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from Francis Costa Thank You Francis the left is a shit hello and welcome

back to real English with real teachers we're here today to give you an

interesting lesson we're going to be reading through some some hate comments

aren't we? We are and potentially correcting them it'll be a win-win

situation they'll get their voices heard and we'll be able to teach some people

so let's get going okay the next one this is really long so I'm gonna get through this as quick as I can

all right okay I really like this one because it was addressed to the wrong

person it's on a video that we did with Lucy

okay and this is by someone called Uncle Sam

so thank you for this one Uncle Sam I really enjoyed it

hi Lucy I've been watching your videos for a while now and I do really think

you've been doing a nice job grammar tips pronunciation lesson

vocabulary and so many other important content free and available thanks for

that good however ah people have different opinion about everything and

I'd like to express mine right now I really didn't like the fella there in

the video and I definitely didn't like the line on the opening of this video

that reads real teachers what do you mean by that are you saying that you two

are the only real teacher around the globe or on the internet which i believe

is totally wrong conception you might not have had this intention I know but

please be aware that the various non-native English teacher around the

world that follow you on your channel and really admire you and your job might

be really disappointed we've got murked we got murked if our

intention is to say the only real teachers like us only real English people can

teach our language and that of course is not our intention and yeah but she's got

to remember you've got to market yourself somehow and I think our name is accurate

to what we are we're teachers and we're real people

definitely real people and and we're not using textbook language we're using the

real English of today bingo so you can't really say this is teachers with English

that would be sh** yeah thank you for your heartfelt comment we respect it

dearly yeah and if that was the case to be shared amongst all of our subscribers

we would change our name but I've not heard that other than that comment no no no and if you are

a teacher and you think if you're offended by our name we just want you to

know that we really really respect any English teacher especially non-native

ones I think it's amazing what they learn a language and then and then teach

it that is amazing that you do that .. I've been trying to teach a

little bit of Spanish to Charlie the last couple of days and it's really hard

yeah doing very well though thank you yeah but it's not real Spanish so the

next one you are money needed things you speak from start show your cheap

mentality and mind and topic is also disgusting your friend I think it was a

street interview yeah I think it was Simeon he he did so well but you are so

terrible disgusting man haha I think that was aimed at me because it was only

me in that video so I doubt it was Charlie and the topic with Simeon was um was sex

umm I was talking about sex friends I asked him to define sex friend yes I think

that's the disgusting topic he's talking about yeah he did very well but you are a

disgusting man.. on the money actually you are a disgusting man! I think yeah

fair yeah bit of harsh at the beginning to be honest to lead in like that I'd say

you know warm your audience up to start with a swear word and phrase as strong

as that it's going to deter your audience

yeah you see that and you've already seen the worst yeah just a tip if you

were to do another one I'd I'd leave that for the end so it's a nice flowing

start leads us to false sense of security we read into it and then the bomb

exactly yeah but I think money-grabbing

yeah if that's what they're implying that we just we only want money I guess

maybe it was a sponsored video yeah not really the best way to get money is it

to get 0.01p per 1000 (views) no $1 anyway we need to pay the bills so the occasional

sponsored videos is necessary and you can always skip the ads or you can

just skip one minute forward and not watch the sponsor that is definitely

possible it is possible we'd prefer you not to because we're giving you free content

yeah no yeah totally I think it's fair to expect that you've got to keep the

lights on somehow yeah we're just gonna take a quick break to tell you that this

video is sponsored by our own immersion courses that we are proud to offer any

students who want an intense and fast way to grow their English speaking

confidence and abilities so if you are interested in living with us whilst

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all right this one's from Yvonne Yvonne so nice she was named twice there you go

I doubt it was her birth name.. it's like Harry Harry Gyles so this is I like this one, you've gotta

interpret the tone okay excuse me the only or best way has to be with a native

English teacher that's such a terrible thing to say you are manipulating your

subscribers oh but I think if you're reading too far into the marketing of it

then you're always gonna get the hump if yeah yeah I think it was on that

Cambly video when we were saying the best way to master tenses is to

practice with a native teacher right and I still kind of agree with that yeah

because as a native speaker you just have that natural thing in your head

that says yeah that's the right tense to use yeah that's not to say that a

non-native teacher couldn't identify the correct tense but if you have a

conversation with a native speaker just for some reason they know that it

sounds strange yeah the gut response yeah yeah well the

gut feeling exactly the gut feeling. So we revoke that comment yeah yeah "f*** off!"

sorry Yvonne Yvonne you are wrong you're wrong on a more meaty topic no not really

this is very superficial straightforward really

but seriously speaking their hair looks shit what video is that on? I don't know it

was Diego Diego Pope I'd like to see your hair yeah but I I was always told

that my hair is a bit shit. To be fair your hair is shit.. haha every time I go to the

hairdresser's the first time they touch they're like "woah".. feels like wire.. yeah yeah or doll

hair yeah you know like on a toy doll? Yes exactly yes or a dead person's hair. Charlie can I just

ask can you tell the subscribers what your nickname was in school? And also I'm

pretty sure you have an email address with this as well. No.. Something related to a

bird I'm sure .. my email address isn't gonna be that that was

that was my nickname that I hated. Yeah it was bird pube yeah yeah so my my

friends very witty witty witty witty wittily yeah yeah so my

friends very wittily thought that I look like a bird and my my hair feels like

pubes thanks guys okay English wise but seriously.. seriously

speaking their hair okay so they said hairs look shit mmm what do you think

about that? Yeah well unless we're looking microscopically at the hairs on

the head individual follicles and counting them yeah "your hair looks shit"

the mass noun, yeah uncountable noun. Okay the next one

charlie this one's from mehmet tele okay Mehmet tele nice very nice name ..

your video content for English learners getting barren at all you're charming

may keep some of audiences but it does not help for you longer if they discover

more attractive than you and they go your last two videos are null you may

give gap two weeks between if it is not easy to make that's brutal

yeah let's whizz through his english and then give him some feedback so Mehmet

thank you for that one erm your video content for English learners is getting

barren is getting barren or becoming redundant yeah so ax the at all

yeah barren just a bit more about land maybe yeah I quite like it

is so harsh .. cos you can talk about women being barren can't you yeah like

they can't have a child yeah yeah it's like nothing can grow inside

them yeah like the land is barren if nothing can grow on it yeah yeah also

at all at all maybe we use that in the negative like do you like me no not at all hmm

yeah so totally barren totally barren okay your charm not your charming yes

may keep some audiences, or some of your audience some of your audience but it

does not help you long-term long-term nice if they discover more attractive

people or teachers more attractive teachers than you Papa Teach Me yeah and

they unsubscribe and they unsubscribe yeah.. your last two videos are nullI .. brilliant love that

You may give.. So I wouldn't start like this yeah maybe he didn't mean it to be so

direct punchy and offensive but it sounds like that and that's interesting

because you can change things a little bit and as an English Learner

sometimes you come across as quite rude if you haven't got the right ways to say

things definitely and it depends on the culture totally in your expectations of

how it sounds yes we're very sensitive as a culture really sensitive and when we have

Russian students particularly we find it hard to not take offense yes because

Russians are quite direct yeah it's same with Germans actually

they're quite direct yes yeah yeah I've never had a German

student you know. No? Actually I've had one that's a lie

yeah well don't lie know. She offended me. You're disgusting. I know, I'm a disgusting man.

She offended you? Did she actually? No she didn't actually, no..

She was actually really nice. She was offensively nice okay okay all

right this is the last one then okay. Let's. do it. I hope it's a good one again

it's really simple and I don't know who's where in the video but I'll just say

it from Francis Costa Thank You Francis the left is a shit can

we find that video and find out who they are talking about?

I also like the fact that is not just the left person is shit yeah no yeah

yeah it's brilliant I'm gonna take that one because I feel like none have been

directed to me yeah yeah yeah I think it probably was you. So I'm a shit yeah

yeah English wise quite good I'd say I like people calling someone a shit

You're a shit! You need to say the left one or person yes the guy on the left

yeah or the left guy.. the guy on the left thank you very much for tuning in I hope

you've enjoyed these hates comments as much as that you've taken

something useful from it as well English wise yeah correcting structures hit like

if you liked it if not you know whatever and hit subscribe if you want and if you

don't like this then don't..Yeah or leave another hate comment. Yeah, either or.. see ya!

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