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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Code Institute in partnership with Kerry College

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I think it's a brilliant thing for Kerry and for the wider region that

Code Institute and Kerry College are collaborating on this in a way to sort

of address the needs in a direct and efficient way. Any additional training

that's available to local people to allow them to become business-ready for

us and hit the ground running in any area, particularly software development,

is a really positive development and it will definitely drive our business

growth. We would have a lot of people that are working with us that are

travelling as far as Dublin to acquire some of these skills, so it's great

that's something that is an initiative here locally for people

and that Kerry ETB are on board with that aswell. With Code Institute and the ETB working

together, they're able to give us that pipeline of people that have some

experience outside and then having that coding base that they can work on.

I definitely recommend the course, you learn a huge amount, the tech stack is

really relevant and it writes quite different to what you might learn in a

computer science degree course but it's applicable to a huge number of

industries and a huge number of tech-specific jobs while also giving you the

fundamentals to learn any other language really that you'd want to put your mind to.

We recruited 14 people from over 100 applicants. 14 started. 14 finished. As of

today nine are currently working. Two have progressed to further study and the rest

are looking for that perfect gig.

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