Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Carly Rose Sonenclar's $5 Million Song - THE X FACTOR USA 2012

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here's a song but a sure to melt all of your hearts here's my girl miss Carly


there were two secret corner David played and it pleased the Lord but you

don't really care for music

it goes like this the fourth or fifth the minor fall

the by 14

before I've seen this room walk this floor you know why you still

never know

I've seen your flag

to be more to come

but all of them

go ahead somebody who would you



Holly Rowe you know that was that was that was a

really angelic moment I mean the look was amazing

you showed so much restraint you didn't over sing it which I'm always a little

concerned about that time you know but you still managed to make your way up to

the famous Holly Rose note was it was it a five million dollar winning


it's not up to me is up to America

Karlee throughout this competition your vocals have just impressed me so much

you not only looked like an angel but you sing like a ridiculously talented

angel and I'm just I've enjoyed watching you throughout this competition so much

yeah Holly you look great sounded great love that song beautiful version you've

had a good night

I feel like that song alone is worth five million bucks so you should get out

your checkbook signing

love that own it Britney okay America we want braylee rose to win the X Factor

you have to vote alright let's drop in right now on Carly

roses supporters in Westchester New York Charlie's Angels

Deborah well what do you what do you think about Carly what's a support bin


here tonight

Thank You Charlie's Angels excuse me maybe so much to everybody who's voting

will provoke hopefully vote for me but thank you to all my fans and this really

means everything

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