Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Being Wealthy Must Be Nice

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the rich have a special responsibility

not in paying more taxes not helping the poor that's all that stuff that was go

forward to that

but in be happier

and as well

you live in a house that like to the sun was setting

and in the hills so that has occurred in this coming over the hills and it's just


all the nuclear armed you about

the you want gastao salsinha all guide your bike might left able to live and I

guess that's just my guest house right stick my head like a like it but that's

why the Mark

I travel around about within that also yes that's right

the human their you have to be happy

does the rest of us have lived and their sole few people

will make enough money to live in a place that beautiful

do you have a special responsibility

to the human race

to be happy

you have to sit on that court today

it's a shock

you've got you've got a self-contained guy in July

because if you don't get some how

this race

it's it's it's

disrespecting the rest of us not the sole credit

I'm not the joyous you want to soak up the sun

you want to tell everyone said

right now perot think there are

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