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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Debates | Measles | Reparations - The Week In Rap

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this week we're going to be talking

about the primary debates the musil's

outbreak and reparations for slavery

let's get into it in a democracy they

say power is given to the people but

really we give that power to leaders by

voting for them because the u.s. is

actually a representative democracy to

pick the right leaders we need to be

informed I don't want to vote for

someone because I think they look nice I

tried to adopt a cat recently that

looked so sweet and then she attacked me

in 2019 there are more than 20 people

running to be the Democratic nominee for


20 people look at these faces how are we

supposed to learn enough about them to

decide who to vote for well one way is

debates debates are public events or two

or more people exchange ideas they say

what they believe in and then they use

facts and stories to back it up what

sorts of questions do you think we

should ask the twenty presidential


let's talk measles do you know about the

measles much like chicken pox measles is

a very contagious disease it spreads

easily through coughing and sneezing

luckily we've had a good measles vaccine

since the 1960s vaccines are tiny doses

of a disease so far that sounds bad

right well it's not because when you

give someone that vaccine their immune

system learns how to fight off the real

disease it's an amazingly effective

technique the measles vaccine is 97%

effective in fighting off measles with

such a good vaccine and lots of big

vaccination efforts the US had

eliminated measles in the year 2000 and

yet in 2019 we saw the biggest measles

outbreak in 25 years why because some

people choose not to vaccinate their

children they usually do this for

religious reasons or because they think

the vaccines aren't dangerous science

has shown that vaccines are not

dangerous the dangerous thing is measles

but there's still pocket of people who

are not vaccinating and the measles

disease has spread through those groups

this has caused big challenges in

certain areas where unvaccinated

children have been stopped from going to

school but how can we protect public

health while also allowing for personal

decisions let's talk about reparations

for slavery something historic happened

in the US House of Representatives in

June a committee of the house held a

hearing on slavery reparations to

understand the basics of slavery

reparations we need to go back in time

for a second it's the 19th century

hundreds of thousands of Africans have

been captured and shipped to the US to

live and work as slaves for white slave

owners their labor

powers the country but they're never

paid even when all the slaves were freed

they were still never paid so the idea

of reparations is that the US should try

to pay the debt of slavery lots of

people disagree on exactly what that

means or whether or not should happen

now some oppose reparations arguing that

the people who are responsible for

slavery are dead now and so are the

people who are enslaved some think

reparations should be in the form of

money to African Americans others think

it should be in the form of laws that

help improve schools and hospitals in

African American communities I

understand where the different sides are

coming from it's true that the sin of

slavery is in the past but it's also

clear that the effects of slavery still

impact us today you've heard from me now

let's hear from Mike this is the weekend


floo cab in the spot kicking Rob so

topical summit style this beat feels

tropical before Democrats pick the

presidential candidate primary voters

get to know who's running with the base

in which many candidates explain their

goals so the public can decide who

deserves their vote on to measles a

contagious disease that spread in 2019

when some rejected vaccines for

religious reasons so the belief that

they're dangerous but science shows

they're safe while measles is a major

risk now in the house to hearing are

reparations in this case repayment for

unpaid slave labor while how remember

people be repaid some say leave it in

the past some say Neff is way worse than

late and that's that for the week flow

cab checking now and I'll be floating in

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headline in mind that you want to learn

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