Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Time out by the Fjords | NORWAY

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Its such a new and different experience.

Solo travelling is important because you have to talk to people.

It has changed my life.

Travelling to Norway was life-changing for me.

Breathtaking. Epic. Thats the best way I can describe the fjords.

Youre not used to seeing all these types of nature in one landscape.

You never get used to this view. Theres always something different.

Straight away we just clicked,

like soulmates who want to discover things together. Its lovely.

Today we will take a walk up the hillside.

In some parts of the trail we have to use snowshoes.

-Have you done this before? -Absolutely not.

-In a way I wish someone would fall. -Its going to be you!

Daniel did it! He fell!

Yes, yes, yes.

Life goes too quickly.

Its nice to discover new places, take time to breathe.

To step out and look at life in a different way,

you need a second to recharge.

Its true.

We are living on this earth, but its not our place.

In a big city you forget your place in that world.

You are so little compared to everything.

-Charlotte, how are you doing? -Oh l l, my God.

Champion of the world!

Solo travelling gives you the opportunity to be more adventurous.

You might talk to a local and discover something else to look at.

Thats Grandpa. Hes a good worker.


I dont even want to compare the stuff Ive had in New York with this.

I know Ill go home and re-evaluate whats important to me.

Im leaving a different person.

This experience was enhanced because of you two.

The people I met on this trip ...

Oh my gosh, I felt like Id known them forever.

If you want a slow life, maybe you need to go where life is slower.

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