

character design sketches

And these are more developed

versions of those scribbles. It was actually meant for a comic that I wanted to make called my dead brother about a girl who was

being haunted by her dead baby brother. Okay moving on, with this one a classmate

just asked me to draw him so I did and that's pretty much all there is to it. With this one

I think I was kind of trying to blend the ideas of something tribal and steampunk

But this is yet again something that I didn't completely finish. Next page.

Here we have more of my dark art style shining through. This one was supposedto be kind of like a jack-in-the-box

against a mirror. This one was kind of just inspired by the punk youth subculture in combination with the style of goth comics

I really admire punk fashion. I just think it's absolutely beautiful. Next page

This was a comic based on something that happened in my calculus class that just

really made me realize how much of a nerd I am. "The funniest thing happened in calculus today.

So we're learning about the derivatives of trigonometric functions, right and Mr.

Meyers had just explained that the equation of y equals sine [x] at x equals 2 Pi over 3 is y equals negative?

1/2 x plus 2 [PI] plus 3 Square root 3 over 6 when stewey says that's quite [ the y-intercept"


"I'm such a nerd" This one is a scribble of a character that I called the good doctor

He's partially inspired by the dad from invader zim. A long time ago

I made a comic called Poor Polly Porcelain and he was one of the main characters

I should probably posted online.


This one was a drawing that I was extremely proud of because the line work is just so beautiful

I used to have this amazing set of pens that would just make these beautiful fine lines

And I can't find them anymore. This one is very much my style if I could say that I developed a style

the majority of it would look like this. And then over here, this figure was actually inspired by

Candy wife from the Marvelous misadventures of flapjack


So this drawing was actually made in 2009. It's very rare that I date my drawings, but these ones I did.

This was yet again a bleeding bean. Every now and then I would draw these kind of being like shapes and I would

Call them bleeding beans, and then if you look down here

I actually made a note that says this thing wants to make babies with you

Why else would it look so happy? Whenever I see this I always think of this really strange bold laughter


You know something like that. This was something

I made for one of my graphic design classes so that I could try and do something with photoshop next page

Hey look more proof that I was a teenage girl. This is me trying to figure out cute men's hairstyles, and I was failing miserably

Shush now we'll meet again.

next page

PASSION! This was yet again me obsessing over red and black

I just had a really nice pen I'm actually really happy with this one and then with this one

I had found a blue pencil so I decided to try and make a blue haired anime boy. That's not bad. Oh

my. This one was just a concept art scribble for a sculpture that I wanted to make someday and then over here on a bunch

of blank receipt paper, we have some scribbles of eyes.

Facial shapes noses and mouths that I did because I was bored at work, and I was in love with these ones

This one was a scribble that I did on a napkin at lunch, but this one

I was just kind of experimenting the style, and I really liked how it came out

And then this one is me scribbling math on a wall here. We have a bunny on the lemon

I don't know why. This was yet again something

I did not finish. Next

This is a dragon thing that I drew but let's talk about this one when I was going to high school

I had a friend who was emo

And I had a friend who was goth so I drew an emo, and a goth-strich because I'm a terrible person

With this one I was kind of breaking into fashion design a little bit. And just looking back on it

it's so me. Still with the red and black stripes. Millipedes and centipedes are very creepy little creatures that being said

They're really pretty so there was a period of like a month where I was putting this design on a bunch of my stuff

These were all inspired by a really really annoying kid from my high school whose name I honestly don't even remember.

-mocking the guy- "This is totally where I belong with the goth kids." "I so fit in yo dudes"

"What is up with y'all's" he was really really annoying, but he had a strong personality

So I figured he might make a good comic character

And this is something he would do

This one I drew because I had a really cool highlighter, and I loved how absolutely vibrant pink it was and then over here

we have more of my silhouette phase and

Then here we have some drawings of the character that I named Charlotte

She was partially inspired by the fox from courage the cowardly dog. The reason

I made these was to test out some very vibrant crayons and some metallic gel pens

Swipe. These were some scribbles that I made for a t-shirt competition

This one was kind of inspired by a sailor moon kind of feel. And here we have a business cactus. "I'm playing with Matches"

Would you buy that if that was on a shirt?

For this one one of my friends in school actually asked me to draw an apple falling out of a tree and I decided to

take it just a tiny bit further. "wow shh daddy. No no, baby." Yeah, I'm a little bit twisted

I think he actually needed this for a report on gravity, so I'm sure it made a very interesting. Slide. And over here

I tried to do something more realistic and realized that I fail at realism, but whatever I tried

This is a photocopy of a drawing that's actually in another book and then here we have a girl staring out the window into the

rain. "I think I'm going to die today" Back in the early 2000s there were these fairy pictures

That would kind of just float all over the internet

They were pretty much on every teenage girls myspace page, so I decided to try and draw something like that

Brace yourself for the terrifying. First we have an adorably cute kitten that I believe I drew from myspace

And then here we have an image of a girl who has wings ripping through her back

This was actually an idea that a friend proposed to me, and I really liked it

So I went ahead and I drew it look at all that teenage angst

And then for these I actually had someone on the school board approach me and ask me to do some charicatures of all the teachers

many of which, I don't remember the names of

more charicatures

more charicatures and

Then back to the anime here. We have a colored pencil sketch, and then on the other side we have some stamped images

I am such a loser

This one was actually inspired by the color Scheme of starfire and the fairies from Neil Pitts

This is a very pathetic [printout] of an image that I made in paint of one of my neopets. next page.

With these I was trying to practice

realistic human proportions, the this is the version with the guidelines

And then this is a tracing that I did of that so that I could see what it looked like without the guidelines

This was actually print out of a project that I had to do for one of my classes where we had to design a video

game cover. So I made up a game called crossfire, and then here we have a juice box. Now

I had a whole series of these but for some reason this is the only one that made it into this binder

Here we have a bunch of scribbles inspired by the style of Jhonen Vasquez. Blank nothingness

Here we have a sad goat creature who has just lost an arm. poor soul. Here

we have a couple more scribbles that don't really mean anything

A beautiful Demonic Ghost child

Another thing that I had a lot of problems with was

drawing the same character in multiple positions to the point where it still looked like the same character.

It's so much more difficult than it should be. And then here we have me trying to develop my style again

Here we have a scientist observing his own head in a jar

[or] I guess observing his body observing his head in the jar, and then on this side. I just drew a hamster. Hi hamster

These ones were actually inspired by the artwork of a mindless self indulgence album

I was really into mindless self-indulgence when I was in high school, and then this is more style development

And then here we have that robotic element that I just love. On the other side

I was practicing body proportions and body types, and then this is just a scribble that fit on the page

Next page. Here we have some more jhonen vasquez inspired Scribbles and then on this side

We've got some chowder fan art. For some reason the humor in that show just really resonates with me

I just really loved it. And in the very last page I have in here, is just a decaying alien. a beautiful rotting alien.

And that is the whole book.

Oh yes, this video is *dog barks*

Omg doog chill. *bow wow*

First of all since you made it to the end of the video here are 50 awesome points. Keep being cool. Secondly I have been sick twice

in the last 14 days

So if my voice sounds like a dying cat, that's why. And thirdly I want to show you something really really cool check check check



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