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(chill uplifting music) - Hey, good morning everybody

and welcome to the vlog.

You may ask, what am I doing holding a big tilapia?

The truth is, I've been thinking about this

for quite some time.

My girl Ivy here is definitely ready to eat.

She has been for the last couple days

and I wanna give her a varied diet.

In the wild, these guys will eat lotta fish too,

so I figured, let's go ahead and give her a fish.

I have no idea what's gonna happen here.

It's scary and there's not much room for air here.

That's the big issue, because I don't have much room

between my hand and this fish,

so let's just go ahead, see what happens here.

Come on Ivy.

Come on, come on.

Ivy, Ivy.

What she gonna do?

(water trickling)

She gonna take it?

Come on, girl.

You want that fish?

Strange, she doesn't seem interested.

I thought for sure that she was gonna crush it

'cause she's been so excited about eating

this last couple days.

Ah, wow.

She didn't seem to have any interest at all in this fish,

which is crazy.

Well the good news is,

I did thaw it out a couple small pigs for her anyway

so let's just go ahead, give her one more shot at this fish,

and if she doesn't like it,

we'll just feed her a pig.


Doesn't seem like she wants it so hey,

strike one things off the list,

I guess I'm not feeding anacondas fish in the future.

(air whooshes)

Well since the fish didn't work,

let's go ahead and see if she wants a little pig.

I know she's been acting super hungry lately,

so I think she'll take it.

Let's see what happens.

You want this, girl?

(water trickling)

Come on.

(impact thuds) There she goes.

She took it.

Just gonna let her roll right back down in the water.

(water rumbling)

And let her eat it that way like she did the one time.

Wow, that was cool.

What a weird thing, huh?

I mean anacondas are so bizarre.

I mean she was totally not interested in the fish.

As soon as I brought that little pig in there,

she was immediately interested in it.

Now we're gonna see, will she eat a pig underwater?

I mean she did a rabbit

so I'm sure she's gonna do the same thing so there we go.

Ivy always keeps me guessing.

(air whooshes) Well again,

I'm gonna try to feed these fish off to whoever I can.

Come on, RJ,

(impact thuds) come on bud.

Come on, there we go.

Woop, woop, woop, woop, woop.

(impact thuds) There ya go buddy.


He loves it.

Are you kiddin' me?

(laughs) That's awesome.

Again, I thawed out a couple fish

so I figured I might as well feed 'em off

to whatever I possibly can.

RJ gets a little bit of a feast

and that is pretty awesome.

(air whooshes)

(air whooshes)

(air whooshes) Guess what time it is guys.

It's colubrid egg time.

We have a few clutches here to collect.

The first one being this beautiful

mosaic California King snake,

and this one's definitely

a really classic mosaic look right here.

The other day we had one that was kind of like

a tire track-y looking animal but this is a beautiful one.

She looks great.

As a matter of fact, she almost looks like

she didn't lay a clutch of eggs

which is really good and the eggs that she did lay

are really really nice here.

She's got one little slogger in there,

but the rest of the eggs look really good and again,

I keep saying that you can really tell about these slogs

and we've been just feeding these slogs off

to as much as the stuff we could possibly can.

Two, four, six, seven eggs right there.

And the mosaic Cal is actually a black and white Cal King

that is polygenically bred

to have that kind of cool mosaic pattern

so we worked on these for like 15, 18 years ago,

we're one of the kind of people really founding it.

It took us about five or six generations

to get to the point where what we basically are seeing now.

(air whooshes) Next up is actually

a Pueblan milk snake.

Oh, I don't know if she's done laying.

I don't know if she,

this is what you have to always be concerned about.

Let's just take a look.

I don't think she's laid at all.

Lorie marked this as a lay.

I don't know what she was thinking.

You can see this girl is full of eggs right now.

There is definitely nothing in this box

so let's just go ahead, get her back in her nest box,

we'll just go ahead and get this girl back in her nest box.

Now the question is, could this girl have laid?

Hmm, Lorie.

Look at that.

We got a clutch of eggs in the other box.

And basically what I mean by that is Lorie goes around

and she'll just put these little markers on my leg tags

just so that I know where to go collect egg

and she put it on the wrong one.

That makes sense.

Not exactly happy with this egg here.

This egg doesn't look too good.

This is another little infernal egg,

kinda all kinds of goofiness and stuff like that.

But the rest of the clutch looks good.

Very small clutch.

Sometimes Pueblans will only lay three, four eggs.

This is a small clutch.

This is actually three eggs right here.

Just a Pueblan to a Pueblan, but guess what guys,

one of the things about colubrid breeding season

is it seems like I'm setting up egg boxes constantly.

So you can see these are all the egg boxes

that are already filled and the other day,

we set up another 10, 12 egg boxes.

Guess what, this was my last egg box,

so let's go ahead, set up some more egg boxes.

(air whooshes)

(air whooshes) Again, it's so interesting

the fact that you could see,

she keeps going up for a breath of air

and then she's searching for the head.

She doesn't wanna commit to actually eating

until she knows she can hold her breath long enough

to take it all the way down.

So in a way, she's almost mapping the animal

to where she knows exactly where she's gonna be

and how much breath she's gonna need

to swallow the whole thing.

That is incredible that nature is so intelligent that way,

because let's face it.

If she was halfway down and then ran out of breath,

what would she do?

She couldn't spit it out and get breath,

so this is pretty amazing to watch.

(air whooshes)

Ball training number two for Night Fury.

So again, we're just trying to train him

to the point where he recognizes a ball

and doesn't think our hand is food.

So let's go ahead and see what we can do with this guy.

Grab a ball, ball, ball, ball.

(exclaims) (impact thuds)

Okay well.

That didn't go the way I wanted it to, that's for sure.

Definitely recognized the ball.

Very quickly he understood that the ball was food,

so that's actually pretty good.

Now I need to just get him off of this ball

'cause I don't want him to eat this ball.

That's for sure.

So give me a second here and let's see what we can do.

Hi, let's try this again.

(impact thuds)

There it goes.

All right.

So, it was little bit of a battle, I'm not gonna lie.

Wasn't exactly the, the perfect thing,

but I will say that he did immediately start to associate

the blue ball with food.

Now I have to just find that happy medium

so he doesn't attack the blue ball so.


We're making progress but it was painful progress.

(air whooshes) Next up is Casper.

He's always interesting, come on bud.


Come on buddy.

Whoop, here he comes.

(snake whooshes) Whoa, Casper.

(impact thuds) Whoop, there he goes buddy.



A lot.

This, I found the animal he loves to eat.

I mean more than anything else, little pigs,

he loves them.

(air whooshes)

(air whooshes) Pretty cool to see

this little alligator right here

that's right under the basking light

and he's actually got his mouth open.

Well that's actually thermal regulating,

believe it or not.

Alligators do it, sometimes you'll even see bearded dragons

and some other lizards do it,

where they'll sit underneath and they open their mouth

and that's just a way for them to adjust

'cause remember, they're an ectothermic animal, right?

So they're not like us

where they control their body temperatures

so that's one of the cool ways to do it

and you don't see it too often with these little babies yet

because usually you see the adults doing it

when they're on the banks of the swamps and stuff like that.

That is pretty awesome.

(air whooshes) Next up is actually

this Brooks King right here.

We'll take a quick look at her.

Beautiful snakes.

Brooks Kings are just amazing.

South Florida King snake.

She's actually het for white sided

and het for anerythristic.

I'll show you the male that she's actually bred to

which is an anery that's het for white side.

So we could produce anery white sided,

we could produce some white sided

and different things like that and that's the anery,

which is just lacking that yellow pigment.

So there's some pretty cool potential there.

Let's go see how many eggs she has.

Oh my gosh, that's a huge clutch.

Look at that.

Oh my god.

And of course, they have to have one little slogger.

God, that mama.

What's she doing to me?

That is absolutely amazing.

I'm gonna go ahead, just get this off,

we'll get all these eggs put in here right now

and get an idea.

We've got two, four, six, eight, 10, 12, 14 good eggs.

Not bad.

These hatch pretty quick.

In about 50 days from now,

we're gonna hatch some baby Brooks Kings in the box.

(air whooshes)

(air whooshes) And there my girl is.


Girl, are you so happy?

You're such a good girl.

I love this animal so much.

She is so incredible and it's crazy.

I mean to see the nature behind it.

I mean I love the enclosure because it gives us

an opportunity to really kind of dissect

what that animal is thinking,

what it would be like a little bit in the wild.

I realize it's not the wild,

but it's at least a simulation of the wild

and the fact that she could eat a pig that size underwater,

that's, I mean, I'm left speechless.

(air whooshes) Come on, girl.

Come on.

Come on.

(impact thuds) Ugh, nice big girl.

We'll definitely give Daisy two or three

of these guys today, give her a nice big meal.

But she's looking beautiful.

(air whooshes) Just like Ivy,

Al has been on the move the last couple days,

telling me that he is definitely wanting to eat.

Come on, Al.

And he loves little pigs, for sure.

Watch it, here we go.

Come on, buddy. (impact thuds)

There it goes.

There you go, buddy.

What a beautiful snake,

and that'll be a nice big meal for 'em.

(air whooshes) Just a little experiment.

I don't know what's gonna happen.

Sunfire is obviously a big reticulated python,

but she doesn't like rabbits.

She only eats rats.

So I'm gonna try to offer her a pig

and see if she'll take it.

I have no idea if she's gonna like it or not.

If not, we can feed her some rats no problem,

but I'm gonna give her an option of a pig

just to see if she wants to try to take it or not.

She has no interest in--

(impact thuds) Whoa, whoa whoa!

(impact thuds) There she goes, oh.


I tell you what.

I guess that answers my question.

She was, she likes pigs which is great

because now we can put some size on her

because rats are hard

because you can feed her three, four, five rats a week.

She's still really slender.

Now that we can get a bigger meal like a pig

and we can start to get some weight on her

'cause she's a beautiful snake

and I'd love to see this animal a good 16, 18 foot.

That was high energy.

(air whooshes) Last clutch of the day

is actually a snow corn that is het for scaleless

that's bred to a scaleless snow corn.

And the scaleless snow corns are so cool,

I gotta show you this animal right here.

It's ridiculous.

I mean, look at how cool that animal is right there.

Of course, that's a scaleless snow corn.

So the fact is is that this whole clutch will be snow

'cause it's snow to snow, which of course is an albino

and a black corn mixed together

and then half the clutch is gonna be scaleless.

So we'll get half scaleless,

half snows that are het for scaleless,

and it looks like a really nice clutch of eggs.

We're just gonna get mama off here.

Come on, mom.

Come on, baby.

Let's go, you did so good.

Way to go, mama.

We'll put her back, we'll get her some water

and get her all set up.

She'll be back onto food in no time

and then we'll set these eggs up right here.

All right, not a huge clutch, but that's okay.

I don't mind because they're nice, big eggs

meaning that the babies will be really big

so there's two, four, six, eight, nine.

Nine eggs, I'll take that

and that wraps the colubrid eggs for today.

(air whooshes)

(air whooshes) And guess what?

Ivy's on land again.

Typical weird snake, right?

I don't know what she's doing.

I don't know.

I'm almost stopping guessing these days

so I wouldn't have expect that

'cause typically when she's eaten, 'specially underwater,

she stayed in water for two or three days

but maybe she's out basking.

Who knows, that animal always keeps me guessing.

(air whooshes) Sunrise just came out of shed

so I think that she's gonna be hungry.

Let's see what she wants to do here.

You gonna eat, girl?

The last time I fed her a pig,

the same thing happened where she just basically

crawled up to it and ate it.

She didn't even strike at it,

so I have a feeling that might be the same thing now

so that's pretty cool.

So I'm just gonna lay it in her cage.

If she doesn't take it,

I'll just lay it down right like this

and I'll let her crawl up to it and eat it.

No big deal at all.

And some snakes are like that,

especially the tamer snakes.

They actually don't even wanna strike, really.

So I think she'll crawl up to that and eat it no problem,

we'll just give her a little bit and I think it'll be fine.

(air whooshes) Moo-Moo is growing

like a weed and she's always fired up when it comes to food.

She is always willing to eat.

Come on, girl.

Let's go.

(impact thuds) There you go, good job, girl.

Right over there, perfect.

She's just gettin' more and more beautiful with those brown

and brown spots starting to come in.

I mean it's gonna be amazing to see

what she's gonna look like in another year.

(air whooshes) Geoffrey's fired up

for sure for some food.

There you go, bud. (impact thuds)

Oh man, I tell ya.

That's one thing about Burmese pythons

is that they're even more aggressive about feeding

than reticulated pythons,

to be totally honest with you.

When they're on fire like Geoffrey,

you gotta watch out.

You gotta keep your hands away.

But that is a gorgeous, gorgeous snake.

(air whooshes)

(air whooshes)

I tell ya what, that animal is absolutely gorgeous.

Although she didn't eat the fish I was expecting her to,

but still cool to see her eat a pig under the waters.

As a matter of fact, if you guys enjoyed this video,

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Have an absolutely wonderful day.

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