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- The dude abides.

(rock music)

- I mean I like hats, I like crazy hats--

- But you don't like this.

- And I also like a velvet riding hat

with the actual thing in it,

but maybe not for indoors in summer.

- Okay but just, the dude told me to wear this.

- Okay.

- He told me he thought it looked cute.

- But isn't he crazy?

Isn't that like, isn't that a famous thing?

- You don't want me to wear this hat.

- [Natasha] I mean, I'm not in charge.

It doesn't matter to me.

- So I will say that when I first met you in New York

you were not yet a comedian.

Every time I'd come out west I was surprised.

It seemed like it came out of nowhere

that you not only had a knack for comedy

but seemed to really want to pursue it

and you were willing to go out every night

and try out material for four people

or two people or one person.

- Did you come to some of those shows?

- So many!

So many, I would, my brother and I would come

and give you notes, remember?

We would like write down this worked,

this didn't work.

Often my brother and I were the only people at your shows.

- That's true.

I do feel artistically though that New York,

you're in survival.

At least I was in survival the entire time,

so when you're in survival you're just trying to like

afford to eat your meal and you're not really having

the luxury of facing yourself artistically

and what would be the best thing for you to do

or what would be the most inspiring thing.

I had the opposite, I felt like everyone thinks

they get inspired in New York.

I wasn't really inspired in New York.

I was more just like desperate and trying to,

and there was no jobs and you know

and you thought you had to be there

but really it's kind of dumb to be there

'cause there's only like two shows that even cast there

and so then I just started doing standup here

because I saw some girl do it and she was,

I knew her from New York and I was like

oh you can just stand on stage and talk.

Like I didn't really know what it was.

- Did you think she sucks and wow that's easy?

- No I thought she was like similar or something.

I was like oh, 'cause I thought you had to be like

to be a comedian you had to be an old man

in a suit talking about your wife.

Like I didn't really know.

I was more like into music.

So I didn't really ever go out to comedy shows.

So I saw this girl who I knew who was just like cool,

and I was like oh she's just standing on stage

talking about how dumb people are,

and I was like I could do that.

- [Ari] So and now you're,

you've created your own show and--

- [Natasha] Another Period?

- Do you feel like all of your cylinders get to fire

when you're creating and starring?

- Yes, the only thing that I find

that isn't firing sometimes is I get into a bad mood

and I get overwhelmed and you have to tell yourself,

you're in such a cool position you know?

So I think just really trying to maintain your

energy to be positive, and to be emanating positive energy

to everyone around you.

- It's the hardest thing as a director too,

I have the same thing.

- But it makes such a difference and it

blasts out to everybody and so--

- But what pisses, like what are your weak spots

where you feel your mood goes sour on set?

- Like if I look in the mirror and my bangs look bad.

Just kind of like go off.

When I've done network TV shows,

not that I was producing but that I was acting in,

you get so used to them you're like

can I get a different necklace?

And all the sudden like a rolling rack of jewels

and then someone's like can I get you ice cream?

And then someone's like I have to powder your bangs.

There's one person powdering your bangs,

there's someone else putting slippers on your feet.

You just get so used to not doing anything

that yeah, you can start to get those feelings

of like wait a second!

You know, don't bother me I have this or you don't want to

comply with people and I just think like

those energies for me are the most important thing

to kind of actively fight against.

Recognize, and fight against.

- Eric Rohmer, the director

who was directing films until he was 92,

a very long career, never wildly successful

but always successful enough to keep going, amazing.

But he would have, he would break his crew

every day apparently around four in the afternoon

and make them tea, and specifically he made them tea.

He didn't have a craft service break

where people went out and got tea

or candy was brought to the set.

He would personally be the one to put on the pot

and make the tea and sit with everyone and talk.

And hearing about that I thought

what a wonderful way to sort of keep your little crew

on your low budget film and your low budget actors,

keep the morale up and keep your own sense

of the beauty of what you're doing.

- And people are dedicating

their life energy to you you know?

It's like at least 12 hours day

and they're, they probably get home

and don't have any energy to do shit

and it's because they're helping you

create your dream you know, so.

- So I've tried to incorporate some of those ideas

whether it's the tea in the afternoon.

- Oh really you've made your crew tea?

- No I haven't made my crew tea.

I've tried in my own way to bring positive energy and that

you know in my case can sometimes crank up to manicness,

but manicness can work too

because if you're super--

- If you're manic, you're focused.

- You're focused and other people try to meet that.

So I'd rather be manic and have other people hustling

and being like let me see if I can improve that

then as kind of like hey man it's all chill

and then everyone's chill and it's like, oh wait a minute.

Three hours just went by.

So I don't know if the tea thing would have worked for me.

Although I think it's beautiful.

- By the way, sorry, but looking at

all of these Bernie things all over this place,

it would be very funny if this was a functioning diner.

Like the kinds of arguments you would get into with people.

I almost wish it was just for that.

(people chattering)

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