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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: YG ON AIR_Episode 2

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- Will i Am visiting YG company -

Hi, good to see you.

What you guys doing?

Looking to see you

Oh, I came to here to see you guys You are all the away from the America.

What song did they perform on the MAMA Awards?

Can't Nobody

Can't Nobody, yeah. It sounds dope.

Whose studio is this?


Wow, it¡¯s a good studio.

You wanna check out what's number one in Korea right now?


It¡¯s a Bom¡¯s solo

Bye guys, see you tomorrow.


See you.

See you.

I am Will i Am's fan.

He played a lot of good songs.

Ones I want to dance to.

I got to dance well when the song comes out.

He had some business to attend in Korea

and since we're here, he came to see us at the studio.

Teddy talked to him a lot.

Played a lot of music

and we're going to work together tomorrow.

I don't know when we'll see you

but with all the good songs guess it won't that be long

See you.

Nice to see you.

Yes, YG on air viewers nice to see you.

We are BIG BANG and we are in Japan.


It's like homemade apple pie.

- That's good. - Yes.


Let's get along well

Thank you.

Where's this playing?

YG on air

I just bought a cute jacket.

Isn't it cute?

How come Dae Sung came out like IU?


I know this kind of clothes cuz I wore them a lot.

There's something you got to watch out for.

There're people who write perverted things on it.

I wore it once and got in trouble.

I have to check each for my boys.

Crazy, Crazy¡¦OK.

This is fine!

You can wear them!

Thank you.

What are we missing, STUPID LIAR?

Everything in STUPID LIAR!

I think it's important that no one's watching himself.

You do it alone, come here.

I'm gonna watch the acting as well.

We're going back to being trainees.

Seung Ri, going back to trainees.

- Gonna check the acting. - Till your knees crack.


When we're trainees, each took turn practicing.

Checking for errors... we get to focus and be nervous.

This was really a rule during the trainees.

When we do this not one person criticizes

but many people criticize one by one.

Then we fix it.

Seung Ri's good? My boy.

Awesome guy.

Good job.

Concert in Japan 1st practice ended at exactly 12.

Japan is safe.

No problem.

See you.

We're a bit late.

Hurry, hurry, hurry.

It's our first day filming 'Lonely' music video.

Your expression is very important so turn a bit.

Uh, weird. The setting is strange.

It's been a while so it feels a bit strange.

I think our concept is unique.

First, there's no group scence but individual scenes.

The point is that it flows straight from the beginning.

I think we'll have a very different music video.

Such a nice guy~ I got to do like this.

You're always the same~ I got to do this.

Shucks¡¦I just... it's kinda funny.

Yes, please visit us at YG on air.

We'll be delivering you a lot of rare videos for you to show.

Please come to visit us

Go one step¡¦

Turn with your second foot.

Which foot do I turn¡¦

With this one?

Left, right¡¦turn.

I think I got it.

Oh, goddess.

Oh, what! Do like usual.

It's not hard.

We can't say this is hard.

Good morning.

- Why? - So funny.

Good job.

We got to hurry and sleep, hurry Sleep quickly.

Good job.

I tried a new hair, how am I?

Good job.


- 2NE1's 'Lonely' M- V will be released on May 12th with sound source. -

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