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As the 2020 elections loom, the education debates will be shaped by opinions that

get less attention than they deserve. First: While most Americans give their

own community's schools an A or a B, just a quarter give the nation's schools those grades.

That's why voters tune out candidates

who suggest their local schools are failing, even while accepting that

schools somewhere else may need stronger medicine. Second: three-quarters of Americans

support teacher pay increases, but support drops substantially after

respondents are told what the average teacher actually earns. Teacher pay

increases have real appeal, but teachers should take care not to overstate their case.

Third: Americansregardless of racesupport stricter school discipline by nearly

a ten to one margin. Parents will be skeptical of proposals thought to weaken

school discipline. Candidates should take care to listen to what voters think and

not just what advocates might have them believe.

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