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I got my good friend Jenny to help me out

with this Texas sized locker.

I'm just hoping we find some treasures

to make her trip worth it.

Ooh, it's a book.

Oh, cute.

It's like a different language.

This is what I was talking about.

It's just old postcards, tons of them.

Total, I say 100 bucks.

Cute trinkets galore.

40, 40 bucks.

Here you go, green mystery box.

Christmas ornaments, like awesomey vintage.

Look at that, pretty.

Yeah, people love vintage Christmas right now.

This box, 50 bucks.

And here's another one, nice.

More Christmas, another 50 bucks.





Jenny, you're learning.

Yeah, the only thing I'm learning

is that lockers out here are not any

better than they are in Texas.

Jewelry boxes, little figurines--

oh, little duck--

50 bucks.

It's a cool table base.

Yeah, for sure--

50 bucks for this thing.

This is a cool dartboard, 75 bucks.


Maybe it goes with the dartboard.

40 bucks for that thing.

Cute little sewing old box.

Love these.

Yes, I say 50 bucks.

[gasps] Jenny, look.

This is what we were talking about.

It's so cool.


There are the jewelry boxes.

Made in Switzerland, this is so cool.

Do you think this is a jewelry box as well?

Or not even a jewelry box, but--

I don't know.

The Yale & Towne Stockwell's Patent, 1892.

Some sort of clock time something?

A little old safe deposit box.

This is something definitely we need to get checked out.

What is that?

This is a box of beer signs.

Oh, awesome.

Oh, and it lights up.

Yeah, like you just plug it in.

So I say 100 bucks for that box.

OK, so back here is literally 25 more boxes.

If you got $10 apiece for all of them, that's $250 more.


And we still need to get the thingamabobs checked out.

Freakin' cha ching.

Jenny and I are meeting with Tom Baker--


Please, come in.

--a total gear wizard to find out what these

thingamabobbies are worth.

Are you OK?

What happened to your leg?

Ah, it was crushed in an auto accident.

Oh no.

That doesn't stop me, though, from probing your minds,

and you probing mine.

Oh, good.

I'm glad.

This is called a Yale & Towne Vault Bank Lock.

It has a timer attached to it.

It would go on the safe, allowing

the bolts to be moved after the clocks have wound down.

It doesn't open the safe, but it moves the bolts

to allow the safe to be opened.


After 1849, the gold rush, the banks

create this locking mechanism because they didn't want

to have the bank managers or owners

kidnapped in the middle of the night

and coerced and possibly murdered.

That's awesome.

What about this one?

Sargent and Greenleaf?

Well, an employee of Yale comes along,

and they branched off and created their own company

with what they called two and three

movement clocks like this.

Again, very similar.

You can see the very delicate flywheel in there.


Now, this looks like a toy bank.

It was made in the late 1890s, or its patent was in the 1890s.

But it's more of like a collectible trinket?

A novelty type thing, I think so.

And this little music box, it looks like turn of the century,

Swiss made.

And right away I, I--

[music box playing]


Very beautiful, very beautiful,

and it still functions after all this time.

So, how much for all of them?

Excellent question.

This toy bank, this could be turn of the century,

because it's all metal--



That's not bad.

I thought it would have been less.

Music box, and it works--


Now, let's take a look at the Sargent and Greenleaf

Two Movement Vault Clock.


Beautiful piece, highly collectible--



This one, it is in miraculous shape, and it's still ticking.

It's a Three Movement Yale & Towne 1892--



This is beautiful-- two sagacious ladies that I admire.

I don't know what sagacious means,

but I hope it means rich.

You did beautifully.

Thank you so much, Tom.

Oh, yeah.

And if we ever need to rob a bank, we're coming to you.

I won't rob a bank with you guys,

but I'll help you open it.

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