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Go shop now, pre-order this brand-new experiance. Make your choice! Join the resistance!

We already know about how the Sonic Series sold 350 millions copies, but... What about Sonic Forces, guys?


Help us, Sonic!

Youve met your end this time, Sonic!

Even though Im afraid

Ill keep moving forward!

Are you alright?

The greatest high-speed battle in history is beginning!

New Game Engine:

The Hedgehog Engine 2 in all its glory!

Insane speed in beautiful stages and areas!

99% of this world is dominated by Eggman...

Villains and allies of this franchise collide once more!


An unknown, deadly villain thats stronger than Sonic


Looks like this will be our last meeting.

Eggmans main goal:

To suppress Team SonicsResistance!

There will be 3 playable characters!

Modern Sonic High-Speed Action!

You came just in time.

Like I always do, right?

The fastest high-speed action youve ever seen in this franchise!

Classic Sonic 2D High-Speed Action!

Youre Sonic from another world!

Classic Sonic from older times

Re-imagined in high definition!


For the first time in the series, you will have a customizable character!

Your Avatar will appear in the game!

Become Sonics reliable sidekick...

And fight for the Resistance!

Avatars can have different genders,


and a huge set of costumes!

Youll get different pieces for avatar customization

by completing stages and missions.

Your Avatar, dressed in whatever you want, will also appear in cutscenes!

Gadgets with different abilities:

They can be used not only as weapons...

...but also as a means of transportation/platforming!

Use different Wispons... find paths to complete the stage!

Outside of these 3 modes:

There are Tag Team stages, where you can use both Sonic and the Avatar at the same time.

Modern Sonics Boost has become better than ever!

Now hes able to use the Double Boost with the Avatar!

Network: Connect with players around the world!

Rent any friends existing Avatar through internet connection!

Complete the stages with both you and your friends Avatar!

Fight against enemies standing in your way!

Explore the world and experience this exciting, yet serious story!

Torturing this wannabe hero doesn't feel too bad.

Lets join forces together!

Sonic's All-stars will...

Fight the greatest battle in Sonic's history!

Your bond with Sonic

can save this world!

Translation team: Woun (JPtoRU); usioni (Assist); Bobnik (RUtoENG); Kitkat (Editing).

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