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With the increased frequency and sophistication

of breaches and ransomware attacks around the globe,

the need to stop known and emerging threats

earlier in their life cycles is more important than ever.

MSS and MDR services were introduced decades ago

to monitor threats and streamline the detection process,

but both have fallen short in their scope of detection

and can lock your organization

into inflexible single-vendor solutions.

Optiv's Managed Extended Detection and Response

or Optiv Managed XDR is a next generation

tech-enabled service that leverages

your existing technology investments

and deploys Optiv's deep expertise

to detect, analyze, and remediate threats in real time,

allowing you to reduce the total cost of ownership

and eliminate blind spots within your environment.

What makes Optiv's Managed XDR approach so unique?

Optiv gives you a single provider

with an unmatched service portfolio

to ensure the effectiveness of your overall security program

managed by our world-class security practitioners

with industry-leading expertise.

Extend beyond traditional solutions

with a hybrid environment,

using your existing technology paired with Optiv's.

Detect and identify malicious activity or intent

from multiple security controls

and deliver advanced analytics and actionable results.

Respond and reduce threat exposure time

by pinpointing the root causes with visual investigations

and automated machine analytics.

Plus Optiv has the only unified platform

that automates incident investigation enrichment,

analysis, classification, and response

rather than relying on human input.

We know what's needed to enable your business

to keep moving forward.

As threats evolve, Optiv stays a step ahead

to manage your XDR solution

with speed, clarity, and results.

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