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So here we are day two of our Sawtooth adventures

and today we are at Yellow Belly Lake. So to get to the trailhead you head east

of Stanley. You're going to go 17.7 miles and on your right hand side

is going to be this dirt road to Pettit Lake. You'll get to a four-way junction

turn right there, you'll go over this little bridge and there will be

a sign a very small sign so keep your eye open.

Turn there and continue for 1.4 miles until you get to a

y-junction. At the y-junction you will see a sign, it says

Yellow Belly Trailhead. This place is right down the road from the Tin Cup

Trailhead. That's the trailhead that takes you to

Alice Lake, takes you on the Toxaway loop.

The hike itself is pretty basic getting to Yellow Belly. It's 1.2 miles

until the you see this giant lake all of a sudden appear. It's almost

like a little outdoor playground there's a lot of

felled trees, a lot of dead wood, a lot of things you're kind of

climbing over, scrambling over. But this is not our final destination. We heard

that up the road a little bit is a smaller

more secluded lake, tucked in the mountains. So we're gonna

explore Yellow Belly Lake a little bit and then

we're gonna go find McDonald Lake.

Oh what am i going to say.

All right come on Jon pull it together. All right so here we are, we made it to

McDonald Lake. The hike from Yellow Belly to McDonald is a

great trail, super level it follows along the lake so

you always have the lake in view. It was really easy. Brett could do it so

kids could probably do it. The colors start popping on this part of

the trail more than they did in the first mile

to Yellow Belly where it was just kind of rocks and

sparse pines, beautiful green wildflowers start showing up.

You'll come out and you'll see this beautiful little lake, this

wonderful meadow and then these huge Sawtooth peaks just right behind me

kind of framing the scene. And no one's out here

which is pretty awesome. So I guess it's time to relax

wait for the sun to go down. You know we're shooting the stars tonight.

Never miss an opportunity to shoot the stars in North America's only dark sky

reserve. So I will whoop Brett's butt in the game

of cribbage, make some coffee, and we'll wait

for sunset and for those stars.

I would like a shower

oh it's not gonna look pretty.

That's so hot.

Brett are you trying to make your top ramen into a mitt?

That is so hot. It's a little beef stroganoff we got cooking up.

Secret recipe.

All right show me what you got.

It's nice, no one's around, the birds are chirping,

we have serenity, peace. The mountains are just waking up yawning

from their nightly slumber.

Once again I totally recorded an ending that just

didn't seem to fit. Not for the same reasons as

the last video but... I think I've almost been

programmed to kind of have this super high fake energy

whenever I'm on camera. I thought I needed to do that.

Somewhere along this the creating this Sawtooth series I decided

I'm not gonna do that anymore, I'm tired of that.

I'd rather just go with the actual emotion

that's going on and speak the way that I actually emotionally feel at the time.

And at McDonald Lake that was just peaceful.

Tranquil. We'll see what kind of outro and emotion we go with next week

as uh next week's video is Cabin Creek and I accidentally sprayed us with bear

spray on that hike. My bear spray works. It might just be an outro of

Brett yelling at me. But we'll just have to wait for next

week to see how that goes. Or you won't. You could be watching this

video seven years in the future and there's 70 more videos on the

Sawtooths that I've made. And whenever you're watching this.

Past, present, future.

Thanks for watching and we'll see you next time.


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