Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Sonic Comic Drama | Streets of Blaze by Team Chaotix Br

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Sonic Shorts: Streets of Blaze

Or you can call it Playing With Blaze

Sonic: Tell me Silver, what are your thoughts about the Genesis Games

They are the best, right?

Silver: They are pretty cool, specially this one I'm playing!

What's its name again? Bare Knuckles?

Não, this version os called Streets of Rage, one of the Genesis' best! I like to play with Axel. His combo is the best.


Ah by the way

I know why you chose Blaze.

Ah, what about it?

Do you think I'm dumb? It's because you like Blaze the Cat and you chose her namesake in the game.

Silver: That has nothing to do.

Yeah, I see...

Sonic: Boy what a tough boss!

Silver: My precious Blaze is dyeing!

What is it?

Ah, nothing.

I see... Be careful the henchmen! Use the knife!

I already used my special too... No, get away, get away!

Silver's character take a hit and die.


Sonic: Hhehehe, it happens!

Silver: My precious Blaze, no! Your adorable precious face that caress

this digital retro compatibility screen, now are mere erased pixels.

Oh my beloved flaming cat with warrior spirit, why did you leave me? Nooooooo!

Sonic: Silver it is just a game!

No! No! Such game was like blaze was trusting me!

And I lost her for a henchman that is equal to previous stage henchman but with different colors

No! No! It can't be! Blaze my beloved warrior immortal princess!

Sonic: hm?

Sonic: Silver, she...

Silver: Sonic, I lost her. I won't be able to face her again!

Sonic: Silver, she is....

Silver: If at least had taken some apples, but no!

Oh cruel destiny that gave me this horrible fail.

Silver, she is here!


Blaze: Uhum...

Silver: ha..

Silver: hehehe

Blaze: grrrrrr

Blaze: I told you not to play these old retro games!

Brazilian Dub and Plot: Team Chaotix Br

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