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Here's a lil guide on how to find Mandragora Seed and catch it as your pet~ You'll have to go Labyrinth Forest

Purchase the Sixth Sense Potion from the NPC Merchant

You'll need this to find the location of Mandragora Seed

As for me i purchase two of it to try it out

It can detect the location of Mandragora Seed on the map as written on the description

After using it you'll be able to see the location of Mandragora Seed on the map

Head to the location as marked on the map

You'll have to destroy the guardian first before Mandragora Seed will appear

Kill all of the "Mandragora Guard" which appear

After killing all of it head back to the Mandragora Seed and click on it

There ya go~ Mandragora Seed will spawn after completing all of that

You'll need "Nutrition Potion" in order to capture it as Pet

Present "Mandragora Seed" with Nutrition Potion

Once all of it heart turns yellow gold~ catch it with 100% success rate~

100% success rate on catching Mandragora Pet~

So here's my lil Prince Mandragora~

I would say that it's quite a useful pet to increase your CRIT rating as at max level it'll increase CRIT by 10

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