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Signature moves over the course of NBA history a lot of superstars are recognized for their signature moves

I would say that those signature moves are a huge reason why they were successful in their craft

How's it going? Fellas? My name's Andy

And today we're going to take a look at the top 10 most iconic signature moves in NBA history. All right, let's get started

number 10 Raja Rondo's behind the back fake pass

now, I'm sure that behind the back fake pass move was done before but Rondo was the guy who really popularized and made it his


Throughout his career

He was always known for playing mind games with his opponents

And this move is basically the essence of who Rondo is as a player

He's able to pull it off really well because of his combination of large hands and the long wingspan

So he makes it more convincing when he stretches all the way behind his back and because he's such a great passer opponents gotta respect

To pass even if they know Ronda will do the fake

Other players recently like Ben Simmons have also adopted Rondo signature pass fake. If done correctly. It's very effective

Number 9 Manu Ginobili zero step

Even though there's been a lot of European players who played in the NBA before Ginobili arrived

I'd say that Ginobili definitely made the Euro step into what it is today a

Ton of players have incorporated the Euro step into their games and sometimes it's incredibly deadly especially when a guy like Yanis does it?

All the credit deserves to go to Ginobili for popularizing the Euro step in the NBA in his prime

He was known for his flashy playstyle and the Euro step was flashy and exciting to watch but above all else. It's really effective

When you don't want to run into a defender and get an offensive foul, you can whip out the Euro step and go around them

It's also good when the defender jumps up for the block

But the offensive player never goes up and instead just goes around for the layup

It's amazing how many players use it today? But nobody did it better or made it. Look as cool as Manu Ginobili

Number eights Magic Johnson's no-look pass

In the 1980s the Showtime Lakers played the most entertaining style of basketball the NBA has ever seen

None of that would have been possible without Magic Johnson and more specifically his incredible passes

His trademark was the no-look pass which he used in a variety of different ways

The creativity of magic was second to none. He was arguably the most creative passer ever up there with Pete Maravich

Everything he did was not only great to watch but it confused even the best defenses and sometimes it would even surprise his own teammates

His passing tricked everybody and it just showed that magics court vision was far ahead of anyone else at the time

He was always two steps ahead of everyone else and before defenders could react the Lakers already scored. I

Also think that magics Heights played a role in allowing him to make passes like that

being a legit six foot nine point guard was unheard of and

He can basically see over the defense and find the best spots to pass the ball

Regardless magic is the greatest point guard of all time. And it's unlikely anyone would ever surpass him for that title

Number seven Steph Curry's long threes. I

Had to include curry on this list because he was the guy who drastically changed the NBA in recent years

this 3-point era where teams are shooting like 35 or 40 percent of their field goals from beyond the arc is largely because of the

influence of curry and the Golden State Warriors

Curry shoots threes from like 25 or even 30 feet away from the basket, which is insane

He does it on a consistent basis and actually makes them

In his 2015 216 season his best season of his career

He shot 67 percent from beyond 28 feet. That's freaking insane

He took about 50 shots from that distance all season. So the sample size was decent

It's crazy how good he is shooting from that far away, but when you think about it, it kind of makes sense

Usually defenders don't contest shots that are you know that far away so curry was probably wide open on a lot of them

Other players have also started to shoot more long threes because apparently it's not a bad shot anymore

Damian Lillard has been doing this for a while too and same Brian Anderson

Being able to shoot from that distance puts a ton of pressure on the defense and it's also why the high pick-and-roll is the Warriors

most effective play which they run a lot

The spacing is just insane with Curry's gravity being able to just stand there and still be the biggest threat on the floor

Number six Tim Duncan's Bank shots

Duncan's bank shot is one of the reasons why he got the nickname the big fundamental he was so

Fundamentally sound on both ends of the floor

Offensively, he wasn't flashy at all, but he mastered the basics which was the foundation for his success

Unfortunately, the bank shot is rarely used today. It's used in less than 8% of a team's total field goal attempts

It was never that popular in any era to be honest, and it's more of a niche thing for certain players

For Duncan. He usually posted up at the left or right elbow

So he preferred banking it in instead of going up for a regular jump shots

Obviously it worked out for him five championships three Finals MVPs two regular-season MVPs, they speak for themselves

Whenever anybody thinks about Duncan his bank shot is typically the first thing that comes to mind

Back in his playing days everyone in the league knew that he was the best at making them and nobody else came close

Number five LeBron's chased down block

LeBron has a few trademark moves that could probably make up an entire list by themselves

But I think that chase-down block is his most recognizable move

In Game seven of the 2016 finals that was the defining moment of the game along with kairi's three-pointer

What makes this move so scary is that every time an opposing player gets a steal

They have to be wary of LeBron

If they don't it's gonna be an easy block for him because he's so good at timing his jump

It's basically common knowledge you got to go up strong to not get blocked by LeBron

Other players have done the chase down before like tayshaun Prince

For example who probably has the most famous one, but none of them do it as consistently as LeBron

He's a 6/8

250 260 pound guy who runs as fast as any guard in the league and even at an older age

He can still jump as high as ever

And it's honestly incredible how well he's aged. I

Remember back in the day people

Try to argue that LeBrons gain will age very poorly because he relies on athleticism and it made sense at the time

But what nobody realized is that how well LeBron takes care of his body and he got a lot smarter, too

Number four Allen Iverson's crossover

I'd argue that he was the most influential player since 2000

So many young players looked up to him because he played the game in his own way with his own unique style

During a time when guards his size were expected to be you know

Actual point guards Iverson changed that expectation instead. He focused on scoring and became a scoring machine

In my opinion his two most famous highlights were when he crossed out Michael Jordan as a rookie and when he crossed up tyronn

Lue and stepped over him and what do you see in both of these highlights his crossover?

Iverson's crossover is his signature move and inspired millions of people to go out to their back yards and try to copy it when playing

Pickup, although there's been some controversy about it


Tim Hardaway believed that AI carried the ball every time he did a

Crossover and I will admit he bent the rules a little bit

But it was still hard to call it traveling nowadays pretty much everyone quote unquote carries the ball during a crossover

But the refs don't call it. So I guess it's legal

Regardless the crossover in general made the game a lot more fun to watch. It's a huge part of basketball culture

And Iverson was the guy who paved the way for the new generation of combo guards

Number three the fadeaway

So I want to talk about a couple different iconic fadeaways

First we have Dirk's one-legged fadeaway his signature go-to move

That is pretty much unguardable and other players started to copy it too because of how good it is

It worked amazingly for Dirk because he was so tall

When you're a seven footer doing a fadeaway and sticking out a leg to create space

There's nothing anybody could do he's going to get a high percentage shot every time cuz it's like the defender isn't even there

The other fade away is the MJ or Kobe style

Fadeaways where they create space by making a quick move or turning their shoulder after a post up

now what separates MJ and Kobe's fadeaways from the average players fadeaway is that they primarily rely on their footwork and elevation when they jump

If they're only six foot six with average wingspan, so they can't just shoot over everybody like Dirk in my opinion

they also have the most aesthetically pleasing fadeaways to watch because it's just a cool move a

Mid-range fadeaway is a high risk low reward shots because it's kinda inefficient, but when it goes in it looks amazing

Kobe especially made a career out of taking difficult shots, and the fadeaway is no exception

It's really hard to pull off and most coaches nowadays. Don't even want their players to take a shot like that

But for those three guys, it was their bread and butter

Number two Hakeem Olajuwon dream shake, ah the good old dream shake the move that defined Hakeem Elijah Blondes career

In his most famous highlights the one against David Robinson Hakeem put him in a spin cycle

This was in the 1995 Western Conference Finals

Robinson got his MVP trophy and Hakeem got his revenge

Putting up 35 points 13 rebounds 5 assists and over 4 blocks in the six-game series

It was without question the best series of his career and he put on a full display of his dream shake

Hakeem is arguably the greatest post up player in history

He was so versatile and quick

He was unguardable in the paint because he had so many moves and if one move didn't work, he just used the next one

Hakeem has said that the inspiration for his dream shake was based off of his days playing soccer. She

Realized that soccer players had great footwork. So he incorporated it into basketball. The dream shape was all about footwork and instinct a

Lot of superstars over the years have went to Hakeem to get some training to improve their footwork

But the dream shake is something that can't be taught and that's why we'll never see another Hakeem Olajuwon

Number 1 Kareem's skyhook

The most iconic move ever the move that defined the career of the player who scored the most points in NBA history

The move that looks pretty basic and should be easy to replicate yet. Nobody has been able to do it and why is that well

Firstly Kareem was massive. He was listed at seven foot two

but it's been speculated that that was without shoes on so he'd probably be listed at seven three or heck maybe even seven four if

He played today

Secondly, Kareem skyhook was a lot different from the normal hook shots

When most players do a hook the power comes from their arms, but with Kareem skyhook, he used mainly his wrist

This allowed him to get a lot more control when he shoots cuz it's almost like a regular jump shots

Additionally Kareem barely moved when he did the skyhook

He lifted up his leg and jumped a little bit

But the main idea was to focus on controlling the wrist movement to accurately hit the shots

In recent times players tried to replicate the skyhook

But they usually end up doing this weird running hook floater thing. It looks cool, but it's inconsistent

Playing in the post in general is a lost art as most teams are moving away from it because very few players are good enough

To score efficiently from there. I

doubt we'll ever see anybody else master the skyhook the most unguardable shot in NBA history and

That's all folks those were in my opinion the top ten greatest most iconic signature moves ever

Honorable mentions to George Gervin finger roll. Tim Hardaway's crossover James Harden step-back

honorable mention to pistol Pete's elbow pass and Jason Williams elbow pads as well and

Kevin Garnett blocking shots after the whistle. All right. I hope y'all enjoyed that video

Thank you all so much for watching and I'll see you next time. Peace

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