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One of the more confusing aspects of The Nun is the fact that Valak is constantly manipulating

things, and its hard for us as an audience to get a grip on whats real and whats


For the ultimate guide on what exists and what is just an apparition, stick around to

the end of this video.

I know what youre probably thinking, “Oh its this guy who jumpscared us, lets

lock him up forever.”

Look, this videos not about the jumpscares, its about Things You Missed In The Nun.

Now, I do reserve the right to jumpscare at any time during my videos, but I dont usually

pull it out for Things You Missed; all I can say is to stay on your toes, and lets get

into it.

Like I pointed out when I made this video, in The Conjuring 2, the name of the Nun demon

Valak is hidden within many of the scenes like so

And that trend continues here in The Nun.

For example, when we first meet Sister Irene at the religious school she teaches at, when

they show the playground, there is a see-saw that some kids are playing on.

The bars that makeup the supports of the see-saw spell out the word Valak.

Then, in Biertan, the Romanian town near The Abbey, Frenchie has Sister Irene and Father

Burke load their stuff onto a truck.

The license plate of the truck reads VA 01 LAK.

If you remove the numbers, it spells out Valak.

Theres also a crossword puzzle that Father Burke is seen solving a couple different times

in the film.

Take a look at some of the boxes hes written in and youll see the words Deliveries and


I bet you thought I was going to say that it said Valak, but the fact of the matter

is that the shots werent on screen long enough for me to see everything, so if you

saw anything pertaining to Valak or anything of significance at all, leave a comment telling

me what you saw, and Ill pin your comment, and youll be famous and it will be a great

day for you.

Soremember when I did that one video where I explained the deeper meaning behind the

song that comes on the radio in the commercial for The Nun?

Wellit may have been all for nothing, because the song that comes on in the actual

movie is different.

Just remember darling all the while.

You belong to me.”

The song is You Belong To Me, performed by Jo Stafford.

Like the song that was used in the commercial, its a cover of an existing song from that


In this case, the song is used as a direct message from Valak to Father Burke, a warning

that if he stays in The Abbey, hes in for trouble.

Valak is literally telling him, “you belong to me nowand its a foreshadow of the

scene where the Father is locked in a coffin where Valak tortures him.

It sure was nice of Valak to leave that shovel there for Sister Irene when she eventually

does find the father.

While shes looking for him though, Valak lures her into the chapel, where a couple

of interesting things happen.

First off, the Nuns are chanting, so she should immediately know that something is up, because

we were just told they are taking a vow of silence.

Then Sister Irene sees a red glowing light coming up from below the altar, a symbol of

the fires of hell manifesting in the Abbey.

At this point, she follows the shadow of The Nun along wall, landing on the mirror behind

her, where it is revealed that Valak is standing above her, however, the figure can only be

seen in the reflection.

Later on, when Frenchie is at the Black Bear pub back in town, he notices a woman covering

up a mirror.

When he asks about it, the bartender tells him that a young girl had recently died, and

that it was a tradition in town to cover up mirrors so that the deceased do not see their

own reflection.

Remember the photo that Sister Charlotte shows from her time in Romania in Annabelle Creation?

I had previously speculated that we would meet some of the characters from the photo

in The Nun, however, Sister Maria, Sister Anna and Sister Lucia do not appear.

This is because Sister Charlotte visited the Abbey before the events of The Nun took place.

You can actually spot this same photo on the wall when they come into the Abbey.

Poor Sister Charlotte has no idea that her friends are all dead.

Another item I speculated on was the relationship between Sister Irene from The Nun, and Lorraine

Warren from The Conjuring films.

I thought they might be sisters because they both have visions of Valak and the actresses

who play them are sisters in real life.

In The Nun, no relationship is confirmed, however, I do find it interesting that The

Vatican selected Sister Irene to accompany the Father, despite the fact that she is unfamiliar

with the area.

The Father mentions that The Vatican always has a reason for their selection, so I think

its still possible that the two are related in some way, and that has something to do

with why she was sent.

While we dont get much background on Sister Irene, we do get a little bit more background

on Valak.

Father Burke researches to find that The Abbey was built by a Duke who wrote books and opened

a gateway to hell.

This information may be a nod to the fact that Valak is based off a character from a

book called The Lesser Key of Solomon, which I have gone into more detail on in this video.

The Gateway was sealed with the blood of Christ, but reopened later due to a war of some kind.

Valak appears as a Nun in order to blend in with the real Nuns that that reside at the

Abbey, so my theory about Valak possibly changing forms has gained a little more weight.

The other thing I pointed out in my previous video about the pages of the book was this

illustration, which appears to be a snake coming out of someones face.

The idea of a snake being another form of Valak is confirmed in The Nun.

Father Burke reads a description of Valak in the book that he finds inside his coffin,

which reads, “Valak, the defiler, the profane, the marquis of snakes.”

There are plenty of other instances of Snakes connected to Valak in The Nun.

The throne thing occupied by The Mother Reverand, who might I remind you ends up being Valak,

has an image embossed on it of two snakes eating each other.

When Father Burke chases the apparition of Daniel into the graveyard during their night

at the abbey, snakes end up coming out of Daniels mouth to attack him.

Closer to the end of the movie, The Father battles a figure with a serpent-like forked


And in the final battle against Valak, a snake wraps itself around The Fathers neck and

bites him in the eye, which ties right back into the book that the Father found after

being trapped in the coffin, which features a single eye on the cover.

There are two facets to the ending that I want to talk about: one involving the manipulation

caused by Valak, and the other involving, the true identity of Frenchie revealed in

the very last scene.

First lets talk about Valak.

Before heading down into the depths of The Abbey, the characters figure out that there

are no other nuns left, Valak has completely taken over the place.

Its a little unclear if the people they met in the beginning, such as The Mother Reverend

and Sister Oana were alive at some point, or if they were apparitions of Valak as well.

Heres my answer.

The only real living human Nuns at the Abbey are killed off in the prologue.

Everyone we see after that is a distortion caused by Valak.

Valak poses as The Mother Reverend and tells Father Burke to stay the night because The

Nuns are currently taking a vow of silence and cannot speak with them.

This is a trap to get them locked inside the Abbey.

I mean, the vow of silence thing is kind of true because theyre all dead.

When Frenchie discovers the body of Sister Victoria, he mentions that he tried to contact

the Abbey but was unable to reach them.

This is because Sister Victoria was the last Nun.

We see the body of another one of The Nuns fall out of a tree and land on him as he leaves

the Abbey, just one of many examples of The Nun corpses throughout the area.

Theres also one confusing instance where Irene talks to Sister Oana, but then discovers

her corpse moments later.

Then, Oana seems to be back alive in a following scene.

The one she was really talking to is just one of Valaks tricks, but the body discovered

under the sheets is the real Sister Oana, who had died several weeks before.

There are many decapitation references that could link to the death of each of these Nuns.

I already mentioned the one that fell from the tree, there is also a statue in the main

hall area that the Father is studying in whose head crumbles off.

When Frenchie saves Father Burkes life, he decapitates the zombie nun with an axe.

Youll also notice that many of the Nuns that haunt the Father and Sister Irene are

faceless, as is the Jesus figure in the chapel.

Also in the end credits, there is some entity with a burning head.

The big reveal of this movie is actually foreshadowed when we first meet Frenchy, as he is seen

at home feeding his goats.

Goats are an animal that are often used as a symbol of demons and the devil, and the

French-Canadian farmer ends up being possessed by Valak at the end of the movie.

In the epilogue, we discover his real name is Maurice and he is the man receiving the

exorcism in the clip Ed and Lorraine show to their class way back in the original Conjuring.

Take Maurice here.

Hes a French-Canadian farmer, had nothing more than a third grade education, but after

he was possessed, spoke some of the best Latin Id ever heard.

Sometimes backwards.

A dark spirit made its home in this man.”

And like that, an upside-down cross started to appear from within his body.”

The big connection to Lorraines most feared memory was five years in the making.

Did you see this twist coming?

Let me know if the comments.

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Assuming we both survive.

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